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Marxism as a system of thought has profoundly influenced the philosophical, economic, political and cultural life of the twentieth century. Its application has not been limited to a particular discipline. Thinkers in almost all disciplines have developed methodologies following Marxian logic, both to explain existing phenomena and to develop new strategies. The growing importance of Marxian methods and concepts resulted in setting up the Centre for Marxian Studies as an interdisciplinary forum in the Faculty of Arts, Jadavpur University in 1995. The objective of the Centre is to promote research and understanding of socio-economic issues involving the essentials of Marxian concepts, through both theoretical and empirical investigations. It aims to provide a forum for interaction between faculty members and scholars of various departments of the University as well as other academic institutions. Its activities include discussion sessions, lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops for dissemination of new ideas and research involving key Marxian concepts.
Co-ordinator Of Centre :
Mr. Abdul Kafi, Coordinator
Ph: 2457-2119 (O)
      2414-6666 (O)
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