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1:: JU Main Campus Wi-Fi Service Application Form for Userid & Password (UG / PG / Research Scholars)
2:: Notice [dated 21.04.2021] - Central Library and the Salt Lake Campus Library will remain open twice a week in the current pandemic situation
3:: Notice [dated 21.04.2021] - Roster for duty of Dean of Students Office in the current pandemic situation
4:: Notice [dated 20.04.2021] - Opening of Pharmaceutical Technology Department in the current pandemic situation
5:: Notice [Date: April 20 , 2021] - modalities of opening of offices
6:: Notice- Sanitization in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology on 20.04.2021 and
7:: NOTICE [Date: April 16, 2021] - Due to the surge in COVID 19 affected cases and detection of infection among some University officers and employees working in the Aurobindo Bhavan it is decided that all offices located in the Aurobindo Bhavan will remain closed from 19.04.2021 to 20.04.2021
8:: Notice Regarding Physical verification of Documents for UG & PG students(Day &Evening) Session 2021 under FET & FISLM Scheduled to be held on 19th & 20th April 2021 is hereby postponed
9:: Notice [Ref. No. RECN /N/095/2021 Dated 13.04.2021] regarding the leaving the office during the month of RAMZAN
10:: Notice [Ref. No. RECN /N/094/2021 Dated 13.04.2021] regarding the closing of University on 16.04.2021
11:: Appeal - [Ref. No.:VC/72/VC-OFC/2021 Date: April 12, 2021] - For making financial contribution to enable the university to address the issue of digital device affecting the large section of our students
12:: Notice [April 12, 2021] - Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Chiranjeeb Bhattacharya) will remain closed from April 12 to April 16, 2021 in order to undertake the process of sanitization
13:: NOTICE [Date: April 10, 2021] - PhD Arts Office, the Office of the Dean Arts and Secretary Arts will remain closed from April 12 to April 13, 2021 in order to undertake the process of sanitization
14:: Circular [Ref. No.: REWC/N/090/2021 Date:08th February 2021] - Submission of Medical Insurance Claim for the year 2020-21
15:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/089/2021 Date:05th April 2021] - Submit proposal for part-time/ Special Allowances of essential Non teaching employees for the session January 2021 to June 2021
16:: Notice [Ref. No. RECN /N/092/2021 Dated 07.04.2021] regarding the attendance of the Officers of the University
18:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/079/2021 Date:01.04.2021] & Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/085/2021 Date:01.04.2021]- regarding office three days a week due to COVID-19 pandemic
19:: PRC Notice & List of Candidates for their Pre-Submission Seminar scheduled to be held on 03.04.2021 - Dept. Geological Sciences
20:: Notice [25.03.2021] - Services of the Circulation section of the Central Library will remain suspended on March 30, 2021
21:: Notification - Regarding FET admission 2020

The Online Refund Application Portal in connection with UG (Day), UG (Evening) and PG Degree Admissions of FET & FISLM for the session 2020-2021 will be closed on and from 1st April 2021. After this eligible and willing candidates, if any may apply in offline mode by visiting the office of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology on university working days.

