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Profile of the School:

The School of Illumination Science, Engineering and Design is a relatively recent addition to the University. Proposed in 1998, it was formally set up in December 1999.

The objectives of the School are:

1. To carry out research and development work related to all aspects of illumination including visual perception.
2. To publish books, papers, newsletters/journals on the subject.
3. To render consultancy on lighting design.
4. To carry out testing and calibration in this field.
5. To impart courses on different areas of illumination, keeping in view the requirements of industry.

The regular administration of the School is in charge of the Director.

Thrust area of research of the School :

1. Road lighting design in Indian context
2. Ballast- Igniter -Lamp characteristics
3. Lamp-life estimation
4. Development of energy efficient low-cost lighting control system,
5. Human powered Battery charger for LED based lighting system
6. Rural lighting system design & development
7. Daylight integrated artificial lighting
8. Sports Lighting design optimization

Collaborative Programms :

(I) Industry Institute Interactive Program: Latest Development and Challenges in different fields of Artificial Lighting Design 22nd December, 2012, Kolkata

School of Illumination Science, Engineering & Design (SISED) of Jadavpur University recently arranged an Industry-Institution Interactive Program on “Latest Development and Challenges in different fields of Artificial Lighting Design” at K.C. Roy Hall of Electrical Engineering Department at Jadavpur University Main Campus. The program completely funded by TEQIP. The speakers from different renowned lighting company like Philips, Osram, Compton Greaves touched upon the various advanced parameters and techniques in enhancing the artificial lighting design.
Main objective of this interactive program is to reorient and refresh knowledge on lighting for the students of Illumination Engineering as well as to introduce the practical approaches of energy efficient lighting done by Industries. This interactive program has also been arranged to impart the fundamental practical concepts of lighting amongst the Post Graduate and Under Graduate students learning Illumination Engineering & Technology.

(II) Special Lectures by Experts from Industries for M.Tech. / M. E. students having Illumination Technology & Design / Illumination Engineering in the month of August- November funded by TEQIP :

1.GE Lighting - Current practice & Future trends of Industrial Lighting
2.Philips Lighting University - Trends in Architectural Lighting
3.Philips Electronics India Limited - Lighting Software – DIALux (Interior)
4.Sorcar Engineering. Inc., USA - Laser Animation
5.Victoria Memorial Hall - Museum Lighting
6.Binay Optoelectronics - Optimizing LED lighting for Greater Energy savings
7.Standard Robotics, Kolkata - Stage Lighting
8.Verb Films, Kolkata - Motion Picture Lighting Technique
9.KC & Associates, Kolkata - Creative approach to lighting design in different activity areas
10.Indcon, Kolkata - System Design & Engineering, Planning and Presentation of Internal Electrification Project

Short term courses & Workshops :

• A two day program was conducted in Gandhi Bhavan, Jadavpur University Campus with collaboration of Electrical Engg. Dept.,JU:
a seminar on “Laser Technology and its Applications” was delivered by Prof . (Dr.) Ajoy Ghosh , Calcutta University on 25th March 2011 and other lectures on “Advances delivered Laser Research and Applications” were delivered by Dr. Biswajit Roy , Calcutta University and Dr. Radhaballav Debnath, Jadavpur University on 26th March 2011.
At the end of each day there was a “Laser- Live-Animation Extravaganza” by Manick Sorcar CEO-President ,Sorcar Engineering Inc., USA and group.
• A short course on “Fundamentals of Safety” jointly organized with SVCTMD, J.U. from 2nd May, .2011 to 6th June, 2011. There was no course fee and the certificate distribution ceremony was held in 13th June, 2011. Total number of certificate recipients was 81.
• A Short course on “Basic Electrical Engineering & Illumination for Electricians” , jointly organized with SES, Germany from 10th July, .2011 to 28th July 2011. The course instructor was Mr. Rainer Heidcamp, Bonn, Germany. Course fee was @Rs. 300/- and the certificate distribution ceremony was held in July, 2011. Total number of certificate recipients was 51 .
• Two (2) day course on “Lighting on Heritage Structure” jointly organized with DRONAH,Gurgaon on 16th & 17th September, 2011.Total number of certificate recipients was 52.
• Six(6) months Certificate Course on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Advanced Wireman Course – Wiring & Lighting & Electrical Safety\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

Milestones achieved :

(I) Milestones achieved……………Six(6) months Certificate Course was organized on “Advanced Wireman Course – Wiring, Lighting & Electrical Safety”, jointly in collaboration with SISED, Kolkata Police & WBMDFC (West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation) in the session of July-December, 2012.

(II) Milestones achieved…………… “Deployment of Lighting system in Sundarban area” in 2007.
This STC activity was sanctioned on 21.02.2007.

This was funded by JU, TEQUIP fund: 3,80,000/-

1) SISED organized several awareness programs in the villages of Basanti, Sunderban area, about the necessity of this type of lighting system with the joint collaboration of NGO JGVK.
2) Trained up 3 villagers for six months for the upkeep and maintenance of all the lighting system.
3) SISED provided 8 LED solar street lights, 3 combined LED and low pressure sodium vapor lamp solar street lights and one cycle operated battery charger (for rainy season back-up) for street lighting. SISED also distributed 110 number 3watt LED luminaires to 110 BPL housewives and 11number Bi-cycle powered battery chargers (10 families to share one charger) for home light charging. It also provided eight 36 watts CFL and two 18 watt CFL lighting system for different indoor and outdoor lighting applications.
4) Have taken feedback from the villagers in February 2008 and checked that the monthly income has increased to Rs.850/- per family in that area and children are studying extra 2 hours at night.

