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The IC Design and Fabrication Centre is interdisciplinary in character with main emphasis on microelectronics and semiconductor devices. Its main objectives are:
* Research and development in the field of semiconductor materials, devices and systems, integrated circuits and VLSI design.
* Technical manpower development in this area.
* Participation with industry for design and development of industry-related products.
* Providing facilities for design, testing and characterization of semiconductor devices, materials and systems.
* Interaction with other educational and scientific institutions for undertaking interdisciplinary activities.

A Brief History:

IC Design and Fabrication facilities (Microelectronics) were established in the Departtment of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering at Jadavpur University in 1986 through a project aimed at meeting manpower requirements in the area of LSI/VLSI. Since then a total grant of more than Rs. 2 crores over several Plan periods has been received from various funding authorities like MHRD, AICTE, UGC, MNES and DST by the Centre.

By utilizing these grants, an excellent infrastructure has been set up in the IC Centre (Microelectronics), unique of its kind in West Bengal and indeed in the Eastern Region. This is evidenced by the quantity and quality of research publications; the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students trained in this highly specialized area of national importance; and, above all, by the interest taken by industries in the work of the group. A number of faculty members from the Department of Electronics & Tele-communication Engineering are directly involved in setting up and operating these facilities. There is also a full-time Senior Scientific Officer, Two Technical Assistants, a Office Assistant and Research Fellows for carrying out activities in different projects.
Co-ordinator Of Centre :

Ph: 2414-6833(D), 2414-6666 (O)
Telefax: 2414-6217
Address: Department of ETCE, Jadavpur University

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