22:: Notice for ULNE I-SITE Graduate Programmes of excellence and Scholarships
23:: Notice - Freeship 2020-21
24:: Circular [No. REC/N/070/2021Date: 23.03.2021] - Data Collection from Teachers and Scholars regarding Research Project and Departmental Infrastructure for DSIR Certificate
25:: Public Notice [F.No. 1-10/2020(CPP-II) Date-16.03.2021] - Extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil/Ph.D students
26:: Public Notice [F.No. 1-10/2020(CPP-II) Date-16.03.2021] - Extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil/Ph.D students
27:: Library membership process of Salt lake campus library-UG level
28:: Notice - Fill up the form for new Library Cards in online mode [Central Library]
29:: Notice [Date-12.03.2021] - Application for Free-Studentship & Financial Assistance
30:: Notice No. Pro-VC/P-2/22(A)/21 dt. 12.03.2021 regarding the matter of office services of JUMS of the university
31:: CIRCULAR [Dated : March 12, 2021] - Shut down of Central Library will be closed till 16.03.2021 due to sanitization work
32:: Notice [Ref. No.: Pro-VC/P-2/22/2021 Date: March 09 2021] - regarding services of JUMS of the University
33:: Student Assistance for Academic Year 2020-21 Invitation for Fresh Applications (white forms)
34:: Notice [Ref. No.: Pro-VC/P-2/21/2021 Date: 08.03.2021]- Minutes related Library Committee meeting held on 03.03.2021
35:: Notice for submitting vacancy by the teacher & scientist of JU and affiliated Institute for Ph.D. (Science) registration 2020 - 21
36:: Notice of Central Library for reopening of Circulation
37:: Notice [Date-01.03.2021] - Due to declaration of State Assembly Elections (2021) all selection committee meeting for recruitment of opening post and promotions under UGC CAS sheme are kept in hold
38:: Notice - 1st year students who have taken admission in P.G. courses are requested to fill up the form for new Library Cards in Salt Lake Campus Library
39:: Notice - 1st year students who have taken admission in P.G. courses are requested to fill up the form for new Library Cards in online mode
40:: Extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil/Ph.D students
41:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/046/2021 Date: 19.02.2021] - Cash counters will be closed on 23rd & 25th February 2021 for all public dealings
42:: Notice of commencement of classes of course work under Faculty of Science 2020 -2021
43:: Notice of extension of last date of submission of Ph.D. course work forms under Science Faculty 2020-21
44:: Meeting of the members of the Doctorate Committee (Science) on 24th February, 2021
45:: Notice [Date-15.02.2021] - Last date of submission of Hostel Boardership application form is extended
46:: Notice [Ref.No.:REC/N/034/2021 Date:05.02.2021] - regarding attendance in office as per normal office routine
47:: NOTICE [Ref. No. JU/SCH/37/2020-21 Date : 03/05-02-2021] - K2 component of Kanyashree Prakalpa
48:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/032/2021 Date: 05.02.2021] for Verification of Income Tax Savings data for the Income year 2021-22
49:: Circular [Date: 28.01.2021] regarding Closure of RUSA 2.0 bearing Ref. No REC/N 002/2021 dated 04.01.2021
50:: Notice [02.02.2021] - Collection of original Final Degree Certificate
51:: Notice of commencement of coursework under Faculty of Science for the session 2020-21
52:: Circular for Defined Process for the Closure of RUSA-2.0 with immediate effect
53:: Circular [Date: 29.01.2021]- Last date of payment of tuition fee and other fees by the students of intermediate years is extended up to 31.03.2021
54:: Notice [Date: 28.1.2021] For the Final year Boarders of Under-graduate courses, (2019-20 Session) desirous of taking admission in Post Graduate course with hostel facility
55:: Notice [Date: 25.01.2021] - Last Date of Submission of Hostel Boardership Form for UG-I and PG-I
56:: PRC Notices of the Dept. of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geological Sciences, Life Sc. & Biotech., Instrumentation Science and Geography
57:: Rate Contract for Purchasing of Quick Heal Antivirus Valid till 31 Dec 2021
58:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/016/21 Date-15.01.2021] - Link for Payment : Due Fees of Student
59:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/017/21 Date-15.01.2021] - Withdrawal of Admission M.E. / M.Tech / M.Pharma / M. Arch / MMD for the session 2020-21
60:: Notice [Date-11.01.2021] - On line examination form fill up through JUMS of M. Sc. Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics evening 1st year 1st semester examination 2021 on 18.01.2021
61:: PRC Notice of the Dept. of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geological Sciences, Life Science & Biotechnology, Instrumentation Science and Geography of the University
62:: Schedule of User Awareness Program on Accessing E-books Procured by Jadavpur University (Phase-I)
63:: Notice [Date: 08.01.2021] - This is to notify for information of all Ph.D. degree recipients under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law & Management that the degree certificates will be distributed from office of the Dean & Secretary, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law & Management
64:: Notice [Date: 08.01.2021] - This is to notify for information of all Ph.D. degree recipients under the Faculty of Engineering & Technology that the degree certificates will be distributed from office of the Dean & Secretary, Faculty of Engineering & Technology
65:: Notice [Date- 13.01.2021] for Collection of Ph.D. Degree certificate collection
66:: NOTICE [Date: 11th January, 2021] - for receiving due fees for intermediate classes
67:: Notice & List of Candidates for Online Written Entrance Test for Ph.D.(Sc.) Registration Programme, 2020-21 scheduled on 18th January, 2021
68:: Notice - Ph.D. degree recipients whose viva-voce were held on or before 18.12.2020 under Faculty of Science that the degree certificates will be distributed from Office of Dean & Secretary, Faculty of Science, UG Science Building on 31st Jan 2021
69:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/004/2021 Date:05.01.2021]- Microsoft Campus Annual Licensing Agreement
70:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/001/2021 Date: 04.01.2021] - Opening Notification for Emergency Services of the University
71:: Notification for Commencement of Classes for PG & UG Students under FET & FISLM
