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1:: Tender Documents for Procurement under TEQIP Phase III Programme
2:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No: JU/SERB/CHEM/AB-03 Date: 20.05.2024] - Department of Chemistry
3:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/COMP-01 Date-20.05.2024-Last Date- 29.05.2024 [Dept. Power Engg]
4:: e - Tender Notice [NIT No: JU/UE/NAAC/01/24-25 Date: 17.05.2024] - are invited from the eligible contractors for civil works
5:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-03 Date-16.05.2024-Last Date- 24.05.2024 [Dept. Electrical Engg]
6:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-04 Date-16.05.2024-Last Date- 24.05.2024 [Dept. ETCE]
7:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-03 Date-16.05.2024-Last Date- 24.05.2024 [JU Press (Printing)]
8:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/EQUIP/01/24-25 Date-16.05.2024-Last Date- 24.05.2024 [Dept. Civil Engg]
9:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JUSL/WF-01 Date: 10.05.2024] - Boy s Hostel SL Campus
10:: Tender Notice [Tender Reference No.: JU/Junk Materials/01/2024-2025 Date: 09.05.2024] - Dispose of waste and junk materials
11:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: CCTV/01/MSB/Chemistry/2024-25 Date-09.05.2024] - Department of Chemistry
12:: ENQUIRY No: HARD-04 Date-06.05.2024-Last Date- 14.05.2024 [General Maintenance]
13:: ENQUIRY No: HARD-03 Date-06.05.2024-Last Date- 14.05.2024 [General Maintenance]
14:: ENQUIRY No: HARD-02 Date-06.05.2024-Last Date- 14.05.2024 [General Maintenance]
15:: ENQUIRY No: HARD-01 Date-06.05.2024-Last Date- 14.05.2024 [General Maintenance]
16:: Tender Notice [ENQ No: JU/INFU/NW/02/2024 Date: 02.05.2024] - Integrated Network Facilitation Unit (INFU)
17:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-01 Date-02.05.2024-Last Date- 10.05.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
18:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-02 Date-02.05.2024-Last Date- 10.05.2024 [Dept. of Electrical Engg]
19:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-01 Date-02.05.2024-Last Date- 10.05.2024 [Dept. of Civil Engg]
20:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-02 Date-02.05.2024-Last Date- 10.05.2024 [Dept. of Civil Engg]
21:: Tender Notice [Enq No. DOS/24-25/WALL FAN Dated- 30.04.2024] - Wall Fan 16" (Steel Body) for main hostel Block-B, Block-C top floor
22:: Tender Notice [Enq. No: 26/ME/2023-24 Date: 18.04.2024] - Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
23:: Tender Notice [Ref: SCTR/EAP1515/24-25/1 Date: 22 April 2024] - Quotation for Laptop Computer at the School of Cultural Texts and Records
24:: Tender Notice [Enq No.: AB/UGC/P-1/2024-25 Date: 18.04.2024] to procure chemicals - Department of Chemistry
25:: ENQUIRY No: ES-02 Date-19.04.2024-Last Date- 29.04.2024 [Electrical Maintenance]
26:: ENQUIRY No: ES-01 Date-19.04.2024-Last Date- 29.04.2024 [Electrical Maintenance]
27:: Tender Notice [NIT No: JU/Int. Tender/Electrical/01/2024-2025 Date: 08.04.2024] - Dept. Electrical Engg
28:: Tender Notice [ETCE/2nd Call/2023-2024/Comp-01, ETCE/2nd Call/2023-2024/Comp-02] - Dept. of ETCE
29:: Tender Notice - Electrical Engineering Department
30:: Tender Notice [Ref. No. JU/ADVT/27/2023-24 Date: 28/03/2024] for GC System & Optical Components, Department of Mathematics
31:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/W-F/01/23-24 Date-28.03.2024-Last Date- 05.04.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
32:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: 24/ME/R/2023-24, Enq. No.: 25/ME/R/2023-24] - Dept. Mechanical Engg
33:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/COMP/02/23-24 Date-28.03.2024-Last Date- 05.04.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
34:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: CEJU/TN/PR-SURB/TH/2324-01 Date: 21.03.2024] - Dept. of Civil Engg
35:: ENQUIRY No: STN-39 Date-21.03.2024-Last Date- 28.03.2024 [Central Store]
36:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. CKBS/AC/01 Date: 20.03.2024] - Dept. Electrical Engg
37:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: ETCE/2023-2024/COMP-01, Enq. No.: ETCE/2023-2024/COMP-02] - Dept. of ETCE
38:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: ETCE/M.Tech VLSI-JU/2023-2024/AC-01 Date: 19.03.2024] - Dept. of ETCE
39:: Tender Notice [Enq No.: JU/GEO/PM/2024/01] - Dept. of Geological Sciences
40:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/Equip-21 Date-15.03.2024-Last Date- 22.03.2024 [IT Department]
41:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JUGEOLSC/LT/2024/1, Enq. No.: JUGEOLSC/LT/2024/2, Enq. No.: JUGEOLSC/LT/2024/3, Enq. No.: JUGEOLSC/LT/2024/4] - Dept. Geological Sciences
42:: Tender Notice [Enq No.: EQUIP/JU RESEARCH GRANT/2024/01] - Dept. of Geological Sciences
43:: Supply and Installation of LAN Connection at Girls Hostel III of Jadavpur University Main Campus Kolkata 700032
44:: Tender Notice - [Enq. No.: ETCE/M.Tech VLSI-JU/2023-2024/Furniture-02 Date: 18.03.2024] - Dept. of ETCE
45:: Supply and Installation of LAN Connection at Girls Hostel I and II of Jadavpur University Main Campus Kolkata 700032
46:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. EE-02/2023-24] - Dept. Electrical Engg
47:: ENQUIRY No: AC-20 Date-15.03.2024-Last Date- 22.03.2024 [School of Material Science & Nano Technology]
48:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/STN-03 Date-14.03.2024-Last Date- 21.03.2024 [IT Department]
49:: ENQUIRY No: STN-38 Date-15.03.2024-Last Date- 22.03.2024 [Estate Section]
50:: ENQUIRY No: STN-37 Date-15.03.2024-Last Date- 22.03.2024 [Estate Section]
51:: ENQUIRY No: STN-36 Date-15.03.2024-Last Date- 22.03.2024 [Estate Section]
52:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-63 Date-14.03.2024-Last Date- 21.03.2024 [Central Library]
53:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-62 Date-14.03.2024-Last Date- 21.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
54:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: PC/WS/SM-SERB/2023-24 Date: 13.03.2024] - Dept. of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
55:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: ETCE/M.Tech VLSI-JU/2023-2024/Furniture-01 Date: 13.03.2024] - Dept. of ETCE
56:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No: Pharmacy/HOD/Equipment/04/2024, Enquiry No: Pharmacy/HOD/Equipment/05/2024, Enquiry No: Pharmacy/HOD/Equipment/06/2024] - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
57:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: ETCE/2023-24/EQUIP-01 date: 12.03.2024] - For Function Generator - Dept. of ETCE
58:: Notice Inviting e-Tender-2nd Call : e-Tender Id- [2024_JU_683955_1]
59:: Tender Notice [NIT No.: JU/Int. Tender/Electrical/02/2023-2024 Date: 12.03.2024] - Electrical Installation work for newly constructed seminar room of CSE Dept.
60:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/WF-07 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 12.03.2024 [School Of Nuclear Studies and Application]
61:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: Inorganic Chemistry/Q-01/2023-24 Date: 06.03.2024] - Dept. of Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry)
62:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/EQUIP-21 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 12.03.2024 [Dept. of IT]
63:: Notice Inviting Tender [e-tender ID [2024_JU_679893_1, e-tender ID [2024_JU_677318_1], e-tender ID [2024_JU_674801_1], e-tender ID [2024_JU_679895_1]
64:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/EQUIP-20 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 12.03.2024 [Dept. of Power Engg]
65:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: EE-01/2023-24] - Dept. Electrical Engg
66:: Tender Notice [CHEM STORE EQUIP-01, CHEM STORE EQUIP-02] - Department of Chemistry (Organic Chemistry Store)
67:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/CHEM-06 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 12.03.2024 [Dept. of Power Engg]
68:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/AC-01 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 12.03.2024 [Dept. of IT]
69:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/EQUIP/01/2nd Call/23-24 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 13.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemical Engg]
70:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: 24/ME/2023-24, Enq. No.: 25/ME/2023-24] - Dept. of Mechanical Engg
71:: ENQUIRY No: COMP- 40 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 13.03.2024 [Dept. of Geography]
72:: ENQUIRY No: STN- 35 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 13.03.2024 [JU Press (Printing)]
73:: Tender Notice - [Enq. No.: Chemistry/HoD/AC-01/2023-24, Enq. No.: Chemistry/HoD/AC-02/2023-24] - Dept. of Chemistry
74:: ENQUIRY No: PTG- 05 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 13.03.2024 [Dept. of Bengali]
75:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/UGC/CHEM/AB-03 Date: 04.03.2024] - Dept. of Chemistry
76:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY/EQUIP 1/AS/LTSI/2024, Enq. No. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY/EQUIP 2/AS/LTSI/2024] - Dept. of Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
77:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/EQUIP/02/23-24 Date-05.03.2024-Last Date- 13.03.2024 [School of Material Science and Nanotechnology]
78:: Tender Notice for Workstation & Computer LED Monitor - Dept. of CSE
79:: Tender Notice - [ENQUIRY No. - 22/ME/2023-24 and 23/ME/2023-24 Date:04.03.2024 Last Date: 13.03.2024 [Dept. of Mechanical Engineering]
80:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No. – MMEJU/COM/1 Date: 28.02.2024 Last Date: 12.03.2024] – Dept. of Metallurgical and Material Engineering
81:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No. - MMEJU/CON/1 Date: 28.02.24 Last Date: 12.03.24] - Dept. of Metallurgical and Material Engineering
82:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No. - MMEJU/CON/2 Date: 28.02.2024 Last Date: 12.03.2024 - Dept. of Metallurgical and Material Engineering
83:: Tender Notice : e-tender for the IEE Dept. (ref no. JU/e-tender/EQUIP/24/2023-24 Dated. 26/02/2024 & Tender ID 2024_JU_674801_1)
84:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-34 (2nd Call) Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
85:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-61 Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
86:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-15 Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
87:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-60 Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
88:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-59 Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
89:: ENQUIRY No: PTG-04 (2nd Call) Date-28.02.2024-Last Date- 07.03.2024 [Research Section]
90:: Tender Notice [LTP-03 Date: 27.02.2024] - Centre of Translation of Indian Literatures
91:: Notice Inviting e-tender - [e-Tender Id-2024_JU_671494_1] - Office of University Engineer
92:: ENQUIRY No: AC-18 Date-23.02.2024-Last Date- 05.03.2024 [School of Material Science & Nano Technology]
93:: ENQUIRY No: AC-19 Date-23.02.2024-Last Date- 05.03.2024 [School of Material Science & Nano Technology]
94:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/COMP/01/23-24 Date-23.02.2024-Last Date- 05.03.2024 [Dept. of Geological Science]
95:: Tender Notice - [Enquiry No: CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/19] One Tender Enquiry Notices of Department of Civil Engineering
96:: Tender Notice [Enq. No: ETCE/SERB_SRG/2023/EQUIP/01] - For Workstation and Graphics Card - Dept. of ETCE
97:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.: FTBE/Eqip-1/24, Enq. No.: FTBE/Eqip-2/24, Enq. No.: FTBE/Eqip-3/24, Enq. No.: FTBE/Eqip-4/24, Enq. No.: FTBE/Eqip-5/24) - Dept. FTBE
98:: ENQUIRY No: W/F-11 Date-21.02.2024-Last Date- 29.02.2024 [Dept. of Geography]
99:: ENQUIRY No: STN-34 Date-21.02.2024-Last Date- 29.02.2024 [JU Press (Printing)]
100:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: ME/MFCI/Health-Assessment/01(2nd Call)] - For Induction maintenance & servicing for the furnace - Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
101:: ENQUIRY No: JU/NIT/EQUIP/01/23-24 Date-20.02.2024-Last Date- 28.02.2024 [Dept. of Chemical Engg]
102:: Notice Inviting Short Tender [Tender No.- C-55/23-24] - University Engineer Office
103:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/WF-06 Date-19.02.2024-Last Date- 28.02.2024 [Dept. of Power Engg.]
104:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-37 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
105:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-58 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Instrumentation Science]
106:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-38 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Chemical Engg]
107:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-39 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Chemical Engg]
108:: ENQUIRY No: STN-32 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Central Store]
109:: ENQUIRY No: STN-33 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Central Store]
110:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-56 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Physics]
111:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-57 Date-16.02.2024-Last Date- 23.02.2024 [Dept. of Physics]
112:: Tender Notice - Quotations are invited for 150 copies of JJCL -Vol-60 [Dept. of Comparative Literature]

Note: The date of submission of sealed quotations has been extended to February 22, 2024 till 5 pm

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113:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: 19/ME/2023-24] - Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
114:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/COMP-11 Date-07.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Power Engg.]
115:: Tender Notice - [Enq. No. 20/ME/2023-24, Enq. No. 21/ME/2023-24] - Dept. of Mechanical Engg
116:: ENQUIRY No: AC-17 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
117:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-36 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Power Engg.]
118:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/UGC/CHEM/AB-01, Enq. No.: JU/UGC/CHEM/AB-02] - Dept. of Chemistry
119:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-35 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
120:: ENQUIRY No: STN-31 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Estate Section]
121:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-34 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Mathematics]
122:: ENQUIRY No: STN-30 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [JU Press (Printing)]
123:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-55 Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of CSE]
124:: Tender Notice [Enq No.: JU/Estate-02/23-24] - Cutting & felling of dead trees
125:: ENQUIRY No: MISC-08 (2nd Call) Date-05.02.2024-Last Date- 15.02.2024 [Dept. of Physics]
126:: Notice Inviting Tender - [e-tender Id 2024_JU_658850_1, e-tender Id 2024_JU_658289_1, e-tender Id 2024_JU_657118_1]
127:: ENQUIRY No: WF-05 Date-01.02.2024-Last Date- 09.02.2024 [Boys Hostel SL Campus]
128:: Notice Inviting Tender - [e-tender ID 2024_JU_651342_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_648685_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_651815_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_656458_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_657061_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_657081_1, e-tender ID 2024_JU_651340_1]
129:: Tender Notice [Enq No. - JU/LSBT/PK/DPC/Lab-Teaching(Phase-III)2023-2024, Enq No. - JU/LSBT/BD/Lab-Teaching/2023-2024/III-02] - Dept. of Life Science and Biotechnology
130:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab Teaching/4/2023-2024] - Dept. Life Science & Bio-Technology
131:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. JU/LSBT/ASG/Lab Teaching (Phase III)/2023-24 date: 25.04.2024] - Dept. Life Science & Biotechnology
132:: Tender Notice [Pharmacy/HOD/Battery/03A/2024 Date: 25.01.2024] - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
133:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No: JUGEO/PM/SERB/2024/01] - Department of Geological Sciences
134:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-54 Date-24.01.2024-Last Date- 01.02.2024 [Pharmaceutical Technology]
135:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-53 Date-24.01.2024-Last Date- 01.02.2024 [Geological Science]
136:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-51 (2nd Call) Date-24.01.2024-Last Date- 01.02.2024 [Electrical Engg.]
137:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-33 Date-24.01.2024-Last Date- 01.02.2024 [Pharmaceutical Technology]
138:: Tender Notice (Enq. No. 15/ME/2023-24, 16/ME/2023-24, 17/ME/2023-24, 18/ME/2023-24) - Dept. Mechanical Engg
139:: Notice [PUR/CSE/1801/2024] - Quotation from eligible vendors are invited - Dept. CSE
140:: ENQUIRY No: MISC-08 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Dept. of Physics]
141:: ENQUIRY No: PTG-04 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Research Section]
142:: ENQUIRY No: W/F-10 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Dept. Comp. Sc. & Engg.]
143:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-14 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Dept. of Chemistry]
144:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-52 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Dept. of Chemical Engg.]
145:: ENQUIRY No: W/F-09 Date-18.01.2024-Last Date- 30.01.2024 [Dept. Library & Information Science]
146:: Enquiry Call for the set-up of Planck s constant measurement for Engineering Physics Lab, Department of Physics
147:: Tender Notice for 1 Desktop PC (with monitor) - Department IEE
148:: Invitation of proposal for supply of Slicing machine & Flat-bed herb dryer for creation of common facility center/value addition for medicinal plants in West Bengal under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University
Invitation of proposal for supply of Slicing machine & Flat-bed herb dryer for creation of common facility center/value addition for medicinal plants in West Bengal under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University, Kolkata for the year 2023-24. Closing date: 25th January, 2024.
