M.A. in Sustainable Development


Staffordshire University in Partnership with Jadavpur University offers a Masters Degree course in India.

Excellent Opportunity for Qualified Indian Nationals.

10 Good Reasons to Apply

  • This unique part-time Masters Degree is delivered in online distance(distributed) learning mode, and can be accessed by computers withInternet access at home or elsewhere
  • The distinctive formatallows students to study while working full-time. Standard three-yearpart-time duration; or alternative two-year version, involving three months of full-time work on campus at Staffordshire University in the UK
  • Consisting of eight modules and a dissertation (equivalent of four modules), the Degree is recognised for further study in the UK and elsewhere
  • Tuition fees are £4500 Sterling for the entire programme, studied part-time in three years; or £8050 Sterling for the two-year mode, covering three months’ full-time tuition andaccommodation and meals on Staffordshire University campus, international travel and UK visa, and field trips in UK. Tuition fees include textbooks and learning packs of core resources.
  • Ten Commonwealth Scholarships, funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK, pay all fees for outstanding candidates: seven on the 2-year mode (£8050 each) and three on the 3-year mode (£4500 each)
  • A small number of Partnership Scholarships, funded by Staffordshire University and covering 75% of tuition fees, will be awarded tooutstanding candidates on the three-year mode, who will each pay £1125 Sterling in fees for the M.A.
  • Frequent online contact with module leaders in Staffordshire University enables regular discussion withstaff and fellow students around the world
  • Weekend workshops are held twice a year at Jadavpur University; these offer vital opportunities for students and staff from Staffordshire and Jadavpur tointeract, support learning and monitor progress
  • Membership of Staffordshire University assures access to a wide range of resources and expertise; computer and pastoral advice can also be accessed at Jadavpur University
  • This M.A. degree is an excellent foundation for more advanced research and careers in local and national government authorities, international agencies, NGOs, the voluntary sector, education and major corporations.

A unique and timely opportunity

The M.A. in Sustainable Development offers you an opportunity to participate in a carefully structured online distance learning postgraduate award. You are provided with a unique opportunity to develop advanced knowledge, skills and understanding in vital fields of study for the twenty-first century. From the global to the local level, the challenge of sustainability is modifying political, economic and social agendas. Sustainability has become a central principle and framework for government policy, organisational practice and community action today. New strategies, evaluation and monitoring techniques, approaches to participation, education and policy-making and ultimately new ways of thinking are needed to take us forward into amore sustainable future.


Founded in 1955, Jadavpur University has been identified by the Universities Grants Commission as one of only five Universities with Potential for Excellence in India. Over sixty Indian students have enrolled on the M.A. in Sustainable Development through the Staffordshire Jadavpur Universities Partnership since 2003. Staffordshire University has ten years experience of developing and delivering this successful degree, and since 2000 it has been delivered by online distance learning to students in all five continents as well as the UK. This is a high quality course, making use of a Web-based learning environment and online tutorials as well as more traditional learning resources.

Eligibility; and what this qualification can do for you

Graduates (Hons.) in any discipline from a recognised university; applicants with work experience will be given preference.  Competence in English, computer literacy and access to computer and Internet facilities are required. By taking this distinctive distributed learning course you can study in your own time, alongside paid employment or other commitments to enhance your career prospects, develop your skills, knowledge and research expertise or extend an existing commitment to sustainability, environment and development concerns.

What do you study?

The modules for this Masters award are shown below, including current option modules designed by Jadavpur staff. Most modules are worth 15 credits and take nine weeks to complete. The dissertation, worth 60 credits, is supported by a research skills module and supervised by a relevant academic. The M.A. programme is normally studied part-time over a three-year period. The same modules are studied in the two-year mode: while its first year is identical to the three-year mode, fast tracking is achieved through a period of full-time study at Staffordshire University at the beginning of the second year (September-December 2007).

The Modules and Credits

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development = 15 credits
  • Sustainability Strategies and Indicators = 15 credits
  • Sustainability, Participation and Education = 15 credits
  • Globalisation, Environment and Development = 15 credits
  • Sustainable Cities = 15 credits
  • Food, Agriculture and Sustainability 
    OR  Sustainable Energy Use  = 15 credits
  • Understanding Sustainability Research = 15 credits
  • Sustainability Issues and Case Studies        
    OR  Natural Resources and Sustainable Development = 15 credits
  • Research Project Dissertation = 60 credits    
    Sustainable Development MA Degree (Total Credits) = 180 credits

How do you study?

Much of your study will involve working in your own time following a structured programme of work laid out in a virtual learning environment accessed over the Internet.  You wont be studying alone, however, and will communicate using email, discussion boards and online seminars. We encourage interaction with tutors and fellow students. You will also meet face-to-face at the two weekend workshops held each year, in September and February, at Jadavpur University (at your own cost). Computer laboratory and library support are also available at Jadavpur University.

How much study time do you need?

On average most students need to study for about 12-15 hours per week  although it may be more or less than this, depending upon your background and study experience. Flexibility is a unique characteristic of this Degree; you choose when to study – daytime, weekends, evenings so that studying may be balanced with your other commitments to employment, voluntary work or family.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK is offering ten Commonwealth Scholarships to outstanding Indian students to begin in September 2006. This covers the full cost of tuition fees, including learning materials, for ten students: seven on the 2-year mode, whose travel & accommodation costs for the stay in UK are also covered (value-  £8050 each), and three on the 3-year mode (value - £4500 each).

Partnership Scholarships

Staffordshire University is offering a small number of scholarships, covering 75% of tuition fees for the 3-year mode.  Partnership Scholars will pay £1125Sterling in tuition fees for the 3-year course.


Application procedures are explained at the website:


Applications will be accepted for the course only through the procedures indicated here.
For further information please email:
Professor Gautam Gupta at Jadavpur University - gautamju@yahoo.com
or Staffordshire University at - scidistlearn@staffs.ac.uk

Fuller course details are available online at:  http://www.staffs.ac.uk/schools/sciences/distl