72:: Notice [Memo:401/Addl./TDD Date: 28.12.2020] - Extension for closure of both Shikshashree, Pre-Matric and Post Matric Portal
73:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/180/2020 Date: 28.12.2020] - University will Reopen in all working days on and form 04.01.2021
74:: The composition of ERP Cell for the period of 2020 to 2024 in terms of West Bengal University Laws (Amended) Act, 2011
75:: Notice [Date: 28.12.2020] - Apply for the Library Clearance online
76:: This is to notify for the Ph. D. Awardees (between 13th December2019 and 14 December 2020) who are entitled for receiving DEGREE CERTIFICATES are requested to clear their dues to the University (fees)
77:: Notice for the students (PASS-OUT in 2020) who are entitled for receiving DEEGRE CERTIFICATE to clear their dues to the University (Fees etc)
78:: PRC Notice and List of Candidates for Pre submission Seminar of the Dept. of Chemistry of this University
79:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/163/2020 Date: 04.12.2020] - EC Member list
80:: Circular [Ref. No. NET/ONL/P1/Sc.02 Dated : 17.10.2020] regarding invitation of applications from NET qualified PhD Scholars (JRF/SRF) of this University for teaching of UGC NET Paper I online for the students of the University
81:: Notice [Ref. No.:Pro-VC/P-2/158/20 Date- 12.11.2020] - Admission at the undergraduate (Eve) Courses (5 year UG Programme) for Bachelor Degree in Civil/Mech./Elec. Engineering in Jadavpur University
82:: An Appeal to all the University Communities and Alumni from The Vice-Chancellor Dated 13.11.2020
83:: Circular [Ref. No. : REC/N/149/2020 Date: 09.11.2020] Rate Contract For HP Consumables (Cartridge and toner etc)
84:: Circular [Ref. No. REC/N/148/2020 Dated : 06.11.2020] - University Diary for 2021 will be published on the date of Annual Convocation
86:: Notice for the information to CSIR / RA / JRF for Annual Progress Report
87:: Circular [Ref: REC/N/145/20 Dated 02.11.2020] for Closing of University on account of Kali Puja including Bhatridwitya and Chhatpuja
88:: Notice for students, selected for admission under different UG programmes in Engineering & Technology Departments, Jadavpur University (as per allotment letter from WBJEEB)
89:: Notice [Pro-VC/P-2/146/2020 dt. 19.10.2020] - Document required for application/renewal of fellowship/scholarship
90:: Notice regarding Hostel closure during puja vacation
91:: Information for all the pensioners retired after 01.01.2016 [ Ref. No. REC/N/144/2020 Dated 15.10.2020]
92:: A trainning Programme on Anti-Plagiarism Software Apllication & Policy on Abti-Plagiarism 2019 JU will be held on14th October 2020
93:: Grievance related to merit list published on 5th October 2020 for admission to ME / M-Tech Programme under FET / FISLM
94:: Circular regarding presence of chunks/flakes in the ceiling of Buildings
95:: Notice regarding the opening of Central Library and Salt Lake Campus Library
97:: Circular [Ref No. R-PA/M-12/271/2020] Regarding attendance of the University Employees
98:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/138/2020 Date: 26.09.2020] For the Pensioners
99:: Circular [Ref. No.: R-PA/M-12/270/2020 Date: September 25, 2020] - in view of ensuing examination, admission and other administrative activities office of the Deans, HODs and Directors will remain open thrice a week
100:: Notice [Ref. No.:Pro-VC/P-2/133/20 Date: 25.09.2020] for all students UG/PG (Day/Evening) under FA/FET/FSc/FISLM regarding promotion from even semester 2019-20 academic year to odd semester 2020-21 academic year
101:: Notice [Ref. No.:Pro-VC/P-2/123/20 Date: 21.09.2020] for student research scholars of M.A./MLISC/MLSC in Digital Library/M.Phil Final (End) Semester 2020 under Faculty of Arts
102:: Notice for M.Phil. Dissertation Submission
103:: Notice [Ref No. VC/103/Intrnl-offcr/2020] Regarding request to the Officers of the University for keeping all offices open
104:: Notice [Ref No. R-PA/M-12/269/2020] Regarding attendance of the University Employees
105:: Circular [Ref: REC/N/134/20 Dated 21.09.2020] University will remain closed on and from 19.10.2020 to 30.10.2020 on account of Durga Puja including Laxmi Puja and Fateha-Dwaz-Daham
106:: Circular [Ref: REC/N/133/20 Dated 21.09.2020] University will remain closed on 02.10.2020 [Friday] on account of Gandhi Jayanti
107:: An Appeal to Faculty Colleagues to Start online Coaching for UGC NET Paper I
108:: Notice [Ref. No. Pro-VC/P-2/125/20 dt. Sept. 21, 2020] - for admission in the PG programme of ME/M.Tech courses offered under FET/FISLM
109:: Notice [Ref. No. : Pro-VC/P-2/124/20 dt. Sept. 21, 2020] - all Supplementary and Regular Examination under Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science will be conducted by using digital platform to maintain social distancing norms under COVID-19 pandemic
110:: Notice: All the bills and papers concerning RUSA 2.0 programme may be deposited at the office of the Pro-VC (Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharjee).
111:: Notice: Examination schedule for organic chemistry practical, project and seminar papers for UG CBCS and PG final semester examination 2020.
112:: Notice: Exam schedule of Department of Mathematics
113:: Notice on - GATE 2021
114:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No.: R-PA/M-12/263/2020 Dated : 11.09.2020] - for information of all staff members of the office of the Controller of Examinations, JU to attend the office on the days notified by CoE to address all issues related to final semester examination
115:: Notice [Date: 10.09.2020] for the students of University to start an online coaching for UGC NET Paper I
116:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/130/2020 Date 04.09.2020] - university will remain closed on 17.09.2020 (except emergency services) on account of Biswakarma Puja & Mahalaya
117:: Circular [Date: 08.09.2020] For Final Semester Examination 2020
118:: Webinar on Intellectual Property & its Significance in Academia in collaboration with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC ) An Enterprise of DSIR Ministry of Science and Technology Govt of India on 11th September 2020
119:: Circular [Date 04.09.2020] - Committee for helping students with digital devices / Connectivity
120:: Notice for the Festival Advance 2020
121:: Circular [Date 31.08.2020] Government Departments including educational institutions will remain closed on 01.09.2020 due to sudden demise of our former President of India
