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1:: Online application are invited for one post of student internship under SERB-DST project - Development of Microporous...Conversion of CO2
2:: Notice [Date: 20.01.2023] - Submission of Attendance Certificate For Research Scholars
3:: Walk-in-interview on 08.02.2023 for Research Associates (Level -I) for Project - Lab on a chip based...breast cancer
4:: Walk-in-interview for Project Associate I for Project - Synthesis of organoruthenium..catalysis
5:: University invites application for JRF for research project - Development of 16/64 SPECT imaging system
6:: NSP Portal Scholarship Scheme 2022-23
7:: Applications are invited for selection of JRF / Project Associate on 15.02.2023 for project - Sequestration of heavy metals....climate change
8:: JU Invites application for JRF for project - Evolution of deformational....experimental approach
9:: Inviting applications under National Fellowship for higher education of ST Students for the year 2022-23
10:: walk-in-interview on 13.01.2023 for Project Associate for Project - Febrication of Flexible...Proton Transfer
11:: An interview on 03.01.2023 for recruitment JRF for project - Syntactic and simantic...Predicate Constructions
12:: Extension in last date for the submission of online PG Scholarship forms -2022-23
13:: Circular - Temporary Job Opening / Appointment of part time JU-SYLFF Project Assistant
14:: An offline Interview on 07.12.2022 for JRF for Project - Development of sensing...(INR and Raman) technologies
15:: Walk-in-interview on 28.11.2022 for Research Engineer for Project - Security Mechanism and Verification for Software Defined Network (SDN)
16:: Walk-in-interview on 28.11.2022 for Research Engineer for Project - Review and Validation of PDP....Tool for the Framework
17:: Walk-in -interview on 28.11.2022 for JRF for Project - Investigation of nanoparticle.....application
18:: Walk in interview for JRF/Project Associate - I under SERB POWER GRANT Project on - Following the trails....Bioavailability and Remediation
19:: Notice - NSP Scholatships
20:: Details of students selected under AICTE Doctoral Fellowship (ADF) 2022-23
21:: Fellowship (2023-24) in Social Science & Humanities (JU) SYLFF PROGRAMME
22:: Notice for the selection of JRF/SRF under the State Government Departmental Fellowship Scheme
23:: An interview on 12.10.2022 for Research Engineer for project - Review & validation of PDP......Framework
24:: An interview in offline mode will be held on 11th October, 2022 for PG Researcher for Project - Ocean Plastic Turned into an Opportunity in Circular Economy - OPTOCE
25:: An interview on 20.10.2022 for Project Fellow for project - Exploring Graph Neural Network.....drug-drug interactions
26:: An interview on 12.10.2022 for Research Engineer for project - Security and Verification.....Networks (SDN)
27:: Walk-in-interview on 21.10.2022 for Project Fellow for Project - Development of Web Application
28:: Notice - Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme - 2022-23
29:: List of eligible candidates and the ineligible candidates list for the interview of ADF Selection 2022-23
30:: Applications are invited for JRF with in 30.09.2022 for project - Following the trails.....remediation
31:: Walk-in-interview on 26.10.2022 for JRF under project title - Bacteria doped.....separation
32:: Walk-in-interview on 31.08.2022 for Research Assistant under project title - Read-across predictions...classes of chemicals
33:: Walk-in-interview on 31.08.2022 for Senior Research Fellow under project title - Development of RASAR....Alternative approach
34:: Walk-in-interview on 30.08.2022 for JRF for project title - Development of pseudocapacitive...Frequency Oscillator
36:: An interview on 24.08.2022 for JRF for project - Nano-selective, biomimetic.......production of biofuels
37:: Walk-in-interview on 23.08.2022 for two JRF for project - TULIP: Tea Harvesting Unmanned....Plantation
38:: An offline Interview on 16.08.2022 for recruitment of Lab Technician for project entitled - Development of sensing systems for....technoligies
39:: Walk-in-interview for Project Fellow on 05.08.2022 for project - Development of path-braking technology....Bioethanol production
40:: Applications are invited for CRS Project Fellow under project titled - Degradation of organic......friendly pathway
41:: An interview in offline mode for recruitment of SRA (Technical) for project - VIDYAAPATI: Bidirectional mechine Transletion.....and Hindi
42:: An interview in online mode on 07.07.2022 for project fellow for project - Investigation of the role....device application
43:: An Interview on 06.07.2022 for Project Associate for project entitled - Documentation & Validation of Traditional Healthcare.....Transitional approach
44:: An Interview on 07.07.2022 for Research Associate for project entitled - Influence of Nagative.....Electrostatic Supercapavitor
45:: An in-interview on 22.06.2022 for recruitment of JRF for project - Development of sensing.....technologies
46:: Notice [Date: 03.06.2022] - An online in-interview on 24.06.2022 for research personnel for project - Role of Press.....Freedom struggle
47:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/132/22 Date: 24.05.2022] - 50 German Chancellor Fellowships
48:: Applications are invited for Project Fellow / Project Associate-I for UGC-DAE-CSR sponsored project - High Temperature Sustainable......Stealth Technology
49:: An in-interview on 31.05.2022 for recruitment of one Project associate & one Field Assistant for project - Documentation and validation...approach
50:: Walk-in-interview on 23.05.2022 for recruitment of one JRF for project - Development of Improved.....Life Applications
51:: Walk-in-interview on 06.05.2022 for recruitment of one JRF for project - Development of pseudocapacitive....Frequency Oscillator
52:: Walk-in-interview for recruitment of one project fellow for project - Multimodal Non-invasive image......disease severity
53:: An Interview in offline mode on 29.04.2022 for recruitment of Research Fellowship under Project - Mechanical Experiments
54:: Circular for Dr. V. Ravichandran Merit-cum-means fellowship for the B-Pharm Students (1st year to 4th year) 2022-2023 session
55:: An Interview in online mode on 11.04.2022 for recruitment of PG Researcher under Project - Ocean Plastic Turned....OPTOCE
56:: An Interview in online mode on 13.04.2022 for recruitment of Project associate-I (PA-I) under Multi-channel stackable....communication
57:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of Field Labour for project entitled - INDIA H20 - Bio-mimetic....recycling of water
58:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of PG Researcher for project entitled - Ocean Plastic turned...Economy OPTOCE
59:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of JRF for project entitled - Understanding the paleo-oxygenic...benthic foraminifera
60:: An online Interview for recruitment of JRF for project entitled - Modelling geographically varying....risk analysis
61:: Call for Applications - Raman Charpak Fellowship 2022
62:: Attendance Certificate of Researchers
63:: Notice for the information to CSIR / RA / JRF for Annual Progress Report
64:: Notice on the ASEAN-India Research Training Fellowship (AIRTF) Scheme by Department of Science & Technology (DST) Government of India under the ASEAN India Science and Technology Development Fund