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(Funded by Dept of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology,
Govt of West Bengal)
FT&BE Building, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032(India)
Head Of The Department :
Director: Prof. (Dr.) S. C. Sarkar
Ph.D (Engg) FIE, Mem.Cryo.Soc.America,
Mem. Executive Council Indian Cryogenics Council
Phone: 91-33-2414 6735 / 2414 6747 / 2414 6965 / 24146179,
Internal: 2585,
91-33-2367 1037 (Salt Lake)
Email: || ||
Discipline-Cryogenics is interdisciplinary in nature and it is the science of producing ultra low temperature (below -150 0C (123K) which covers production, maintenance, measurement, control and its utilization for scientific investigation of phenomena, techniques and concepts occurring at or pertaining to low temperature.
This sophisticated techniques has pervaded almost all branches of science and technology and it has reached application level of high impact in fertilizer, steel, petrochemicals, material science, gas purification, environmental science, agricultural chemistry, food science, biology, chemicals and pharmaceutical science besides such sectors as defense , atomic energy and space science etc India lags far behind China and other advanced countries in cryogenic technology but for all round socio economic development of the country and national security promotion of cryogenic activities in all areas is a must.
The successful venture of Indian Space Research Organization on indigenous development of Cryogenic Rocket Engine for PSLV programme requiring liquid hydrogen & liquid oxygen and the experimentation conducted on Big Bang Theory requiring large amount of liquid helium by CERN at Geneva has made this term acquainted to common of people in India.
Background-The Centre(formerly Advanced Centre of Cryogenic Research ) has the distinction as it was established with grant from Govt of West Bengal way back to 1979 ,the very year in which the Institute of Cryogenics at University of Southamton,UK was born. An one time grant from IC & ICI at the initial stage was also very effective. Later as per the recommendation of DST-Govt of W.B.and the then Vice Chancellor of J.U ,it is renamed as Centre for Rural & Cryogenic Technologies in 2005 to incorporate rural technology also.It is having a land measuring 1 acre at Sector-v, block-BP, Saltlake,Kolkata-91 where a small laboratory is also in operation. It is being also planned for extension of its activities at Salt lake.
The centre is unique of its kind and first time in India . This is evidenced by the quantity and quality of research publications,the number of postgraduate students trained/doctoral programme offered in this highly specialized area of national importance; and, above all, by the interest taken by industries in the work of the group. The centre is carrying out R&D and academic activities in Cryobiology ,Cryo technology, Cryoinstrumentation as well as in Rural technology.
UNESCO in its status report on cryogenics -1996,entitled strategies for developing India s National capabilities in cryogenic science has identified cryogenics as one of the most important area of science and technology requiring major researches and further academic exploration to keep space with the global advancement in the area. It is envisaged that centre will soon emerge as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE befitting to its long heritage.
Academic Staff:There are several Research Scholars both in Science and Engineering disciplines, many associated faculty from various Departments , Professors (Emeritus) very senior honorary faculty, competent Technical/Engg personnel as well supporting administrative staff.
Development of Equipments - The centre has developed many equipments and Cryo-instruments viz. Cryothermometers, LN2 Food Freezer for fish freezing, Cryo pump for transferring cryogenic fluid, Cryosurgical probe, Thermo cryostat, PSA Gas Separation Unit, Activation Carbonization Furnace , bio kerosene lantern etc.
R&D Projects completed - Several projects sponsored by DST, Government of India, AICTE, Government of India, CSIR, Government of India, DBT, ICMR, Government of India, ICAR, Government of India ,DST Government of West Bengal, WBSFP&HDC Ltd. Government of West Bengal, SANDEE, Nepal, WBPCB, Government of West Bengal.have been completed.

Some recent past notable Achievements-

Cryotechnolgy div.
  • Development of a System for preservation of Post Harvest Spoilage of Sesame Seeds by Cryo gas enrichment method and design of Ware house at Moloypur, Armbag
  • Alternative Refrigeration cycle for CFCs replacement -Cryotechnolgy div.
  • Production of Liquid fuel from Jatropha Seeds, Physical Characterization and Study of its Viabilityas an Eco Friendly Fossil Fuel Substitute for Rural Sector,- CryotechnolgyDiv
  • Indigenous Development of Liquid Nitrogen Plant of 7 litres /hr.CapacityforVarious Cryogenic Application. ThisDevelopment is of national importance towards indigenous cryogenic hardware development for import substitution.- CryotechnolgyDiv
  • Development of Soft Drink, Juice, Candy from Betel Leaf, Colour Dye from Flower, Cream, Juice & Candy from Aloevera under Waste to Wealth Scheme.
Cryotechnolgy Div.
  • Anti-sticking factors from caprineepididymal plasma; biochemical identity,role in spermfuction and tumor biology with special reference to metastasis-CSIR
  • Biochemical characteristics and physical significance of a novel forward motility stimulating protein and its potential application.-DBT
  • Improvement of Human Semen Quality Utilising Two Novel Innovations: Sperm Vertical Velocity and Motility Promoting Proteins.- New Project

Ph.D. Programme:

The center is offering Ph.D. Degree under faculty of interdisciplinary studies, law & management(FISLM).

