Program Name  Organised By  Venue  YearType Of Participation
Workshop on Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensors Dept. IEEE, JU JU, Salt Lake Campus 2013 -
Trends in Surface Science & Related Areas Indian Society for Surface Science & Technology (JU) Centre for Surface Science (JU),Dr. V. Ravichandrancentre for advance Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Technology (JU) Department of Pharmaceutical Technology (JU) 2013 -
1st International Workshop On Nanomaterials (IWoN): Engineering Photon & Phonon Transport School of Materials Sc & Nanotechnology Jadavpur University,Kolkata 2012 Poster presentation
4th International Conference on Smart Materials Structures Systems - Tuscany, Italy 2012 Poster
National Conf on Sustainable Development through Innovative Research in Science & Technology Jadavpur University JU, Kolkata 2012 Poster
2nd International Conf. on Electrospinning 2012 Hyatt Regency Jeju Jeju, Korea 2012 Talk
Frontiers in Electronic Materials: Correlation Effects and Memristive Phenomena JARA, Nature Materials Aachen, Germany 2012 Poster
AFM-2012 SN Bose Centre For Basic Sciences Kolkata,India 2012 Talk
Spring Conference of the Korean Fiber Society The Korean Fiber Society Dejon, South Korea 2011 Talk
Meeting of Polymer Society, South Korea Korean Polymer Society Dejon, South Korea 2011 Talk
India-Australia International Workshop on Nanotechnology In Materials and Energy Application Jadavpur University (School of Materials Science & Nanotechnology) & University of New South Wales (School of Materials Science & Engineering, Faculty of Science) In association with Indian Institute of Ceramics JU,India 2011 Talk
Korean Textile Conference Korean Fiber Society Pusan 2010 Talk
Spring Meeting of Polymer Society, South Korea The Polymer Society of Korea South Korea 2010 Talk
International Conference on Intelligent Textiles ITSRC,SNU, South Korea Seoul, South Korea 2010 Talk
MRS spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA,USA Materials Research Society, USA San Francisco, CA, USA 2010 Poster
Spring Conference of the Korean Fiber Society Korean Fiber Society South Korea 2010 Poster
Fall meeting Polymer Society of Korea Daegu, South Korea 2010 Talk
Pacifichem 2010 Pacific Basin Societies Hawaii, USA 2010 Talk
INDO-US workshop on Microfluidics and Fabrionics (Microfabrication) IIT-Kharagpur, India IIT KGP 2009 Participant
3rd International Workshop for 21C Green Energy GEC, KHU, South Korea KHU, South Korea 2009 Poster
International Conference on Multifunctional Oxide Materials HPU,Shimla, India Shimla, India 2009 Poster