For more information please visit - (

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149:: Tender Notice [ENQ NO-JUD/SL/COMP/IEE/ENQ- 06/2023-24] for Desktop PC Without Monitor - Dept. IEE
150:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-50 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Mathematics]
151:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-32 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Geological Science]
152:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-49 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Institution's Innovation Council]
153:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-24 (2nd Call) Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [SISED]
154:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-48 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Chemistry]
155:: ENQUIRY No: STN-29 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Central Store]
156:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-51 Date-10.01.2024-Last Date- 18.01.2024 [Electrical Engg.]
157:: Tender Notice [Enq. No: PC/Equip-16/AC/2023-24] - Dept. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
158:: Tender Notice [Enq No.: PC/Equip-14/SD-SERB/SUR/2023-24 Date: 09/01/2024] - Dept. Of Chemistry
159:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: PC/Equip-15/Repairing/2023-24 Date- 09.01.2024] - Dept. of Chemistry
160:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No: EQUIP/SC/DST-CRG/2024/01 Date:08.01.2024] - Dept. of Geological Science
161:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-47 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Geological Science]
162:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-13 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemistry (Organic)]
163:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-31 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemical Engg.]
164:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-46 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [ETCE]
165:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-12 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemistry (Organic)]
166:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-30 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemical Engg.]
167:: ENQUIRY No: UPS-05 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemical Engg.]
168:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-45 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [ETCE]
169:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-11 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemistry (Organic)]
170:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-43 (2nd Call) Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Electrical Engg.]
171:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-29 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Mechanical Engg.]
172:: ENQUIRY No: MISC-07 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Chemical Engg.]
173:: ENQUIRY No: COMP-28 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [ETCE]
174:: ENQUIRY No: AC-16 Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Electrical Engg.]
175:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-38 (2nd Call) Date-04.01.2024-Last Date- 11.01.2024 [Physics]
176:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. - 14/ME/2023-24] - Mechanical Engineering Department
177:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/EQUIP 11 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [Power Engg]
178:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/WF 03 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [School of Nuclear Studies & Application]
179:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/EQUIP 15 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [Power Engg]
180:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/WF 04 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [Power Engg]
181:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/EQUIP 14 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [Power Engg]
182:: ENQUIRY No: JUSL/2nd Call/EQUIP 12 Date-27.12.2023-Last Date- 05.01.2024 [Power Engg]
183:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/PKD/DPC/Lab-teaching (P:III)/I/2023-2024] - Dept. of Life Science & Biotechnology
184:: Notice Inviting Tender [Ref. No.: REC/N/351/2023 Date: 22.12.2023] - For Xerox Center in JU
185:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: Chemistry/Cluster/Equip-13/2023-24] - Department of Chemistry
186:: ENQUIRY No: STN-26 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Central Store]
187:: ENQUIRY No: PTG-03 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Accounts Cell II]
188:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-10 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Chemistry]
189:: ENQUIRY No: STN-25 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Central Store]
190:: ENQUIRY No: PTG-02 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Accounts Cell I]
191:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.:JU/LSBT/BD/Lab Teaching/2023-24/III-01] - Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
192:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM-09 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Chemistry]
193:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-33 (2nd Call) Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Electrical Engg]
194:: ENQUIRY No: STN-28 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Estate Section]
195:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM & GLASS WARE-01 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Chemistry]
196:: ENQUIRY No: STN-27 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [JU Press (Printing)]
197:: ENQUIRY No: EQUIP-44 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [ETCE]
198:: ENQUIRY No: CHEM & GLASS WARE-02 Date-20.12.2023-Last Date- 28.12.2023 [Chemistry]
199:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.:JU/LSBT/ASG/CRG/2020/Consumable/04/2023-2024) - Dept. of Life Science & Bio-Technology
200:: Tender notice (Enq. No.: 13/ME/2023-24) - Mechanical Engg Dept
201:: Tender notice (Enquiry no: JU/IEE/ SERB-SURE/RnB/Print/2023/1, Enquiry no: JU/IEE/ SERB-SURE/RnB/Centrifuge/2023/2) - Dept. of Instrumentation and Electronics Engg
202:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: Pharmacy/HOD/Battery/03/2023 Date: 14.12.2023] - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
203:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/SOES/RD-2/SERB-SPL/23-24 Date: 12.12.2023] - School of Environmental Studies
204:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: PC/Equip-12/Computer Lab/2023-24] - Dept. Physical Chemistry Section
205:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: Physical Chemistry/Equip-11/2023-24] - Dept. Physical Chemistry Section
206:: Tender notice [Enq. No.: JU/MATH/EQUIP-1/MTR Date 08.12.2023] - Dept. of Mathematics
207:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: SNSA/AC/2023-24/BRNS/EQUIPMENT/01] - School of Nuclear Studies & Application
208:: Notice inviting Tender [NIT No.:- JU/UE/NB-06/23-24] For Enlisted Civil Contractor s
209:: Tender Notice (Enq. JU/PHY/KD-1, JU/PHY/KD-2) - Dept. of Physics
210:: Notice of E-tender 2nd Call [e-Tender-ID-2023_JU_609953_1]
211:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No. JU/SOES/JM-1/WBDBT/23-24, dated 07/12/2023] - School of Environmental Studies
212:: Notice of E-tender [e-Tender-ID-2023_JU_610932_1]
213:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No. JU/SOES/RD-l/SERB -SPL/23-24, dated 06/12/2023] - School of Environmental Studies
214:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/INFU/NW001/23] - Integrated Network Facilitation Unit
215:: Notice for the Tender (Department of Life Science and Biotechnology)
216:: Notice inviting e tender (Work for Gandhi Bhavan in JU Main Campus)
217:: Tender Notice (e-tender id 2023_JU_607434_1, 2023_JU_606368_1, 2023_JU_606763_1, 2023_JU_606764_1)
218:: Invitation of proposal for Design and Hosting of Virtual Platform & Live Streaming & Broadcasting for 3rd International Conference and Buyers Sellers Meet for Medicinal Plants used in Lifestyle Products

Invitation of proposal for "Design and Hosting of Virtual Platform" & "Live Streaming & Broadcasting" for "3rd International Conference and Buyers Sellers Meet for Medicinal Plants used in Lifestyle Products" during December 06-08, 2023 organized by Jadavpur University, Kolkata, INDIA in technical assistance with Regional cum Facilitation Centre, Eastern Region, National Medicinal Plants Board at Jadavpur University, kolkata (Closing date: 30th November, 2023).