123:: Notice-Special arrangement is being made only for the final year students for returning of the issued books to the library.
124:: Notice [Date: 24.08.2020] - for vacating hostel
125:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/126/20 Date: 24/08/2020] for holiday on account of Muharam
126:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/127/20 Date: 24/08/2020] for sectional holiday for celebrating Karam Puja
127:: An Appeal to the Faculty Members of the University from The Vice-Chancellor Dated 17.08.2020
128:: Meeting of the Ph.D. Research Committee (PRC) of the Department of Instrumentation Science
129:: Scheme for Outstanding Teacher Award
130:: Meeting of the Ph.D. Research Committee (PRC) of the Department of Mathematics on 17th August, 2020
131:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/116/2020 Date:10.08.2020] - Flag hosting on Independence Day by Vice-Chancellor
132:: Circular for promotion of teachers under CAS [Ref. No. R-PA/M-12/241/2020 Date 07.08.2020]
133:: Notification regarding Outstanding University Teacher Award - 2020
134:: Circular for newly appointed Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Technology [Ref. No.: REC/N/114/20 Date: 03.08.2020]
135:: Meeting of the Ph.D. Research Committee (PRC) of the Department of Physics on 12.08.2020 in the Department of Physics
137:: Notice for the MCSE first semester re repeat Examinations Department of Computer Science and Engineering
138:: The meeting of the Ph.D. Research Committee (PRC) of the Department of Life Science & Biotechnology will be held on Friday, the 7th August, 2020
139:: The office of the IIPC opening notice [Ref. No. REC/N/112/20 Date : 27.07.2020]
140:: Notice for inviting Curriculam Vitae in signed electronic copy from the eligible Professor for the Post of Dean of Faculty Council of Arts
141:: The Holiday notice of the University [Ref. No. REC/N/112/20 Date : 27.07.2020]
142:: Notice [Date: 22.07.2020] - Best All-Round Graduate / Post-Graduate Awards 2020
143:: Circular for newly appointed Dean for the Faculty of Science Ref. No. : REC/N/109/20 Dated July 16, 2020
144:: Circular regarding newly appointed Dean for the Faculty of Arts Ref. No. : REC/N/110/20 Dated July 16, 2020
145:: Circular for submit part time bills for Teachers and Non Teaching employees
146:: An Appeal to come forward and contribute to fund setup specially for direct benefit of the cyclone affected Students
147:: Notice - All Department, Sections, Units except emergency service will remain closed till 12.07.2020
148:: Revised schedule for assignments of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication (2018-20)
149:: Circular [Ref.N.:R-PA/M-12/234/2020 Date: 03.07.2020] - Research Section will be closed till further notice
150:: PhD/MPhil related notification, regarding extension of tenure, online viva & others
151:: Schedule of opening of different administrative sections of JU
153:: CIRCULAR (Ref. No. : REC/N/109/20 Dated: 30/06/2020) - University in all its Departments, Sections, Classes including evening classes, offices, library, laboratories and workshops except emergency services shall remain closed on 1st July, 2020 on account of 138th Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
154:: Circular (Ref. No. REC/N/108/20 Dated- 29.06.2020) for paying homage to revered memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
155:: Schedule of home assignments for physical education department, 2020
156:: Notice - Attestation and Stamping work for Transcripts
157:: Notice- [ Ref. No. R-PA/M-12/226/2020, Dated-24-06-2020] Connecting the extension of Lockdown period.
158:: Notice- The Sanitization for Academic and Administrative building.
159:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/106/2020 Date: 22.06.2020] - All Departments, Sections, Units, Classes (Including Evening Classes) the Library, Laboratories (except emergency service) will remain close on 23.06.2020 on account of Rathayatra Festival
160:: Schedule of the 2nd year 4th Semester Evaluation under Faculty of Arts for the Academic Session2019-2020
161:: Notice [17.06.2020] - for information to all employees attached to hostel office
163:: Circular [Ref. No.:R-PA/M-12/219/2020 Date-15.06.2020] - modalities of opening of University under the current scenario for COVID-19 Pandemic
164:: Circular [Ref. No.:R-PA/M-12/221/2020 Date-15.06.2020] - Redressal of Grievances related to COVID-19 Pandemic
165:: Notice [Ref. No.:R-PA/M-12/218/2020 Date: 10.06.2020] - Further in addition to the University Notification [R-PA/M-12/215/2020 & R-PA/M-12/216/2020 Date: 05.06.2020] Industry Institute of Partnership Cell (IIPC) will remain open twice in a week from 12.06.2020
166:: NOTICE [REF No.: R-PA/M-12/215/2020 Date: 05.06.2020] Regarding Opening of Jadavpur University
167:: NOTICE [No. 12.Pr. Secy-HED/2020 Date: 30.05.2020] Communication to combat spread of Noval Corona Virus (COVID-19)
169:: Notice - Medical emergency of Mother of Bikash Ranjan Bari, Mathematics, B.Sc-ll, Roll no.-001820601065, resident of Patashpur (Purba Medinipur)
170:: Notice [Date: 19.05.2020]- Super cyclone Amphan
171:: Circular [Ref. No.:R-PA/M-12/209/2020 Date-13.05.2020] Committee constituted as per UGC notification no. [No.F.1-1/2020(Secy) Date-10.05.2020] for Redressal of Grievances related to COVID-19
174:: Circular [Date: 29.04.2020] For All Concerned - Regarding issues of disbursement of salary, pension, fellowships and allied matters
175:: Notice [Ref. No.: Pro-VC/S-4/057/20 Date: 24.04.2020] - For the attention of Doctoral Fellows of Jadavpur University
176:: Circular [Ref. No.: Pro-VC/P-2/053/20 Date: 17.04.2020] - for students regarding Grade card of 2019 pass-out batch of Under Graduate and Post Graduate in different courses
177:: Circular [Ref. No.: Pro-VC/P-2/054/20 Date: 17.04.2020] - For the attention of all students of Jadavpur University
179:: West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund: Acknowledgement Receipt
180:: Procedure for making a three-layer face mask from low cost, available materials developed under CAST, JU
181:: Appeal for contributions to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund to combat the CORONA Pandemic
182:: Notice - Following announcements are made from the Finance Office to address some issues relating to the disbursement of salary, pensions, fellowships and allied matters
183:: Notice- All Boarders of University Hostels are requested to vacate hostel rooms
