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1:: Walk-in-interview on 12.07.2018 for JRF for project - Qualitative assessment of India tea by developing specific electrodes of an electronic tongue
2:: Walk-in-interview on 06.07.2018 for JRF for project - Experimental Investigation of a Downdraft Biomass Gasifier using Different Biomass Feedstocks
3:: Walk-in-interview on 04.07.2018 for JRF for project - Mobility and mechanism of fluoride leachability into the aquifer of Sonarpur-Rajpur-Baruipur belt on the bank of Adi Ganga in South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal
4:: Walk-in-interview on 12.07.2018 for SRF for project - Lab on Chips for trace detection of arsenic, melamine, heavy ions and in one click diagnostic using SERS
5:: Walk-in-interview on 10.07.2018 for JRF for Project - Novel Solutions Using Innovations on the Proposed LTE-A D2D Communication Model for Smart Governance in the 5G Era
6:: Walk-in-interview on 25.06.2018 for Project Fellow/Project Associate-I for project - Tuning the thermoelectric figure of merit of conducting polymers by incorporating metal nano clusters
7:: Walk-in-interview on 06.07.2018 for SRF for project - Application of QSARs for the design of PET and SPECT imaging agents
8:: Walk-in-interview on 03.07.2018 for JRF for DST-GOI funded project - Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Dry Type Equipment using Modified Dielectric Response Analysis
9:: Walk in interview on 22.06.2018 for JRF for project entitled - In-situ monitoring of fungal spore from indoor air to protect biodeterioration of museum object and manuscript using Foldscope Microscope
10:: Walk-in-interview on 14.06.2018 for Project Assistant for project - Climate Change Impact assessment and Adaptation in selected Blocks of Bankura & Purulia District, west Bengal
11:: Walk-in-interview on 21.06.2018 for SRF for project - Fermentative production of microbial Asparaginase enzyme and its application to high temperature Processed Foods for Acrylamide mitigation
12:: Walk-in-interview on 08.06.2018 for JRF for research scheme entitled - Fabrication and Characterization of natural polysaccharide based bioerodible localized spongy scaffold : A new advanced wound care tool
13:: Walk-in-interview on 11.06.2018 for SRF for project - Studies on chronic exposure to arsenic toxicity through food chain and drinking water with respect to rice grain contamination in selected site of West Bengal and search for mitigation options
14:: Application Invited for JRF for project - Production of organic fertilizer by utilizing slaughterhouse waste and its application for the cultivation of potato and vegetables
15:: Walk-in-interview on 05.06.2018 for Project Assistant for Research Project - Western Medicine and Indigenous Society: History of Disease, Medicine and Public Health Policy in Colonial Eastern India, 1757-1947
16:: Walk-in-interview on 14.06.2018 for JRF for Research Project - Vulnerability assessment of Mangroves and Corals of West Bengal, Odisha and Andaman Islands
17:: Walk-in-interview on 14.06.2018 for RA & JRF for Research Project - Geospatial assessment of Mangrove s Species Discrinination in Indian Sundarbans, their Health and its effect on Environment and Climate Using Airborne Hyperspectral (AVIRIS NG)& RISAT-I Remote Sensing Data
18:: Walk-in-interview on 04.06.2018 for recruitment of JRF for project - Modeling of electro-osmotic flow and heart transfer in a micro-channel for microfluidic applications
19:: Walk-in-interview on 22.05.2018 for recruitment of JRF for project - Synthesis of Drug (Herbal Values) entrapped Nano Material to Treat cancer Disease and Other Disease Causing Organism
20:: Walk-in-interview on 17.05.2018 for recruitment of SRF for project - Development of functional bio-polymer based matrices for delivery of healing agents in chronic wound
21:: Employment Notice - School of Languages and Linguistics, Jadavpur University invites applications for project - Study and Research in Indigenous and Endangered Languages in India during XII plan Period
22:: Walk-in-interview on 24.05.2018 for recruitment of JRF/SRF for project - Design of Nano Carries For Sustained Release of Conventional Analgesic Drugs
23:: Walk in interview on 03.05.2018 for JRF for Project entitled - Study to Develop appropriate methods for Safe Disposal of Arsenic-Rich Sludge
24:: Walk-in-interview on 16.05.2018 for Project Fellow from Project entitled - Development of object detection techniques from degraded complex video sequences due to dynamic variation of scenes by different atmospheric conditions for security & surveillance
25:: Walk-in-interview on 26.04.2018 for Research Assistant from Project entitled - Exploring uncertainties for production bottlenecks of biodiesel in SCEM: Deterministic and Stochastic studies with dynamic optimization
26:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/122/2018 Date:16.04.2018]- Applications are invited for Senior Research Assistant at the School of Environmental Studies
27:: Walk-in-interview on 24.04.2018 for Project Fellow in project - Development of sensor probes for quantification of active constituents in Andrographispaniculata and piper nigrum using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
28:: Notice [Ref No:REC/N/103/2018 Dated:28.03.2018] - walk in interview on 13.04.2018 for SRF & JRF for research scheme - Fabrication and Characterization of Natural Polysaccharide .... Augmenting Wound Healing
29:: Notice [Ref.NO.:REC/N/102/2018 Date:26.03.2018]- Evaluation & Presentation Workshop of Visvesvaraya PhD Fellows
30:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/080/2018 Dated: 08.03.2018] - University invites application for Research Fellowship under State Fellowship Research Scheme [Faculty of Engg, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Interdisciplinary School]
31:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/081/2018 Dated: 08.03.2018] - University invites application for Research Fellowship under State Fellowship Research Scheme [Faculty of Arts]