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1:: Walk in interview on 03.01.2018 for SRF for project entitled - Study of carbon dynamics in esturaies and nearshore waters of Hugli estuary
2:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/414/17 Date: 05-12-2017] - University portal is once again opened for registration for Non-NET Fellowship
3:: Walk in interview on 15.01.2018 for JRF/Project Fellow for project entitled - Modelling of electro-osmotic flow and heat transfer in a micro-channel for microfluidic applications
4:: Walk in interview on 20.12.2017 for JRF for project entitled - Development of some analytical tools for analysis of large-scale protein-protein interaction networks
5:: Walk-in-interview on 11.12.2017 for JRF for project entitled - Studies on Y - irradiation of lutein and sertonin-melatonin rich agro-commodities supplements using the irradiated produces
6:: Walk-in-interview on 27.11.2017 for JRF/SRF for project entitled - Role of carbonaceous materials and cellulose.....pollutants present in waste water
7:: Walk-in-interview on 27.11.2017 for JRF/SRF for project entitled - Removal of pharmaceuticals derivatives present in waste water......Go-metal nanocomposites
8:: Walk-in-interview on 25.10.2017 for Project Fellow for Research Scheme entitled Geoelectric and Geochemical Studies...West Bengal, India
9:: Walk-in-interview on 01.11.2017 for Project Fellow in UGC-DAE-CSR sponsered project - Free-standing and Flexible ZnO Based DMS Materials: PVDF/ZnO:M (M:-Ni, Co and NixCo1-x)
10:: Walk-in-Interview on 11.10.2017 for Research Fellows for DRDO sponsored a R&D project entitled - Experimental Studies of Free Space Laser Communication Link for Data and Voice Transmission in Different Atmospheric condition
11:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/346/17 Dated 20.09.2017] : No-NET PhD, M.Phil Fellowship
12:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/345/17 Dated 20.09.2017] : Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme
13:: Walk-in-interview on 10.10.2017 for JRF for Project - Evolution of land and sea interface during the lower cretaceous global warming: Bhuj formation Kutch
14:: Walk-in-interview on 23.10.2017 for Project Associate for Project - Special Manpower Development Programme Chip to System design
15:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No. : REC/N/262/17 Dated : July 18, 2017] - UGC NON NET Fellowship Scheme
16:: Circular [Ref No:REC/N/257/17 Dated:10.07.2017] - Fellowship (2018-2019) in Science and Humanities, JU:SYLFF Programme
18:: NOTICE [Ref No: REC/N/349/2016 Date: 20/10/2016]- Fellowship (CSIR JRF/SRF/RA/SPMF/SRA) will be directly credited to the respective bank account from January 2017 onwards