Education is never complete within the four-walls of class- rooms. One should develop the habit of using Libraries. Both Central and Departmental libraries are there. However, in case of a special need, one may approach the Chief Librarian who will be too glad to help everyone.
Central Library
Housed in a large building situated in the very heart of the campus, the Central Library has about 4,12,002 volumes of books – textbooks, books of reference and books of general interest. Total floor space is about 33,720 sqft. We have 28 Departmental Libraries functioning independently. The library caution money should be deposited at the time of admission. Then, one should go to the library with the fee book (with two copies of photograph) get the name registered and library cards issued. Please get introduced to the system of using index cards etc. Remember, books and journals are sacred properties belonging to all. Do not spoil the book any way and get into trouble.

Reference Section :- The library visits need not merely be for borrowing books. There is a big reference section where reference books are available for on the spot study. Reading rooms also houses textbooks and Journals /Periodicals of international repute. Daily papers are also available. About 1,500 Journals are subscribed by the Library.

Photocopying Facilities :- The University offers the service of the two Xerox Machines; one at the Central library and the other at the Amenity Centre Canteen. If one needs a photocopy he/she should approach the Chief Librarian and the Dean of Students for permission.
Departmental Library
All departments have their own libraries stocking mostly textbooks. The Departmental Library has a bookbank from which books are issued for a long period at a time.