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In 1986 Jadavpur University with its limited resources took a project entitled Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) Project for using computer as teaching-aid to supplement the conventional class-room teaching. School of Education Technology (SET), was established in 1988 by Jadavpur University (JU) to appreciate the importance of the Open-Learning System and carry out Research & Development work in different aspects of Teaching-Learning Process for improvement of Quality of Education. The main thrust is on production of Computer Aided Learning materials in the form of CAI packages, multimedia and books for an open-learning environment in addition to the conventional classroom teaching. Recognising the activities of Jadavpur University, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India identified Jadavpur University in 1988 as one of the centres of research and development in the area of Education Technology.

The school also provides web-based learning and distance learning environment to the University students and houses a state of the art multimedia lab for the production of courseware and dissemination through open learning system.
The objectives of the school are :
· Development of Instruction materials using newer tools and techniques for improvement of quality of education.
· Carry-out research work in different aspects of Teaching-Learning process.
· Promoting awareness on newer tools and techniques of Instructional technology in regional and national level.
· Organise courses for different levels in the emerging areas related to teaching-learning.
· Organise intensive orientation cum induction program to intending content creators.
· Interactions with other institutions/organisations in India and abroad.
· Provide Open-Learning environment for self-learning.
· Experiment with newer dissemination methodology for imparting cost effective quality education.

In 1992, Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) and All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) identified SET as one of the nodal centres for working professionals for Continuing Education Programme.

In 1996, MHRD/AICTE identified SET as one of the nodal centres for Nationally Co-ordinated project on Education Technology.

In 1998, Dept. of Electronics, now the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, established \"Multimedia Training & Development Resource Centre\" (MTDRC) at SET.

In 2001, Set has started a project entitled \"Multimodal Digital Distance Education for IT & Other Critical Technologies\" with the approval of the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology.

In 2003, Distance Education Council, Govt. of India has selected Jadavpur University (JU) to establish a centre / directorate of Distance Education at JU
Director Of School :

Dr. Matangini Chattopadhyay, Director
Ph: 2414-6129 (D)
2457-2442 (O)
Fax: 2414-6723

Address :
Jupiter Building, Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700 032

Departmental Research Publication

Faculty Summary Full Time
No. of teachers with Ph.D / D.Sc. as the highest qualification 2
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. /  Email ID Specialization
Education Technology, Computer TEchnology, Multimedia
Samar Bhattacharya

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Associate Professor
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. / Email ID Specialization
033 2457 2964
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Degrees Offered/Intake
  Degrees Offered Intake Capacity
Master in Multimedia Development25
M.Tech IT (Courseware Engineering) (4 Semester)25
P.G. Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology (4 Semester) (Distance Mode)
M.Tech IT (Courseware Engineering) (Distance Mode) (6 Semester)
PG Diploma in Risk Management & Financial Engg (2 Semester)27
M.A. in Environment and Development (Distance Mode) (4 Semester)
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Research Activities
·• Ongoing research project and their outlay - 06; Rs. 1.88 crores
·• Research Projects completed during last 3 years - 03 (outlay Rs. 28 lakhs)
·• All Projects since inception 1988 till date - 27 (outlay Rs. 2.92 crores)
Research Publications

International Journals

1. Das, G., Datta, K., and Ghoshal, T.K. \"A Prolog based Text Animator for Computer Aided Instruction\" Symposium on Computer Assisted Learning (CAL `89), University of Surrey, Guildford, 11-14 April 1989, (Abstract published)

2. Maity, R., Ghoshal, T.K., and Ghosh, A. \"Computer Aided instruction for Petrological Identification of Rock Samples\", Computers and Education, Vol 14, pp. 475-480, Pergamon Press, 1990

3. Bhattacharya S., Ghoshal T. K., and Ghosh, A. \"Computer based identification techniques for fossil plants\" Computers and Education, 1992.

4. Bhattacharya S., Ghosh R. K., Maity R., and Ghosh A., \"Computer assisted identification of gems\". Knowledge Based Environment for Teaching and Learning, eds. Rosa Maria Bottini, Paola Forchen, and Maria Tersa, Rapallo, Italy, May 31-June 2, 1991, pp. 57-65.

5. Maity R., Bhattacharya S., Ghosh A., Ghoshal T.K., \"Teaching non-hierarchical classification\". Accepted for publication in Computers and Education.
National Journals

6. Ghosh, A., Datta, K.K., and Ghoshal, T.K. \"Methods of Teaching Earth Sciences Through Some Innovative Media, Prospect and Possibility of Computer Aided Instruction\", Presented at the Workshop on \"Teaching of Earth Sciences in the Light of Information Explosion\" - Geological Mining and Metallurgical Society of India, 1988.
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Laboratories Equipment
  Laboratories Equipment
Basic and advanced facilities
·• 2 Multimedia laboratories for content creation and dissemination
·• Facility for open learning for Jadavpur University students
·• Leased Line Internet facility with IP advantage VSAT
·• A small desktop video conference facility
·• An in-house library
·• A touch-screen information kiosk.
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Thrust Area
· • Digital Distance Education
· • Multimedia Content Creation Process
· • Cognitive Science
· • Teaching-Learning Methodology
· • Web Technology
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Departmental Site
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Paper Published
Year Number
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