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The Condensed Matter Physics Research Centre was set up in 1990 to carry out advanced research in this area under the aegis of the Department of Physics. It has gradually expanded its research activities, and is at present actively pursuing work in the areas of material science, in particular the physical properties of polycrystals, composite polymers, superionic conductors, high Tc superconductor, surface studies, nanomaterials, anomalous diffusion in random and fractal structure, theory and experiments on viscous fingering, studies of biological membrane, studies of charge trapping in metals, oxide semiconductors, studies of liquid states and liquid crystals, theories and numerical experiments on manipulation series, computer simulation and image processing, and fundamental problems of quantum mechanism.

Apart from the activities in the above areas, the Centre has initiated in a modest way some programmes involving new experimental projects, namely instrumentation involving sensors and signal processing, thin film preparation by electrochemical method for detecting and absorption of optical; and soar radiation. In addition a project for the radiation damage studies on high temperature superconductors in collaboration with VECC - Calcutta has been undertaken. Collaborative projects with S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences on porous media, and with VECC on positron annihilation studies, are also in progress
Co-ordinator Of Centre :

Prof. Sujata Tarafdar, Coordinator
Ph.: 2413-8917 (D), 2416-6109 (R)
E-mail: ,
Address: Department of Physics, Jadavpur University

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Sujata Tarafdar

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Thrust Area
Materials Sciences, Low temperature Physics, Polymers Sciences, Superconductivity, Biophysics, Liqud Crystals, Instrumentation etc.
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Books in the Library of the Centre: 400
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