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The School of Languages and Linguistics (SLL) under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Management (FISLM), Jadavpur University, previously known as School of Linguistics and Language Technology and then as School of Languages till 2011, is the youngest center for Linguistics and Language studies in India and especially in West Bengal. It is the second Post Graduate Study center of Linguistics after the Department of Linguistics, University of Calcutta, started in 1904. The activities of the school, as a center for language studies, can be traced back from 1991. The Dean of Arts and the Members of Faculty Council, Arts, of the university took an initiative for introducing the second language study outside the regular undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the university which has deep impact in multilingual world. One of the immediate objectives was to create an opportunity for the students of JU, who participate in different academic programs in other countries each year with the vision that they would be able to learn the language required for their foreign communication. The interested others can also improve their skill in second language if they want. The school was formed and the programs were made open for off campus students also, who want to have their communicative skill in second language. Since then Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in different foreign and Indian languages have been introduced one after another. Professor Supriya Chaudhuri former Director of the school expanded the activities and made the school equipped with computer lab and other technological facilities for language teaching and learning.

The Linguistic studies started after the joining of Prof. Mahidas Bhattacharya, the present Director of the School, as a Professor of Linguistics in 2009. One-year certificate course in linguistics and Six undergraduate ED courses were offered by him in 2010-2011; and, M Phil and PhD programs in Linguistics were approved in subsequent academic years. However, PhD program was introduced in 2011. The school was renamed as School of Languages and Linguistics in 18th January 2011. The administration and academics of the university considered the importance of Linguistics in the multidisciplinary compact academic environment of JU as well as the gradual expanding activities of the school. The MA in linguistics was principally accepted, but could not be introduced due to the lack of faculties. Two more faculties were sanctioned to school for linguistics from the 11th plan. Dr. Samir Karmakar and Mr. Atanu Saha, two bright young scholars, joined to the school as Assistant Professors of Linguistics in 2012. The regular MA and M Phil program were started in 2013-14. After more than hundred years linguistics is introduced in post graduate level in West Bengal. Now the school offers all the said regular linguistic courses along with 26 language courses as the scheduled academic programs. The certificate course in Chinese was added from 2014 as an additional one. The faculties are also conducting researches simultaneously on the core and specialized areas like Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language Teachings, and Translation Studies. Around 350 students take admission each year. The School has MOU with other countries like Portugal and Italy for the study of languages and culture. Dr. Rita Roy and Mr. Angelo Pugliese, two faculties look after the Portuguese and Italian studies respectively.

The school has noted seriously that the new turn of language and linguistic study after the entrance of computer technology, studies on brain and language etc in the field. The new endeavor of computational, cognitive and sociolinguistic aspects, language maintenance and loss, methods of language teaching, discourse and literary studies etc. have not only influenced the historical, descriptive and generative views of the discipline but opened a vast area of research and multiple types of job opportunity. The interdisciplinary mode of core areas is being intensified day by day involving applied areas of engineering, computer science, neurology and psychology, cognitive science, mathematics and logic, science of sounds along with traditional grammatical studies, philosophy, sociology, history, etc. The theoretical updating of the discipline is still pending in this new multidisciplinary environment and is now one of the most important challenges in research and teaching of linguistics. The school was under the Faculty of Arts, JU till 2014, and, now it is functioning under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Jadavpur Universities.
Director Of School :
Prof. Indranil Dutta, Director
3rd Floor, UG Science Building (Near Gate No. 4)
188 Raja Subodh Mallik Road
Calcutta – 700032,
Phone: 033-24572943, extension 2943.
Faculty Summary Full Time
No. of teachers with Ph.D / D.Sc. as the highest qualification 2
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. /  Email ID Specialization
Indranil Dutta
Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Speech Processing
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Assistant Professor
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. / Email ID Specialization
033-2457-2943 /
Syntax, Morphology, Typology, ELT and Language Documentation
General Linguistics and Cognitive Linguistics
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Degrees Offered/Intake
  Degrees Offered Intake Capacity
MA (Linguistics)
M Phil (Linguistics)
PhD (Linguistics)
Extra-departmental Courses for UG Students (Linguistics)
One-Year Certificate course (Introduction to Linguistics)
Certificate course in French
Certificate course in German
Certificate course in Italian
Certificate course in Portuguese
Certificate course in Spanish
Certificate course in Korean
Certificate course in Japanese
Certificate course in Chinese
Certificate course in Hindi
Certificate course in Sanskrit
Certificate course in Bengali
Certificate course in Communicative English
Diploma in French
Diploma in German
Diploma in Italian
Diploma in Portuguese
Diploma in Spanish
Diploma in Korean
Diploma in Japanese
Diploma in Hindi
Diploma in Sanskrit
Diploma in Bengali
Advanced Diploma-I in French
Advanced Diploma-I in Portuguese
Advanced Diploma-I in Japanese
Advanced Diploma-I in Bengali
Advanced Diploma-II in Bengali
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