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The idea of a Centre for Human Settlement Planning at Jadavpur University was first mooted during the visit to our campus by Sofia Leonard, Director of the Patrick Geddes Centre of Planning Studies, Edinburgh, in 1995. The same year, a National Seminar on Planning and Management of Town Planning Education in India was held in Jadavpur University under the auspices of the AICTE, where the scheme for setting up such a Centre was formally proposed and recommended. The Centre came into existence the following year with Prof. Monideep Chattopadhyay as its Founder-Coordinator. Thereafter, Prof. T.K. Bhattacharyya served as its second Coordinator. The Centre is housed in the Dept. Of Architecture, Prayukti Bhawan at JU main campus.

Year of establishment: 1996

Aims and purposes

1. To progapage general awareness about the application of the planning process to the improvement of environments for human living;
2. To provide assistance to panchayats and municipalities, at village, intermediate and district levels, in preparing plans for development of living space with a view to economic growth and social justice;
3. To promote effective collaboration with other universities and centres working in this field in India and abroad;
4. To organise regular courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, training programmes etc. in this field;
5. To undertake consultancy work for the betterment of the human living environment;
6. To submit project proposals to funding authorities in India and abroad;
7. To set up and maintain a documentation service and a library in this field;
8. To publish papers, journals, books and other material to propagate the ideals and objectives of the Centre.
Co-ordinator Of Centre :


Ph: 2457-2425, 2414-6852 (D), 2414-6666 (O)
Extn: 2425
Address: Department of Architecture, Jadavpur University

E-mail: ||


Annual e-Newsletter of Centre for Human Settlement Planning, JU for the last two years - 2018 and 2019

Books in the Library of the Centre: 100
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