Click Here For Detail

219:: NIT No. - JU/UE/e-T-08/23-24 Date:23.11.23 Last Date: 29.11.23
220:: NIT No. - JU/UE/NB-05/23 Date:23.11.23 Last Date: 30.11.23
221:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No: Phy.Edu/23/001] - quotation invited for SSD (Solid State Drive) for Dept. of Physical Education
222:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. Pharmacy/HOD/Equipment/02/2023 Date: 21.11.2023] - for following item (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology)
223:: Tender notice (ENQUIRY No: Phy.Edu/Department Fund/BI & MI/23/01, ENQUIRY No: Phy.Edu/Department Fund/BI & MI/23/02) - Dept. Physical Education
224:: Notice inviting E-tender (e-tender ID-2023_JU_601615_1)
225:: Tender Enquiry Notices of Department of Civil Engineering
226:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/315/2023 Date: 06.11.2023] - Tender enquiry for Operation & Management of JU Guest House has been cancelled
227:: Notice inviting E-tender (e-tender ID-2023_JU_597061_1)
228:: Tender Notice [Enq. Pharmacy/HOD/Equipment/01/2023] - Dept. of Pharmacy
229:: Tender Notice - [Enquiry No: JU/SOES/RD/SERB-SPL/23-24] Date: 1 7/10/2023 Last Date: 08/11/2023 [Department: School of Environmental Studies]
230:: Notice Inviting Tender for the procurement of two instruments (Desktop Computer & Hach-make DR1900 Portable Spectro-Photometer) - School of Water Resources Engineering
231:: Enquiry call for purchase of Digital Oscilloscope under Lab Teaching, M.Sc. Electronics - Department of Physics
232:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No: JU/Physics/KKD/AC-1] - for 1.5 Ton Capacity AC - Dept. Physics
233:: Notice Inviting Tender (Tender Id 2023_JU_586394_1, 2023_JU_586395_1, 2023_JU_586393_1)
234:: Tender Notice [EQUIP/DST-INSPIRE/2023/04] - for Laptop - Dept. of Geological Sciences
235:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No: JUGEO/PM/SERB/2023/01] - For the following items - Department of Geological Sciences
236:: Tender Cancellation Notice [Ref. REC/N/282/23 Date: 09.10.2023] for Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/Estate-01/23-24] - Cutting and Cleaning of dead tree, jungle
237:: Tender Notice [Enq No: PHYS/EP/08/2023 Date: 05.10.2023] - Newton s Ring Setup for Engg. Physics Lab - Dept. of Physics
238:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/UGC/CHEM/RKN-04 Date: 04.10.2023] - for Hot Air Oven - Dept. of Chemistry
239:: Notice Inviting Tender - [e-tender ID 2023_JU_577639_1]
240:: Notice Inviting Tender (NIT No: JU/UE/NB-04/23-24) For Enlisted Civil Contractor s Only
241:: Tender Notice - Invitation of proposal for development of Quality Planting Material (QPM) of medicinal plants species in Sikkim State under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Invitation of proposal for development of Quality Planting Material (QPM) of medicinal plants species in Sikkim State under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University, Kolkata for the year 2023-24 (Closing date: 12th October, 2023). For more information please visit

242:: Notice (NIT No: JU/UE/e-T-06/23-24) Inviting e-tender from the eligible contractors for one civil works
243:: Notice (NIT No: JU/UE/e-T-05/23-24) Inviting e-Tender from the eligible contractors for one civil works
244:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: Physical Chemistry/Equip-10/2023-24] - [Dept. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)]
245:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab Teaching/3/2023-2024) - Dept. of Life Science & Biotechnology
246:: Tender Notice (Enq No.: 6/ME/R/2023-24, Enq No.: 7/ME/R/2023-24, Enq No.: 9/ME/R/2023-24, Enq No.: 11/ME/R/2023-24)- Mechanical Engineering Department
247:: Notice - Cancellation of Tender & Tender Notice [Physical Chemistry/Equip-8/2023-24] - Dry Block Heater(IKA) (Dept. Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Section)
248:: Tender Enquiry (CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/05, CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/06, CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/07) Notices of Department of Civil Engineering
249:: Notice for 3rd Call & Notice - Inviting Tender for Xerox center at JU main Campus
250:: Tender Notice (ENQ NO: - JUD/SL/COMP./IEE/ ENQ.- 05/2023-24) - for Desktop Computer (Dept. of IEE)
251:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. Physical Chemistry/Equip-9/2023-24] [Dept. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)]
252:: Tender Notice [NIT No: JU/UE/e-T-04/23-24] - e-Tenders (e-tender id 2023_JU_563745_1) are invited for civil work
253:: Tender Notice [Physical Chemistry/Equip-7/2023-24] - Branded Desktop (Dept. Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Section)
254:: Tender Notice - [Enq. No.: Physical Chemistry/Equip-6/2023-2024] Sartorius Analytical Balance - Dept. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
255:: Quotation For IIIF Compliant Web Based Software To Display Page Images, Text Content And Search, Sort/Filter Multiple Journal Issues - School of Cultural Text & Records
256:: NOTICE INVITING TENDER (C-149/22-23, C-10/23-24, C-17 /23-24, C-29/ 23-24, C-31/ 23-24)
257:: Tender Notice - (Enq. No. - 7/ME/2023-24, 8/ME/2023-24, 9/ME/2023-24, 10/ME/2023-24) - Mechanical Engineering Department
258:: Tender [NIT No.: JU/Int. Tender/Electrical /01/2023-2024 Date: 21.08.2023] Estimate No. E-12/2022-2023, E- 01/2023-2024, E- 02/ 2023-2024, E- 06/ 2023-2024
259:: Tender Notice (ENQ NO: JUD / SL/ GAS / IEE/ ENQ.- 04/2023-24) - Dept. IEE
260:: Tender Notice [EQUIP/DST-INSPIRE/2023/03]- Dept. of Geological Science
261:: Invitation of proposal for development of Quality Planting Material (QPM) of medicinal plants species under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University
Invitation of proposal for development of Quality Planting Material (QPM) of medicinal plants species under RCFC-Eastern Region, NMPB, Jadavpur University, Kolkata for the year 2023-24 (Closing date: 1st September, 2023).