184:: Circular - SPECIFIC UNIVERSITY NOTIFICATION ON THE ABOVE MATTER FOLLOWS [Combat to spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)]
185:: List of Office-Bearers(O.B.) and Class-Representatives(C.R.) under Arts Faculty Students Union(AFSU), Faculty of Engineering & Technology Students Union(FETSU) and Science Faculty Students Union(SFSU), Jadavpur University: 2020-21
186:: Circular [Ref.No.:R-PA/M-12/076/2020 Date: 14.03.2020] in view of evolving situation on the spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) the University will suspend all its academic activities, internal examinations, mass gatherings, seminars, workshops, conferences, cultural activities from 16.03.2020 - 31.03.2020 in public interest
187:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/100/20 Dated: 12/03/2020] - Annual Cultural fest SANSKRITI 20 [FET]
188:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/095/20 Date:05.03.2020] - RUSA 2.0 related activities of the University will be terminated within 31.03.2020
189:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/093/2020 Date:05.03.2020] on HRA Certificate of Spouse
190:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/082/20 Dated:27/02/2020] - JU Entrepreneurship Cell is organizing their 2nd edition of its annual flagship event E-summit 20
191:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/083/20 Dated: 27.02.2020] - Option form for Revised Pay Structure
192:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/081/20 Dated: 27.02.2020] - SC/ST/OBC Cell is organizing a free coaching for UGC NET Paper I for University Students
193:: Circular [Ref. No. REC/N/418/19 Date: 22.10.19] & Beneficiary details registration format (Guest Teachers / External Experts / Resource Persons / Students / Contractors / vendors / Suppliers / Service Providers, etc.)
194:: An appeal from Honourable VC, JU on the occasion of Student s Elections 2020
195:: Notice for JU Group Mediclaim Policy for the year 2020-2021
196:: Notice [Ref: REC/N/031/20 Date:27.01.2020] - Practice session and Final Selection Trial for All India Inter University Tournament 2019-20
197:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/028/20 Date:24.01.2020] - Anveshan: Student Research Convention 2019-20 - Last Date of Registration extended to 03.02.2020
198:: Notice of PRC with list of candidates for the Department of Chemistry, Instrumentation Science, Geography, Geological sciences, Physics
199:: Notice & List of Candidates for pre-thesis submission seminar, Dept. of Mathematics. scheduled on 16.01.2020
200:: Notice [Ref No: REC/N/005/20 Dated: 07.01.2020] - SC/ST/OBC Cell is organizing a free coaching for UGC NET Paper I for University Students
201:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/003/20 Dated:03/01/2020] - National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) invited applications for filling up one post of Sr. Adviser (L-15) / Adviser (L-14) in Agriculture area on deputation
202:: The Annual Reports of the University
203:: Notice-Holiday on December 31, 2019, on successful completion of the Convocation-2019.
204:: Circular Letter [Ref.:REC/N/471/19 Date: 9.12.2019] - Prescribed Proforma for name of 3 teacher volunteers for JU Convocation
205:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/461/2019 Dated:04/12/2019] - Submission of supporting documents within 10.12.2019 regarding application in the National Scholarship Portal (NSP)
206:: An Appeal - [Ref. No. - VC/266/Internal/2019 Date: 25.11.2019] - Financial help for contractual Non-teaching staff of School of Education Technology
207:: NOTICE [Ref No: REC/N/452/19 Dated: 25/11/2019] - SC/ST/OBC Cell is organizing a free coaching for UGC NET Paper I for University students
208:: Notice-Time-bound programme to repair the roof of Gymnasium of the main Campus for installation of new equipments
209:: Circular [Ref No: REC/N/454/19 Dated: 25/11/2019] - Final Selaction Trial for East Zone
210:: Notice to the Fellows under CSIR
211:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/434/2019 Date 07.11.2019] - WB Health Scheme Prtal- online/offline application for Teachers & Officers
212:: CIRCULAR [Ref No. REC/N/442/19 Date:14.11.2019] - Anveshan: Student Research Convention 2019-20
213:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/440/19 Date: 13.11.2019] - Girl students of this University eligible for K2 component of Kanyashree Prakalpa
214:: NOTICE [Ref No: REC/N/436/19 Dated: 07/11/2019] - SC/ST/OBC Cell is organizing a free coaching for UGC NET Paper I for University students
215:: Notice [REC/N/435/19 Date: 06/11/2019]- Terms and Conditions regarding One person Enquiry Committee
216:: Notice [REC/N/411/19 Date: October 17, 2019] - Request for proposal for SPARC Phase II proposal with special emphasis on Humanities and Social Science
217:: Notice [REC/N/412/19 Date: October 16/17, 2019] - Practice Session and Final Selection Trial for East Zone Inter University Tournament 2019-20
218:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/410/2019 Date:16/10/2019] - All P.G. Engg students of the University are requested to submit attendance reports for the months of July to October 2019
219:: Notice- Research Paper are invited from Scholars and Research Students for Anviksa, Journal of the Department of Sanskrit, Jadavur University Vol. XLI
220:: An Appeal to all stakeholders of the University to maintain peace, harmony and goodwill within the campus
221:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/383/19 Date: 17.09.2019]- M.Phil or Ph.D Scholars not getting any Fellowship or Financial Assistance
222:: The Notice of PRC-Chemistry & List of Candidates for Pre-submission Seminar scheduled on 16.09.2019
223:: Circular [REF. No.:REC/N/357/19 Date:28.08.2019] - AIU Inter-University East Zone Youth Festival and National Youth Festival
224:: Notice of Commencement of Ph.D. course work under Department of Physics for the year 2019
225:: Notice [Ref No.:REC/N/331/19 Date:21/08/2019]- Submission of monthly Continuation and other documents under UGC Fellowship Schemes during the Puja Vacation
226:: Notice [Ref No.:REC/N/312/19 Date: 07.08.2019]- Last Date for Submission of application for Support for Attending Conference under RUSA 2.0
227:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/311/19 Date:06.08.2019] - Various Schemes of Scholarship (Govt. of India) for students of this University
228:: Provisional allotment list of UG-Boys freshers science on the spot 2019-20.
