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1:: Walk-in-interview on 27.05.2019 for JRF for project - Sustaiable production of platform........agro-industry wastes
2:: Walk-in-interview on 24.05.2019 for Research Associate for project - Study and Research in ....XII plan period
3:: Walk-in-interview on 15.05.2019 for Office Assistant for project - Academic Publishing in India: Issue and Challenges
4:: Walk-in-interview on 06.05.2019 for JRF for Project - Waste water remediation: novel use of piezo catalytic ceramic- polymer nanocomposites
5:: Walk-in-interview on 03.05.2019 for Project Fellow for Project - Speed Range Improvement of induction Generator for Wind Power
6:: Walk-in-interview on 02.05.2019 for JRF/SRF for project - Development of high speed MANET for intelligent Collaboration