For more information please visit:

262:: Notice Inviting Tender [Ref. No.: REC/N/218/2023 Date: 17.08.2023] - Sealed tenders are invited from reputed vendors for operating a Xerox center at JU main campus
263:: Tender Notice (Enq. No: PC/Equip-4/2023-24, Enq. No: PC/Equip-5/2023-24) - Dept. of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
264:: Tender Notice - [ENQ NO: -JUD / SL/ EQMP./ IEE/ ENQ.- 02/2023-24, ENQ NO: - JUD / SL/ EQMP./ IEE/ ENQ.- 03/2023-24] - Dept. of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering
265:: Tender Notification [PC/Equip-2/Computer Lab/2023-24] Dept. of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
266:: Tender Notification [PC/Equip-3/2023-24] Dept. of Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Section)
267:: Quotations are invited from JU enlisted Vendors for purchase of refrigerator - Dept. Chemistry
268:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/BD/Lab Teaching/2023-24/II-01] - Dept. Life science & Biotechnology
269:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab teaching/2/2023-24] - Dept. Life science & Biotechnology
270:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No. : Pharmacy/HOD/Repair/03/2023 Date: 03.08.2023] - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
271:: Notice Inviting Tender [e-tender-ID-2023_JU_554313_1, e-tender-ID-2023_JU_553761_1, e-tender-ID-2023_JU_553782_1]
272:: Notice Inviting Tender [e-tender-ID-2023_JU_553984_1, e-tender-ID-2023_JU_554418_1]
273:: e-Tender Notice - [NIT No. JU/UE/e-T-03/23-24 (2nd call) Date 02.08.2023] (e- Tender ID-2023_JU_552097_1) - University Engineer
274:: Tender Notice (Enq. No. 3/ME/2023-24, Enq. No. 6/ME/2023-24) [Dept. Mechanical Engineering]
275:: Corrigendum Notice & ENQUIRY No: JUSL/COMP-03 Date-26.07.2023-Last Date- 04.08.2023 [School of Nuclear Studies & Application]
276:: Tender Notice [ENQ NO: - JUD / SL/ COMP./IEE/ ENQ.-01/2023-24] - Dept. IEE
277:: Tender notice Ref. No. JU/ADVT/06/2023-24 Date: 01/08/2023 [e-tender ID 2023_JU_550749_1, 2023_JU_550007_1, 2023_JU_546936_1, 2023_JU_551323_1]
278:: Tender Notice (Enq. No. 2/ME/2023-24, Enq. No. 4/ME/2023-24, Enq. No. 5/ME/2023-24) [Dept. Mechanical Engineering]
279:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/ASG/CRG/2020/consumables/04/2023-2024, Enq. No.: JU/LSBT/ASG/CRG/2020/consumables/03/2023-2024] Dept. Life Science & Bio-technology
280:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No. : JU/LSBT/BD/SERB-CRG-2021-005449 CONSUMABLES /01, JU/LSBT/BD/SERB-CRG-2021-005449 CONSUMABLES /02, JU/LSBT/BD/SERB-CRG-2021-005449 CONSUMABLES /03a, JU/LSBT/BD/SERB-CRG-2021-005449 CONSUMABLES /03b] - Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
281:: Tender Notice [Enq No. EQUIP/SC/DST-CRG/2023/02] (2nd Call) - Dept. Geological Sciences
282:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.: SANS/JU/Web/1/23) - Dept. of Sanskrit
283:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. JU/SOES/ADISEM-1/23-24(2nd Call)] - Hardware Specification for Virtual Reality - (School of Environmental Studies)
284:: Tender Notice - Quotations are invited for 200 copies of JJCL -Vol-59 [Dept. of Comparative Literature]
285:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. : PHYS/EP/04/2023 (Lab Solar Cell), Enq. No. : PHYS/EP/05/2023 (Sodium Lamp)] - Dept. of Physics
286:: NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER(2 nd call) [e- Tender ID- 2023_JU_545781_1] - Chief University Engineer, Jadavpur University
287:: Tender - Repairing of Ceiling, wall mounted, table, pedestal, exhaust fan in different hostel of JU
288:: E-Tender are invite for following items: (e-tender ID 2023_JU_545375_1, e-tender ID 2023_JU_545367_1, e-tender ID 2023_JU_542672_1, e-tender ID 2023_JU_545711_1, Tender No. JU/NIT/GH/01/23-24)
289:: Tender Notice for University Guest House
290:: Notice Inviting e-tender (NIT No:- JU/UE/e-T-03/23-24 Date: 04.07.2023) - for civil work
291:: Tender Enquiry Notices (Enq. No. CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/01, Enq No. CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/02, Enq No. CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/03, Enq No. CEJU/TN/LT/23-24/04) of Department of Civil Engineering
292:: NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER (2 nd call) [e- Tender ID- 2023_JU_544938_1 & e- Tender ID- 2023_JU_544937_1]
293:: NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER [e- Tender ID- 2023_JU_544273_1]