229:: Provisional allotment list of UG-Girls freshers science on the spot 2019-20.
230:: Notice of commencement of classes of course work of Ph.D.(Science) under Chemistry Department for the session 2019 - 2020
231:: Notice [REC/N/280/19 Date:17.07.2019] - for Best All-Round Graduate/Post-Graduat Awards, 2019
232:: Circular [REC/N/279/19 Date:17.07.2019] - Personal Accident-cum-Medical Insurance for Students of Jadavpur University
233:: Notice- Applications are invited from interested Non-Teaching ministerial staff members of the University for a Training Program - Dealing With
234:: Notice [Ref. No.: REC/N/274/19 Date: 15.07.2019] - AIKYASHREE Scholarship Scheme 2019-20
235:: Notice of Course work of Ph.D. (Science) under Department of Geology and Life Sc. & Biotechnology for the year 2019
236:: Notice and List of candidates for Pre-thesis Seminar and Interview of Registration for Ph.D.(Science) in the Dept. of Physics scheduled on 12.07.2019
237:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/252/19 Date:01-07-2019] - Girls students of University eligible for one time grant in 2017-18 Kanyashree
238:: Notice and List of candidates for Pre-thesis seminar and Interview of Registration for Ph.D. (Science) in the Dept. of Life Science & Biotechnology Scheduled on 03.07.2019
239:: Notice and List of candidates for Pre-thesis seminar and Interview for the registration of Ph.D.(Sc.) in the Dept. of Chemistry Scheduled on 24.06.2019
240:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/214/19 Dated 06/06/2019] - University has constituted a High Power Fact Finding Committee
241:: Circular - Scheme for Outstanding University Teacher Award
242:: Notice with List of Candidates for PRC dt 11-04-2019, under Dept. of Physics, Mathematics and Instrumentation Science, J.U
243:: Notice[Ref NO.:REC/N/149/19 Dated:02.04.2019]- SC ST Cell is organizing a free coaching for NET/SET Paper I and Soft-Skills and PDF for university students
244:: Notice [Ref.No:REC/N/146/2019 Date:28.03.2019]- Up-gradation Process from JRF to SRF of the Research Fellow under UGC NET JRF/RGNF/MANF/NFOBC/BSR/SVSGC
245:: Notice [Ref No:VC/46/SCHOOL/2019 Date:March 25,2019]- Appeal for financial help as Prof Tushar Jash, School of Energy studies of this university is suffering from Leukemia (AML)
246:: Notice and List of candidates for Pre-thesis seminar in the Dept. of Chemistry Scheduled on 18.03.2019
247:: Notice of submission of dissertation paper on Research Methodology and Review Work of Course work under Chemistry 2018-19
248:: Notification [No.314-Edn(A)/5P-90/12(Pt)Dated:22.02.2019]- Formation of a methodology of assessment of hours spent by a college teacher for question paper setting, evaluation of answer script etc.
249:: Anveshan: Student Research Convention 2018-19
250:: A Special Campaign Program on - Awareness Campaigning Program on Drugs & Health
251:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/072/19 Dated:25.02.2019] - Notification regarding formation of the fact-finding Committee
252:: 2nd Notice to the Head and 2nd Notice to the Director of the affiliated Institutes in respect of vacancy for Ph.D Registration
253:: CIRCULAR [Ref.No. : L3/LC/12/19 Dated:23.02.2019]- Notification regarding formation of the fact-finding Committee
254:: Notice for submission of Dissertation Paper and Viva on Research Methodology and Review work under Life Sc. & Biotech. for the session 2018 - 2019
255:: Notice [Ref. No.- REC/N/031/19 Date:24.01.2019] - 4th Sports Inspiration 2019
256:: Circular [Ref No.: REC/N/042/2019 Date:30.01.2019] - Invitation for Prof. Ravi Ravindran and ORSI-BC Internship award
257:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/044/2019 Date:31.01.2019] - JU Group Mediclaim policy
258:: Circular [Ref.No. REC/N/41/19 Dated:30.01.2019]- Limit of Purchase directly / Submission of Requisition for the financial year 2018-2019 / Direct Party Payments for the financial year 2018-2019
259:: Circular [Ref.No REC/N/036/2019 Date:29.01.2019]- for collecting printed Greetings Card from Hon ble Chief Minister of West Bengal
260:: The Notice to the Head of the Departments regarding vacancy of Ph.D. and Notice to the Directors of all affiliated Institutes regarding vacancy of Ph.D.
261:: List of vendors selected to supply print books to Jadavpur University
262:: Ph.D. Research Committee Notice and List of Candidates for Pre-thesis Seminar in the Dept. of Life Science and Bio-technology on 25.01.2019
263:: Notice [Ref.No.:REC/N/003/19 Dated:7.01.2019] & MEMORANDUM [Ref. No. 120-F(P2) Dated 04.01.2019] regarding 48 hours Bharat Bandh w.e.f 8th January 2019 to 9th January 2019
264:: RUSA 2.0 Guideline and Application Forms
265:: Notice [Ref.No.:REC/N/415/18 Date:22.12.2018]- Kanyashree Prakalpa for all the girl students of this University
266:: Circular [Ref.:REC/N/407/18 Date:14.12.2018]- For Names of teacher volunteers for convocation on 24.12.2018
267:: Circular[Ref.No:REC/N/400/18 Date:07/12/2018]- Anveshan: Student Research Convention 2018-19 at Zonal Level
268:: Circular [Ref. No.: VC/347/GNL-STDNT/2018 Date: 29.11.2018] - Appeal for financial help for Rakibul Haque (Post Graduation in Mathematics from JU in 2016), suffering from Necrotising Pancreatitis and admitted in ICCU
269:: Notice for individual attendance report of all GATE / G-PAT candidate as per AICTE notification
270:: Notice [Ref No:REC/N/375/18 Date: 15/11/2018] - UGC Fellowship Schemes under RGNF/NET JRF/DSKPDF/MANF/NFOBC/NFST/BSR and others
271:: 34th AIU Inter-University East Zone Youth Festival and National Youth Festival
272:: Circular Ref.No.REC/N/355/2018 dt.01.11.2018 - HP Cartridge List for 2018-19
273:: Circular [Ref. No.:R-PA/M-12/324/18 Date:26.10.2018]-Selection of Dean of ISLM
274:: Circular [Ref No: REC/N/345/18 Date: 09.10.2018] - Restrictions regarding entry into the Jadavpur University Campus between 8.30 PM to 6.00 AM
275:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/331/18 Date:28.09.2018] - Non-NET Fellowship Portal
276:: Notice [Ref.No.:REC/N/287/2018 Date:21/24.08.2018] - For CSIR/CSIRUGC NET Candidates for submission of following data
277:: Notice : Guideline and timeline in respect of Merit-Cum Means based, scholarship for the Financial Year 2018-19
278:: Circular [Ref.No.: REC/N/249/2018 Date:02.08.2018] - New Identity Card for employees of the university (Teaching, No-Teaching & Officer) who have joined very recently (within last one year)
279:: Notice for First Year UG Engineering Orientation Programme


