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The Centre for Knowledge Based Systems was established by in 1987 with funding from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Subsequently the activities of the Centre have been sustained with grants from AICTE and UGC, as well as collaborative projects and consultancy from Aeronautical Development Agency (Ministry of Defense), Bangalore and industrial establishments.

The original objectives of the Centre were to provide infrastructural facilities for, and to carry out research in, the applicable aspects of Artificial Intelligence, with special focus on Expert Systems, Logic Programming, Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems. Towards this goal, the Centre has

• established a modest collection of books and publications.
• established computing facilities with Expert System development tools.
• organised a number of short courses on Knowledge Based Systems
• Expert System, Logic Programming, Software Engineering. The courses were attended by participants from industry and educational institutions all over India.
• organised regular Saturday colloquia on weekly / monthly basis till 1999 on Cognitive Science, Mathematical Logic, Medical Application of Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems in association with other schools and departments of the University and the Calcutta Logic Circle.
• carried out research, and published papers and reports, on classificatory Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Network Application for Drug Design, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Fuzzy Systems and Expert System for design of CFB boilers.

With the worldwide shift of focus and priorities in Artificial Intelligence, the Centre for Knowledge Based Systems refocussed its objectives to suit the requirements of Indian industry and research establishments. The objective of the Centre was therefore redefined as "Knowledge Enriched Computer Applications". With the existing expertise of the members in Aerospace & Real-time Software Systems, the Centre participated in the following activities :

• Independent verification and validates of Flight Control Law Software for Indian Light Combat Aircraft. (Total grant: Rs. 40 Lakhs)
• Independent audit, verification and validates of Safety Critical Railway Signalling Software (Consultancy for Rs. 1 Lakh).
• Knowledge Based Pump Selection Software for a well-known pump manufacturer. (Consultancy for Rs. 48 thousand).
• Development of Range Safety Expert System Development for Interim Test Range.
• Pre-flight review and post-flight analysis of space vehicles and missiles.
• Design review of Computerized Inertial Navigation Systems.

In independent audit of Safety Critical Real Time Software, the Centre is one of the pioneers in the country. Its expertise has been drawn upon by Indian Railways, DSIR and other establishments.
Co-ordinator Of Centre :

Dr. Smita Sadhu, Coordinator
Ph: 2414-6723 (D) 2414-6666 (O)
Address: Jupiter Building, Jadavpur University