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1:: Circular [Ref. No. : REC/N/264/17 Date: 25.07.2017] - Walk in interview on 10.08.2017 for following project linked post
2:: Walk-in-interview on 16.08.2017 for JRF for project entitled - Removal of pharmaceutical.....Go-metal nanocomposites
3:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/267/17 Dated: 26/07/2017] - Walk in interview on 10.8.2017 for Project Fellow for Project - Binding of flavnoids to duplex and triplex .....approach
4:: Walk in interview on 11.08.2017 for recruitment of one Project Fellow for Project - Development of High Efficiency Domestic LPG Stove through Numerical Simulation
5:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No. : REC/N/262/17 Dated : July 18, 2017] - UGC NON NET Fellowship Scheme
6:: Walk-in-interview 24.07.2017 for JRF for project - Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of Unwelded and Welded Ultra High Strength Bainitic Steel
7:: Circular [Ref No:REC/N/257/17 Dated:10.07.2017] - Fellowship (2018-2019) in Science and Humanities, JU:SYLFF Programme
8:: Walk-in-interview 31.07.2017 for JRF for project - Design of low complexity sharp cut-off variable bandwidth digital FIR filter for next generation communication system
9:: Walk-in-interview on 17.07.2017 for JRF for Research Project entitled - A big data perspective......grids and dwelling
10:: One Junior Research Fellow (JRF) will be recruited for a DAE-BRNS funded theoretical research project entitled Studies on Heisenberg spin chains with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in the presence of fields
11:: Walk-in-interview on 18.07.2017 for JRF for Research Project entitled - 3D MRI brain image segmentation and visualization for therapy planing and monitoring
12:: List of applicants for the position of Research Assistant for interview at School of Women s Studies on 06.07.2017
13:: Walk-in-interview on 11.07.2017 for Research Assistant for Research Scheme entitled - Practice of folk medicine: A study on the folk medicine of the Rajbanshis of Sub-Himalayan Bengal in historical perspective
14:: Walk-in-interview on 10.07.2017 for Project Fellow for project entitled - Intensification and Optimization of conversion of Bio-Glycerol into value added Products using Electromagnetically Irradiated Reactor through Novel Protocols
15:: Walk in interview on 29.06.2017 for Project Fellow for DST sponsored research scheme entitled - Geoelectric and Geochemical Studies.......WEST Bengal, India
16:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/225/17 Dated:16.06.2017]- Recruitment of one JRF under DsT project at Electrical Engineering Department
17:: Walk-in-interview on 22.06.2017 for JRF in DST-SERB sponsored Research project entitled Environmentally benign functionalized solid sorbent for fast and reversible CO2 capture from air: Kinetics of temperature-vacuum swing adsorption/desorption system
18:: Walk-in-interview on 16.06.2017 for 6 Project Fellow & Researcher for Project title - Assessment of economic cost of impact of heat stress on labour productivity and adaptation in selected building and transport sector
19:: University invites application for Research Fellows - School of women Studies
20:: Walk-in-interview on 02.06.2017 for JRF for research scheme entitled - Vulnerability Assessment of Mangroves and Corals of West Bengal, Odisha and Andaman Island
21:: Walk-in-interview on 05.06.2017 for JRF for research scheme entitled - A Wind-Solar Hybrid Microgeneration Scheme Suitable for Wide Speed Range and Grid-isolated Remote Applications
22:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/199/17 Date: 18.05.2017]- Walk-in-interview for the following project-linked posts in the MOBILE AND INNOVATIVE COMPUTING, DIGITAL LIBRARY & WEB BASED MATERIAL, COGNITIVE SCIENCE, NATURAL PRODUCTS& DRUG DELIVERY, ADVANCE MATERIAL & SYSTEMS, CULTURAL RESOURCE & SOCIAL SCIENCE AND NANO SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY GROUPS under the UGC funded University with Potential for Excellence - Phase II Scheme of Jadavpur University
23:: Circular [Ref No.: REC/N/009/17 Dated: 06.01.2017]- Walk in interview on 17.01.2017 for Project Fellow and Secretarial Assistant for UGC - Sponsored CAS Phase III Programme
Due to unavoidable circumstances, the interviews for the posts of Project Fellow (one post) and Secretarial Assistant (two posts), under the CAS III Programme, Department of Comparative Literature, scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 at 12:00 noon in the department's office, are postponed until further notice.
Kindly check the university website for further announcements in this regard. Inconvenience caused is regretted.

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25:: NOTICE [Ref No: REC/N/349/2016 Date: 20/10/2016]- Fellowship (CSIR JRF/SRF/RA/SPMF/SRA) will be directly credited to the respective bank account from January 2017 onwards