Training Course /Refreshers Course:-

The Centre also organized many training courses/workshop/refreshers courses on cryogenics and rural technology for students and teachers.
Ph.D Completed - A couple of Ph.D(Engineering),Ph.D(Science) are completed from the centre.
Publication- A good number of research article have been published in national and international reputed journal. Some recent publication are as follows:

i) Anomalous transport and dielectric behaviorof the CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) type high dielectric constant materials, Soma Mukherjee, B.K..Chaudhuri S.C.Sarkaretal, International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2015
ii) Enhanced dielectric and ferroelectric properties in NaTNO/PVDF nanocomposites: a new flexible material for capacitor application D. Bhadra, S.C.Sarkar and B.K.Chaudhuri, Royal society of Chemistry Advances Volumn no 2015, 5, 36926 published April 2015
iii) A novel biocompatible conducting polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)- polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-hydroxyapatite (HAP) composite scaffolds for probable biological Application B.Chauduri, B.Mondal, S.K.Roy, S.C.Sarkar, Volumn no 143(2016) page 71-80 Colloid and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, Elsevier
iv) Myoblast differentiation and proteinexpression in electrospun graphene oxide (GO)-poly ( ɛ-caprolactone, PLC ) composite meshes B.Chauduri, B.Mondal, S.kumar, S.C.Sarkar, Volumn no182(2016) Page 194-197 Materials Letters, Elsevier
v) Application of Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycle in the quest of production of Oxygen and Nitrogen D. Roy.Chowdhury, S.C.Sarkar International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT) Volume 5 issue 2( 2016 )

Books / journal authored-Text books, proceedings are authored from the centre as well as many article of international journal have been reviewed.

Laboratory & Chairing of Session in International Conference abroad:

i) Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Sarkar visited Energy laboratory, Massachusetts institute of Technology, USA in 1996
ii) Prof.(Dr.)S.C.Sarkar Chaired the session on Liquefaction and Separation of Gases at the prestigious 24th International Congress of Refrigeration-2015 at Yakohama, Japan during 16-22 August,2015 organized by International Institute of Refrigeration-France (Only Inter Govt.Organization in Refrigeration)

Paper presented abroad:

Research Scholar Sree D. Roy Chaudhury had presented the research paper entitled A Pressure Swing Adsorption- Cryogenerator Hybrid System For Liquefaction of Nitrogen Period: 16th - 22nd August, 2015

Recent Invited Talk-

Academic staff delivered several invited talk in different prestigious organization at national level.
Dr. Swapan. Chandra Sarkar delivered the prestigious 1st Acharya Prafulla Chandra. Roy Memorial Lecture on 13 November, 2016 at 1st Regional Science & Technology Congress - 2016, Presidency Division organized by Department Science & Technology Govt. of West Bengalat National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTIR), Kolkata.

Special Program: CRYO - 2016 (National Workshop on Cryogenics in Space Exploration & Superconductivity)

The institute conducted a National Workshop on Cryogenics in Space Exploration & Superconductivity on 28th March 2016 under the banner CRYO - 2016
The honourable Additional Chief SecretaryGovt.of West Bengal Smt. ReenaVenkatraman IAS inaugurated the National Workshop on Cryogenics at KP Basu Memorial Hall Jadavpur University. The workshop was attended by a galaxy of scientists /faculty members from reputed institutes, like Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,Dept of Atomic Energy, Indian School of Mines, Dept of Space Rocketry, BITS, Mesra, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Kolkata Jadavpur University apart from other Engineering Colleges in West Bengal, Large cross section of students, Research Scholars,and young scientists also participated in deliberation. The programs was highly appreciated by all who attended the workshop. It was covered by media with due acknowledgement of Dept. of Higher Education ,Govt of West Bengal for their sponsorship.

Special expert lecture organized:
Topic of Lecture: Status of accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories.
Speaker: Prof (Dr.) N.D.DAS, Former Adviser Dept. of Science & Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology), Govt of India, New Delhi on 31st March,2017
Venue: New Seminar Room, Department of Chemical Engg., Jadavpur University
Organized by: Centre For Rural and Cryogenic Technologies, Jadavpur University and sponsored by: Department of Higher Education, Govt. of W.B.