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1:: University invites the application for the post of JRF under the project entitled Study on incipient motion and downstream sorting process of silt sandgravel mixed sloping bed an experimental approach funded by DSR-SERB Govt. of India vide sanction order CRG/2022/003199, Dated 22.02.2023
2:: Notice [Ref. No: JU/SCH/60/2022-23 Date: 25.05.2023] OASIS Scholarship
3:: Notice - interview in online mode on 07.06.2023 for Research Associate II for project - Indian participation in the ALICE Experiment at CERN
4:: Walk-in-interview on 24.05.2023 for JRF for Project titled - Understanding the paleo-oxygenic...benthic foraminifera
5:: Walk-in-interview on 15.05.2023 for JRF for project - Automated bail judgement classification and prediction using semi-supervised techniques
6:: Walk-in-interview on 10.05.2023 for JRF for Project - Nano-selective biomimetic...biofuels
7:: An interview will be held on 15/05/2023 for Research Associates (Level - I) for project titled - Lab on a chip based theranostic implication of breast cancer
8:: Walk-in-interview on 04.05.2023 for Research Associate for project entitled - Pattern forming instabilities...Chemical systems
9:: Walk-in-interview on 02.05.2023 for JRF for Project entitled - Green synthesis of driven modelling
10:: Walk-in-interview on 08.05.2023 for Project fellow for project - Study of certain kinds....applications
11:: Walk-in-interview on 18.04.2023 for recruitment of project fellow - Multimodal Non-invasive...disease severity
12:: Walk-in-interview on 08.05.2023 for Research Associate for project entitled - Study of different kinds of density idels
13:: Online applications are invited for two students under DST-SERB project - A fundamental investigation.....layer in a microchannel
14:: Walk in interview on 24.04.2023 for Project Assistant for Project - Climate variability...AI based modeling
15:: University invites application for JRF under project entitled- Evolution of deformational....experimental approach
16:: Notice for student interns under SERB-SRG project titled - Investigation of nanoparticle-enhanced phase change materials (NePCM) for solar thermal energy storage application
17:: Walk-in-interview on 13.04.2023 for JRF for project - Synthesis of heterocyclic...iodine reagent
18:: Walk-in-interview on 24.04.2023 for two Research Scholars for research project - Software reliability...and Algorithms
19:: Fulbright-Nehru and other Fulbright Fellowships for study, research, teaching and professional development in the U.S.
20:: Notice [Date: 21.03.2023] - Walk-in-interview on 06.04.2023 for recruitment of one Senior Research Fellow (SRF) for Project - Development of read-across...evaluation approach
21:: Online applications are invited for one post of student internship position under SERB DST project -Bacteria doped aerogel/xerogel bioreactor for organic pollutants separation
22:: Walk-in-interview for JRF on 13.03.2023 for project - Early detection......learning algorithms
23:: Notice Regarding Postponed of the Online Selection Research Assistant on 24.02.2023
24:: Walk in interview for JRF on 16.03.2023 for project - Investigation on Dielectric Characteristics...Equipment
25:: Notice for the Selection Call of Summer Internship - Department of Geological Sciences
26:: Circular - Dr. V. Ravichandran Endowment Fund provides Merit-cum-means fellowship for B.Pharm, 1st year students
27:: An Interview in online mode on 24.02.2023 for two Research Assistant for project - Gendered Impacts on Access to Education & Technology during Covid-19 in India
28:: Online application are invited for one post of student internship under SERB-DST project - Development of Microporous...Conversion of CO2
29:: Notice [Date: 20.01.2023] - Submission of Attendance Certificate For Research Scholars
30:: Walk-in-interview on 08.02.2023 for Research Associates (Level -I) for Project - Lab on a chip based...breast cancer
31:: Walk-in-interview for Project Associate I for Project - Synthesis of organoruthenium..catalysis
32:: University invites application for JRF for research project - Development of 16/64 SPECT imaging system
33:: NSP Portal Scholarship Scheme 2022-23
34:: JU Invites application for JRF for project - Evolution of deformational....experimental approach
35:: Applications are invited for selection of JRF / Project Associate on 15.02.2023 for project - Sequestration of heavy metals....climate change
36:: Inviting applications under National Fellowship for higher education of ST Students for the year 2022-23
37:: walk-in-interview on 13.01.2023 for Project Associate for Project - Febrication of Flexible...Proton Transfer
38:: An interview on 03.01.2023 for recruitment JRF for project - Syntactic and simantic...Predicate Constructions
39:: Extension in last date for the submission of online PG Scholarship forms -2022-23
40:: Circular - Temporary Job Opening / Appointment of part time JU-SYLFF Project Assistant
41:: Walk-in-interview on 28.11.2022 for Research Engineer for Project - Security Mechanism and Verification for Software Defined Network (SDN)
42:: Walk-in-interview on 28.11.2022 for Research Engineer for Project - Review and Validation of PDP....Tool for the Framework
43:: An offline Interview on 07.12.2022 for JRF for Project - Development of sensing...(INR and Raman) technologies
44:: Walk-in -interview on 28.11.2022 for JRF for Project - Investigation of nanoparticle.....application