294:: Tender Notice (Enq. No. JU/LSBT/ASG/CRG/2020/consumables/02/2023-2024) - Dept. of Life Science
295:: Tender Notice [Enq No. - JU/SERB/CHEM/RKN-02] (Fume Hood for 1500 mm (Floor Mounted Type))- Dept. of Chemistry
296:: Tender Notice [Enq No. - JU/SERB/CHEM/RKN-01] (A.C. Machine) - Dept. of Chemistry
297:: Corrigendum Notice & Tender Notice [Enquiry No: Equip/SC/DST-CRG/2023/02] - Dept. Geological Sciences
298:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.:JU/SOES/ADISEM-1/23-24) - School of Environmental Studies
299:: Tender Notice (Enq. No.: 1/ME/2023-24) - Dept. Mechanical Engineering
300:: Tender Notice for supplying books for Pandit Bidhubhusan Bhattacharyya Memorial Fellowship, 2022-23 (Department of Sanskrit)
301:: Tender Notice [Date: 23.06.2023] - Center For Indology (Dept. of Sanskrit)
302:: Tender Notice [PC/Equip-1/2023-24 (Digital Automatic Polarimeter), PC/GW/Lot-1/2023-24 (Glass Apparatus), PC/CH/Lot-1/2023-24 (Chemicals)] - Physical Chemistry Section
303:: NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER (e- Tender ID-2023_JU_542572_1) - University Engineer (Civil)
304:: Tender Notice (Enquiry No. JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab teaching/1/2023-2024) - Dept. Life Science & Biotechnology
305:: Tender Notice for Hot Air Oven - Dept. of Geological Sciences
306:: Notice Inviting for e-tender - [e-tender ID 2023_JU_542646_1, 2023_JU_542657_1, 2023_JU_542665_1, JU/NIT/EQUIP/01/2ndCall/23-24]
307:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. ISRO-AT CTM/AC-01] - Dept. Chemical Engg
308:: Notice Inviting Tender [C-08/23-24, C-138/22-23, C-01/22-23]
309:: Notice inviting e-tender (tender id 2023_JU_539152_1, 2023_JU_539172_1, 2023_JU_539190_1, 2023_JU_539125_1, 2023_JU_539200_1)
310:: Notice Inviting E-Tender (NIT No: JU/UE/e-T-01/23-24 Date: 31.05.2023) - University Engineer Office
311:: Tender Notice [Enq. No.: JU/SOES/LT-1/23-24 (2nd Call)] School of Environmental Studies
312:: Tender Notice Ref. No: JU/ADVT/01/2023-24-Date: 30.05.2023 Inviting e-Tender for following items
313:: Tender Notice (Enquiry No. JU/LSBT/ASG/DPC/Lab Teaching/02/2023-2024, Enquiry No. JU/LSBT/ASG/DPC/Lab Teaching/03/2023-2024) Dept. of Life Science
314:: Tender Notice (Computer/Dr. Ananya Baksi/Chemistry/2023-24) - Dept. of Chemistry
315:: Notice Inviting for e-Tender [e-tender ID 2023_JU_531831_1, e-tender ID 2023_JU_531834_1, e-tender ID 2023_JU_531833_1]
316:: Tender Notice [JU/SOES/JM-WB-DBT-1/2023-2024 (Research Project)] - School of Environmental Studies
317:: Notice - inviting e-Tender [e-Tender ID 2023_JU_530337_1, e-Tender ID 2023_JU_530338_1, e-Tender ID 2023_JU_530339_1]
318:: Notice Inviting e-Tender [E-tender ID 2023_ju_52945_1, E-tender ID 2023_ju_529578_1]
319:: Tender Notice [JU/LSBT/PKD/DPC/Lab Teaching/2/2022-2023] - Life Science & Biotechnology
320:: Quotations are invited from eligible enlisted vendors for Classroom Audio System for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
321:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No: JU/LSBT/PK/DPC/LAB TEACHING/01/2023-2024] - Dept. of Life Science & Biotechnology
322:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No: JU/SOES ILT -1 123-24] - School of Environmental Studies
323:: Tender Notice [Enquiry :JU/CHEMICAL/IND/2023/2] - Invitation for quotations for supply and installation of the following item (Dept. Chemical Engg)
324:: Tender Notice [JU/LSBT/CENTRAL MAINTENANCE/01/2023-2024, JU/LSBT/CENTRAL MAINTENANCE/02/2023-2024] - Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
325:: Invitation for quotation for supply and installation of Instrument/ Equipment [JU/CHEMICAL/IND/2023/01] - Dept. Chemical Engg
326:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY NO. PE/NB/2022-23/MATERIAL/02 (2 nd Call)] - Dept. Power Engg
327:: Tender Notice [JU/CHEMICAL/SERB-Power/2023/1 Date: 24.04.2023] - Invitation for quotations for supply and installation of the Peristaltic Pump (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
328:: Tender Notice [C-111/22-23, C-114/22-23, C-115/22-23] - Office of the University Engineer
329:: Tender Notice [Enq No. SBSE-JU/Chemical and Lab wares/01/2023-2024] - School of Bioscience & Engg
330:: Tender Enquiry [ENQUIRY NO. PE/NB/2022-23/MATERIAL/01] for the nanoparticles - Dept. Power Engg
331:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No. SBSE-JU/Chemical & Lab wares/01/2023-2024] - School of Bioscience & Engg