The Under Graduate Engineering 1st Year Students of All Departments (including Architecture and Pharmacy) under Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET), Jadavpur University are hereby informed that -
The Orientation Programme (on the First Day of the session 2018-19) will be held at the Open Air Theater (OAT), Jadavpur University on Monday, 13 August 2018. All the 1st Year UG Engineering students are to report at the venue at 10-00 AM on 13/08/2018. The students may be accompanied by One Guardian at the Orientation Programme.

280:: Circular [Ref.No.:REC/N/231/18 Date:25.07.2018] - Award for Shiksha Ratna
281:: Notice (Ref. No.:REC/N/226/18 Date:24.07.2018) - Need Based Financial Assistance to Female Students
282:: CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/209/18 Dated: 13.07.2018]- List of the Anti-Ragging Volunteer Team Members Departmental, hostel and Common Area
283:: Circular [REC/N/205/18 Dated: 11.07.2018] - Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement
284:: The Anti-Ragging Affidavit by the student and parents /guardians are compulsory during the admission as per UGC Regulations
285:: Notice [Ref.No. REC/N/185/18 Date: 15.06.2018] - Celebration Programme on 4th International Day of Yoga
286:: Notice [Ref No.: REC/N/181/18 Date: 13.06.2018]- West Bengal Youth Chess Championship 2018
287:: Notice [Ref. no. REC/N/153/18 Date: 25.05.2018] - Best All-Round Graduate / Post-Graduate Awards, 2018
288:: An Earnest Appeal : A recently pass out PG student, Subrata Khetri of Jadavpur University urgently needs help from all to save his life. An appeal from the students of the university is appended below. All well wisher are requested to extended their help as far as possible - Vice Chancellor

