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It has now become imperative to bring this area centre-stage and stake the claim of Jadavpur University in the use and practice of this revolutionary technique in the social sciences. It is envisaged that the use of experimental methods in economics and other social sciences will form a major component of the changing scenario in future. This is
reflected in the widespread use of this technique in the developed countries and the proliferation of papers in high-impact international journals using this method.

The formation of the centre enables the interested academicians to come together in a coordinated fashion and pool their skills to give a thrust to skill formation and research in the area of experiments in social sciences, especially economics.

The centre will concentrate on the following activities:
• Identify problems in economics and other social sciences where experimental methods can be used and conduct research in these areas
• Publish working papers and monographs for the dissemination of research information
• Conduct training workshops for young faculty members and researchers to acquaint them in the methods and techniques of experimental economics
• Host visiting researchers from other institutions in India and abroad and build collaborative research programmes across institutions
• Conduct policy studies on subjects of current interest and controversy and share the findings with policy makers, para-statals and governments.
Co-ordinator Of Centre :

Prof. Goutam Gupta, Co-ordinator
Ph.: 2414-6328 (D), 2473-6911 / 2414-9864 (R)
Joint Coordinator: Prof. Sugato Das Gupta
Address: Department of Economics, Jadavpur University

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