(III) Milestones achieved……………“Supply and installation of Solar lighting arrangement at Aurobindo Bhavan – Supply and delivery of LED luminaires for corridors”

This was funded by JU, for Aurobinda Bhawan LED luminaires in corridors: 6,26,690/-

This was funded by JU, for Garden Lighting of Aurobinda Bhawan: 45,300/-

Under the Renovation and beautification works of Jadavpur University the gardens infront of / adjacent to Aurobinda Bhawan have been illuminated and beautified with LED based Solar Energy operated light fittings and also by CFL light fittings operated from the conventional electrical power under the proper guidance of the Director, School of Illumination Science, Engineering & Design, Electrical Engineering Department, J.U.

(IV) Milestones achieved……………“Deployment of Solar powered retrofit-CFL system to a non-electrified areas”
This UGC XIth plan Outreach Research Work was sanctioned on 01.06.2011

This was funded by JU, UGC XIth plan: 1,17,970/-

1. All the lanterns with extremely high quality have been developed in Illumination Engineering Laboratory of Jadavpur University and this development activity has been taken on experimental basis. We are glad to share the information that this solar powered lantern circuit has been taken from one of our ex-student’s project & thesis work.
2. The objective of this project is to provide lighting equipment to increase the study time of the selected bright but poor students of non-electrified villages and also to provide the solar power panel to use the solar energy to charge the lighting equipment and mobile phone.
3. SISED organized this program with the joint collaboration of Kolkata Police, Bali Nature and Wild Life Conservation Society & Wild life Protection Society of India.
4. On 15th September 2012, 38 number solar powered lanterns were distributed to 38 needy but meritorious school students of Bali; one non – electrified island of Sunderban. The main objective was to increase the study-time of the students in the evening and to increase the working time of their parents to earn livelihood. Every student was given an additional retrofit CFL. There is a special feature also – if required, students and their family members will be able to charge their mobile phones from this lantern fitting. Helpful demonstration was provided to all the selected students on how to use the lantern and user guide was distributed to them [Retrofit CFLs are used instead of LEDs in the lantern because it has been observed that repairing of LED lamp is almost impossible in the villages for its high cost and unavailability but CFLs are much available and more cost-effective.

Description of Consultancy :

Description of Consultancy - Amount of Consultancy - Client - Year
Survey & redesign Lighting system of Under Ground Pole Convey belts tunnels for CESC - 38,605/- CESC - 2012
Determination of different parameters of LED tube light - 13,000/- Jayanta Lamp
Industries Pvt.Ltd. - 2012
Redesign of Lighting system for improvement of Illumination for selective interiors for
Victoria Memorial Hall - 3,70,000/- Victoria Memorial - 2011
Consultancy for Engel Industries - 55,150/- Engel Industries - 2011
Survey and Redesign of Security lighting system at Budge Budge Generating Station - 50,000/- CESC - 2011
Redesign of Lighting System of Conference room & Drawing room of Office & M.Bay workshop for Bridge & Roof - 16,545/- Bridge & Roof - 2011
Consultancy for Space Age Switch Gear Ltd. - 55,150/- Spaceeage Switch Gears Ltd. - 2010
Consultancy on Outdoor Ligting theory & e-learning with lighting software demonstration - 15,000/- Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Ltd. - 2009
Survey and Redesign of Lighting System of Wagon trippler & Stacker reclaimer area and bunker floor - 55,125/- CESC - 2008
Lighting system design of DOEACC Society building, Kolkata - 16,854/- DOEACC - 2008
Specification of components, Circuit diagram, Source of components of Electronic Ballast of
Retrofit CFL - 15,000/- Jayanta Lamp Industries Pvt.Ltd. - 2008
Relighting design of Indian Airlines Workshop(Assembly shop) - 50,000/- Airport Authority of India - 2007
Re-vamping of illumination system at fuel handeling plant of Titagarh Generating Station - 66,293/- CESC - 2007

Measurement of Lamp Ballast parameters or Testing of luminaire photometry & ballast performance & IP test of luminaires :

Amount of Consultancy - Client - Year
92,652/- BP Project Pvt.Ltd. - 2010
46,326/- Dhanasree Electronics Ltd. - 2010
45,223/- Philips Electronics India Ltd. - 2010
37,023/- Deepsun Industrial Corporation - 2008
50,738/- Roshni Electricals MFG Co. - 2009
22,060/- Sarja Electrical & Engg.Service Pvt.Ltd. - 2009
13,500/- United Engg.Syndicate - 2008
11,224/- Roshmi Electricals Manufacturing - 2008
14,504/- Hi-Tech Luminaires - 2008
Director Of School : Mr Parthasarathi Satvaya

Mr. Partha Sarathi Satvaya

Faculty Summary Full Time
No. of teachers with Ph.D / D.Sc. as the highest qualification 1
Assistant Professor
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. / Email ID Specialization

Electrical Engg.
Parthasarathi Satvaya

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Degrees Offered/Intake
  Degrees Offered Intake Capacity
M.Tech in Illumination Technology & Design (6-Semester – Evening)18
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Research Activities

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Laboratories Equipment
  Laboratories Equipment
:: All Laboratories under Electrical Engineering Dept. - shared by SISED ::

Lighting Power Conditioning Laboratory
Electronic Ballast Test Laboratory
Advanced Photometry Laboratory
Artificial Sky Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Lighting Simulation Laboratory
Automatic Light Control Laboratory
Manick Sorcar Laser Animation Laboratory
:: All equipment are shared by EE Dept.& SISED both ::

Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Power Analyser
Power Meter
Environmental Test Chamber
Mirror Distribution Photometers
Integrating Spheres
Chroma Meter
High precision LCR Meter
Luminance Meter
Ultra Violet Meter
Solar Pyranometer
Electronics Ballast Analyser
Data Logger System
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