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Brief Profile of the Centre:

A project was granted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (then Ministry of Education and Culture), Government of India, during the 6th Plan period for setting up a Centre for Microprocessor Application for Traning, Education and Research. The main objectives of the Centre were defined as follows:

i) to train teachers of some of the assigned Engineering Colleges/Universities.
ii) to set up infrastructural facilities for giving training and carrying out research and developmental activities in microprocessors and allied fields.

Following the directive of the Ministry, the Centre was attached to the relevant department of the University, viz., Computer Science and Engineering.

The Centre offers short-term training programmes in the field of computers. It also makes its infrastructural facilities available to students at all levels for their training, and for Research and Developmental work.

The Centre is run by an admin1istrative Committee comprising the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology (Chairman), the Co-Ordinator, and three other members.

Year of establishment: 1983
Co-ordinator Of Centre :
Prof. Mita Nasipuri, Coordinator
Ph: 2414-6766 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn: 2367

Other Faculties associated with the Centre:
  • Dr. D.K. Basu
  • Dr. S. Kundu
  • Dr. M. Kundu
  • Dr. N. Mukherjee
  • Dr. J. K. Sing
  • Dr. S. Ghosh
  • Dr. D. Bhattacharya
  • Dr. S. Basu
  • Mr. N. Das
  • Mr. R. Sarkar
Faculty Summary Full Time
No. of teachers with Ph.D / D.Sc. as the highest qualification 1
Photo Name / Qualification Telephone No. /  Email ID Specialization
Computer science and Engineering
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Research Activities
1] ECG monitoring and Diagnosis system for extending the intensive medical care facilities among the wider sections of people of the country.

2] Applications of AI techniques for interpretation of Bio-electric signals.

3] Integration of AI and Image Processing techniques for Human Face detection, recognition and tracking.

4] Development of Data Structure for Storage and Retrieval of Multimedia Data.

5] Neural Network techniques for Medical Image Segmentation.

6] Development of OCR of Printed and Handwritten Bengali Text.

7] Application of Soft-computing techniques for satellite image processing.

8] Performance based resource management in computational Grid environment, Grid middleware for incorporating mobile devices and Grid-enabled applications for soft-computing applications.

9] Performance improvement of ad-hoc wireless network.

10] Development of AI techniques for Protein Structure detection.
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Laboratories Equipment
  Laboratories Equipment
1 15 Number of Computers, OHP projector, 4 printers, 2 scanners etc.
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Thrust Area
1. Optical and Thermal Face Recognition
2. Multi modal Biometrics
3. Bio-Informatics
4. Handwritten text processing and recognition
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Our Centre is enriched with more than 600+ books
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