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The Centre for Plasma Studies was established with the formal approval of the University in the year 1993-1994. Although Plasma Science was being incorporated as a topic in the taught programmes and research projects of the Physics and Mathematics department, it did not exist as a separate Center as it does now.

The Govt. of India has identified Plasma Studies as one of the important areas of science and technology requiring major researches and further academic explorations, keeping in tune with the world-wide advancement in Plasma Physics that has become a viable source of industrial application in several areas of technology. Consequently, research and training programmes in Plasma Studies are gaining rapid impetus in India. This centre is a child of this pronouncement.

Year of establishment: 1993
Co-ordinator Of Centre :

Prof. Radhaballabh Bhar
Ph-2414-6321 / 2457-2379 (O), 2416-4592 (R)