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Although the fundamental nature of the pollution problem has not changed significantly in very recent times, there have been important changes in control technology, in our understanding of the processes and interactions between various pollutants, and in admin1istrative and legislative instruments for regulation and abatement. The School of Advanced Studies in Industrial Control Pollution Engineering was set up in 2000 to approach environmental issues in this changed perspective.

The chief aims and objectives of the School are:
• To impart training to scientific and technical personnel working in various industries
• To organise workshops and seminars on emerging areas of the subject
• To encourage experts in this field in writing notes, technical manuals and books on various aspects of the subject
• To provide consultancy services on pollution matters to various industries, especially small and medium-scale industries
Director Of School :
Prof. (Dr.) Papita Das, Director
Ph: 2457-2482
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Papita Das

Siddhartha Datta

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Departmental Recognition
Year Recognition Recognized By
2009Member of the West Bengal Pollution Control BoardProf. S.K. Sanyal
2009Member of the Technical Expert Committee of the Board.Dr Siddhartha Datta
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Thrust Area
Air pollution
Water pollution
Hazardous waste management
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