332:: Tender Notice [EQUIP/DST-INSPIRE/2023/01] Dept. of Geological Science
333:: Tender Notice [JU/CHEMICAL/1/2023] - Department of Chemical Engineering
334:: Tender Notice [Tender No.: CAD/58/2022-23] - Computer Aided Design Centre
335:: Tender Notice [C-112/22-23, C-108/22-23, C-137/22-23, C-123/22-23]
336:: Tender Notice (ENQUIRY No: JUSL/PowerEngg/01/2022-23 Date-01.03.2023) - Power Engineering Department
337:: TENDER NOTICE [Enquiry No: JU/CE/TN/DF/LT/22-23/13 Date: February 10, 2023] - Dept. of Civil Engineering
338:: Notice Inviting Spot Tender for sale of Junk and Waste materials of Jadavpur University Salt Lake Campus
339:: Auction Tender Notice - [C/AUC/01/2022-23] - Auction for demolition of old dilapidated Post office building at the main Campus of Jadavpur University
340:: Enquiry for Newton s Ring apparatus for Engineering Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics
341:: Notice Inviting e-Tender - (e-Tender ID-2023_JU_468447, e-Tender ID-2023_JU_468449_1) - University Engineer
342:: Tender Notice [NIT No.: JU/Int. Tender/ Electrical/ 04/2022-23 Date: 02.02.2023] - University Engineer
343:: Tender Notice [EQUIP/MOES/EDFSSZ/2023/1R, EQUIP/MOES/EDFSSZ/2023/2R] - Dept. of Geological Sciences
344:: Tender Notice [C-85/22-23, C-86/22-23 (Clubbed), C-77/22-23, C-80/22-23, C-88/22-23, C-94/22-23 (Clubbed), C-87/22-23 (Clubbed), C-107/22-23]
345:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. Pharmacy/HOD/Repair/05/2023 Date: 30.01.2023] - Instrument Repair - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
346:: Tender Notice [C-78/22-23, C-90/22-23, C-93/22-23, C-102/22-23, C-106/22-23]
347:: Tender Notice [Enq. No. Pharmacy/HOD/Repair/04/2023 Date: 27.01.2023] - Instrument Repair - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
348:: Tender Notice [Instrument-1/Physical Chemistry/2022-23, Instrument-2/Physical Chemistry/2022-23]- Dept. Chemistry (Physical)
349:: Tender Notice [Enq.No.: JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab teaching/2/2022-2023] - Dept. Life science & Bio-technology
350:: Tender Notice [JU_SISED_SOL-01_22-23 & JU_SISED_SOL-02_22-23] - School of Illumination Science, Engineering & Design
351:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No.:EQUIP/MOES/EDFSSZ/2023/1 Date:10.01.2023] - Dept. Geological Science
352:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No.:JU/SOES/LT-4/22-23 (2nd call)] - School of Environmental Studies
353:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No.:EQUIP/MOES/EDFSSZ/2023/2 Date:09.01.2023] - Dept. Geological Science
354:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No.: JU/LSBT/RG/DPC/Lab teaching/1/2022-2023] - Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
355:: Tender Notice [ENQUIRY No.: JU/LSBT/PKD/DPC/Lab teaching/1/2022-2023] - Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
356:: Tender Notice [Tender No: Internal/03/2022-23 Date: 03.01.2023] -University Engineer Office
357:: Tender Notice [N.I.T No: JU/Ext. Tender/Electrical/03/2022-2023 Date: 03.01.2023] - Electrical work in JU West Annex & Salt Lake Campus
358:: TENDER NOTICE [Enq. No.: Pharmacy/HDO/CC Camera/03/2023] - Dept. Pharmaceutical Technology
359:: TENDER NOTICE [PUR/CSE/2912-1/2022, PUR/CSE/2912-2/2022] - Dept. Computer Science and Engineering
360:: Tender Notice [Enquiry No : JU/SOES /LT-4/22-23, Enquiry No : JU/SOES /LT-5/22-23] - School of Environmental Studies
361:: Tender and Cancel Notice [Enquiry No : Printer/Dr. Joydeb Goura/Inorganic Chemistry/2022-2023] - Inorganic Chemistry
362:: e-Tender Ref. No. JU/E-Tender/EW/05/2nd Call/2022-22 Date: 29.12.2022
363:: Amendment to Tender Notice & Tender Notice [JU/GCP/TN/IDEEA/22-23/01 Date: 22.12.2022] - Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University
364:: Tender notice for procurement of a branded mobile workstation [Department of Mechanical Engineering]
365:: Tender [Enq No.: Item/Physical Chemistry/2022-23 Date: 20.12.2022] Physical Chemistry Section
366:: Tender for CCTV at UG Science Building & PG Science Building - Dept. of Chemistry
367:: Tender Enquiry Notices of Department of Civil Engineering - [JU/CE/TN/DF/LT/22-23/12 & JU/CE/TN/DF/FW/22-23/01]
368:: Enquiry No. Computer/Dr. S Bardhan/Physical Chemistry/2022-23 Date: 08.12.2022 Last Date: 21.12.2022 (within 3.00 pm)
369:: Enquiry No. Computer/Dr. S Mondal/Physical Chemistry/2022-23 Date: 08.12.2022 Last Date: 21.12.2022 (within 3.00 pm)