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School of Laser Science & Engineering (SLSE), Jadavpur University (JU), established in March 2002 and the first of its kind in India, owes much indebtedness to National Laser Program (NLP), sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India in the Eighth Plan period, for setting up of Laser Material Processing Laboratory and formation of Laser Material Processing Group (LMPG), JU in 1992.

LMPG, JU following the foot prints of the stalwarts of National Council of Education (NCE), Bengal accepted the challenges of this new and emerging technology and came forward to help indigenous development of laser systems, workstations, process design, spreading awareness of this new technology amongst academicians, researchers, scientists and engineers from industries, R&D laboratories and institutions, and building manpower through courses, workshops, seminars, talks.

For the last thirteen years it has been making liaison with all the leading R&D institutions, laser manufacturers, different industries in the private sectors as well as in public sectors inside the country and with leading personalities working in this emerging technology and thus enhancing the cause of triumphant march of this new technology to enrich the country’s technological base.


1. Spreading awareness of using this emerging technology amongst the scientists, the engineers and the entrepreneurs.

2. Building up rapid manpower in this technology through encouraging collaborative activities amongst industries, R&D labs and institutions in all forms including offering courses of different durations to the engineers from the industries, entrepreneurs from small and medium scale industries, technicians, as well as UG/PG students of the universities.

3. Carrying out research program for development of laser systems, subassemblies, process design and mathematical modeling.

4. Building up information network through website.
Director Of School :

Dr. Dipten Misra, Director 

Ph. : 2414-6372 (D)
2414-6666 (O)

Assistant Professor
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Dipten Misra

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Master of Technology Program in Laser Technology10
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