45:: Walk in interview for JRF/Project Associate - I under SERB POWER GRANT Project on - Following the trails....Bioavailability and Remediation
46:: Notice - NSP Scholatships
47:: Fellowship (2023-24) in Social Science & Humanities (JU) SYLFF PROGRAMME
48:: Details of students selected under AICTE Doctoral Fellowship (ADF) 2022-23
49:: Notice for the selection of JRF/SRF under the State Government Departmental Fellowship Scheme
50:: An interview in offline mode will be held on 11th October, 2022 for PG Researcher for Project - Ocean Plastic Turned into an Opportunity in Circular Economy - OPTOCE
51:: An interview on 20.10.2022 for Project Fellow for project - Exploring Graph Neural Network.....drug-drug interactions
52:: An interview on 12.10.2022 for Research Engineer for project - Security and Verification.....Networks (SDN)
53:: An interview on 12.10.2022 for Research Engineer for project - Review & validation of PDP......Framework
54:: Walk-in-interview on 21.10.2022 for Project Fellow for Project - Development of Web Application
55:: Notice - Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme - 2022-23
56:: List of eligible candidates and the ineligible candidates list for the interview of ADF Selection 2022-23
57:: Applications are invited for JRF with in 30.09.2022 for project - Following the trails.....remediation
58:: Walk-in-interview on 26.10.2022 for JRF under project title - Bacteria doped.....separation
59:: Walk-in-interview on 31.08.2022 for Senior Research Fellow under project title - Development of RASAR....Alternative approach
60:: Walk-in-interview on 31.08.2022 for Research Assistant under project title - Read-across predictions...classes of chemicals
61:: Walk-in-interview on 30.08.2022 for JRF for project title - Development of pseudocapacitive...Frequency Oscillator
63:: An interview on 24.08.2022 for JRF for project - Nano-selective, biomimetic.......production of biofuels
64:: Walk-in-interview on 23.08.2022 for two JRF for project - TULIP: Tea Harvesting Unmanned....Plantation
65:: An offline Interview on 16.08.2022 for recruitment of Lab Technician for project entitled - Development of sensing systems for....technoligies
66:: Walk-in-interview for Project Fellow on 05.08.2022 for project - Development of path-braking technology....Bioethanol production
67:: Applications are invited for CRS Project Fellow under project titled - Degradation of organic......friendly pathway
68:: An interview in offline mode for recruitment of SRA (Technical) for project - VIDYAAPATI: Bidirectional mechine Transletion.....and Hindi
69:: An interview in online mode on 07.07.2022 for project fellow for project - Investigation of the role....device application
70:: An Interview on 06.07.2022 for Project Associate for project entitled - Documentation & Validation of Traditional Healthcare.....Transitional approach
71:: An Interview on 07.07.2022 for Research Associate for project entitled - Influence of Nagative.....Electrostatic Supercapavitor
72:: An in-interview on 22.06.2022 for recruitment of JRF for project - Development of sensing.....technologies
73:: Notice [Date: 03.06.2022] - An online in-interview on 24.06.2022 for research personnel for project - Role of Press.....Freedom struggle
74:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/132/22 Date: 24.05.2022] - 50 German Chancellor Fellowships
75:: Applications are invited for Project Fellow / Project Associate-I for UGC-DAE-CSR sponsored project - High Temperature Sustainable......Stealth Technology
76:: Walk-in-interview on 23.05.2022 for recruitment of one JRF for project - Development of Improved.....Life Applications
77:: An in-interview on 31.05.2022 for recruitment of one Project associate & one Field Assistant for project - Documentation and validation...approach
78:: Walk-in-interview on 06.05.2022 for recruitment of one JRF for project - Development of pseudocapacitive....Frequency Oscillator
79:: Walk-in-interview for recruitment of one project fellow for project - Multimodal Non-invasive image......disease severity
80:: An Interview in offline mode on 29.04.2022 for recruitment of Research Fellowship under Project - Mechanical Experiments
81:: Circular for Dr. V. Ravichandran Merit-cum-means fellowship for the B-Pharm Students (1st year to 4th year) 2022-2023 session
82:: An Interview in online mode on 11.04.2022 for recruitment of PG Researcher under Project - Ocean Plastic Turned....OPTOCE
83:: An Interview in online mode on 13.04.2022 for recruitment of Project associate-I (PA-I) under Multi-channel stackable....communication
84:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of PG Researcher for project entitled - Ocean Plastic turned...Economy OPTOCE
85:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of Field Labour for project entitled - INDIA H20 - Bio-mimetic....recycling of water
86:: An online Interview on 01.04.2022 for recruitment of JRF for project entitled - Understanding the paleo-oxygenic...benthic foraminifera
87:: An online Interview for recruitment of JRF for project entitled - Modelling geographically varying....risk analysis
88:: Call for Applications - Raman Charpak Fellowship 2022
89:: Attendance Certificate of Researchers
90:: Notice for the information to CSIR / RA / JRF for Annual Progress Report
91:: Notice on the ASEAN-India Research Training Fellowship (AIRTF) Scheme by Department of Science & Technology (DST) Government of India under the ASEAN India Science and Technology Development Fund