Notice [Ref.No.:VC/61/GNL-STDNT/2018 Date:April 05,2018] & Form

An Appeal to the members of the civil society [Ref. No.: VC/63/MEDIA/2018 Date: 06.04.2018]

Appeal for Financial Help [Ref.No.:VC/61/GNL-STDNT/2018 Date:April 05, 2018]

Appeal from the Student

Subrata Khetri was a student of Jadavpur University, Department of Philosophy who passed his post-graduation degree in 2017.
He is currently suffering from real failure and is in critical condition. The financial condition of his family is very dire so continuing his medication in the P.G. Hospital, Kolkata.
The student of Jadavpur University seek financial help from all concerned stakeholders, students, teachers, staff, alumni and all other well-wishers of this esteemed institution.
Kindly provide with the financial support which can be afforded. His bank detail are given bellow –

SBI Savings
Jadavpur University Branch,
IFSC: SBI N0000093
Branch Code: 000093
MICR Code: 700002048

Blood Group of Subrata Khetri - O+ (O Positive)

Contact No: Ranajit Jana - 07074814078 || Subhankar Das - 09831393763

Student of the University

289:: Circular for mail switch over from zimbra mail server ( to G-Suit based system, (
290:: JU Women Rowing Team : Gold & Bronze Medal in the All India Inter-University Rowing (M&W) Championship 2017- 2018 & JU Men American Football Team : 3rd Position in the All India Inter-University American Football (M) Championship 2017-18
291:: Circular - 10-day clearance sale of university publications
292:: Congratulation message of Hon ble MIC for the good academic attainments of the students of Jadavpur University in the 2018 All India Gate examination and also for performing exceedingly well in the Association of Indian University s East Zone Students Research Convention
293:: Circular [Ref.No.: REC/N/095/18 Dated: 14/03/2018]- Non-NET Fellowship Application Portal
294:: Circular (Ref. No.:REC/N/092/2018 Date: 09 March, 2018) - Amendment of the Rate Contract for HP Printers
295:: Notice-Submission of dissertation paper on Research Methodology and Review of Research Work to the Office of HOD, Life Science and Biotechnology within 29th March 2018
296:: Notice [Ref.No:REC/N/078/2018 Date-07.03.2018] -RoR payment under Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scheme
297:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/070/18 Date:05.03.2018] - Annual Cultural fest SANSKRITI 18 under Faculty of Science
298:: Notice for formation of Research Advisory Committee under New Regulation 2017 of the University
299:: Notice[Ref.No.:REC/N/039/18 Dated: 07/02/2018] - SC/ST Cell, Jadavpur University is going to organize UGC Schemes under Merged Scheme, XIIth Plan Period
300:: Notice [Ref.No.: REC/N/030/18 Date:01.02.2018]-UGC Non-Net Fellowship
301:: Notice [Ref.No.:REC/N/028/2018 Date:30.01.2018]- Submission of copy of Adhar Card of faculty
302:: Jadavpur University E-Cell - India chapter of Falling Walls Lab in Kolkata

This year, Jadavpur University has been chosen as one of the three fortunate hosts of the "Falling Walls Lab", next to one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Vienna. The India Chapter of the internationally acclaimed competition will take place on 7th April in our University, securing participation from all across the nation.The last date to apply for the "Falling Walls Lab" is 7th February, 2018.

This Year, on the 7th of April, Jadavpur University will be hosting the India chapter of - Falling Walls Lab in Kolkata, alongside Abu Dhabi and Vienna, where participants from all around the nation would join us for the competition.
The last date to apply for the Falling Walls Lab is 7th February, 2018.
An Info-seminar will be held on the 19th of January, 2018 at Jadavpur University where officials from DAAD, New Delhi will brief the participants about the procedures and the essentials of the competition. We ask the students of Jadavpur University to be a part of the enriching experience, as this InfoSeminar will help them win their tickets to Berlin and be a part of the phenomenal conference.
Venue: TEQIP Building, Jadavpur University
Timing: 4:30pm onwards
Vsit our website for more details.

303:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/016/18 Date: 17.01.2018] - Schedule for availability of battery operated car in JU main campus
304:: Circular (Ref. No.:REC/N/006/2018 Date: 08 January, 2018) - Microsoft Campus Wide Annual License Agreement
305:: Notice- A ladies wrist watch has been deposited to the development officer of the University on 24.12.2017. Genuine person please collect the watch with proof

Notice- A ladies wrist watch has been deposited to the development officer of the University on 24.12.2017. Genuine person please collect the watch with proof

306:: 33rd AIU Inter-University East Zone Youth Festival nad National Youth Festival at Guwahati University Assam
307:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/407/17 Date: 27.11.2017] & [Ref. No.:REC/N/283/17 Date: 02.08.2017] - Online Leave Management Software
308:: Notice [Ref No:REC/N/406/2017 Date-27.11.2017] to link up name in respect of UGC various fellowship through the University end
309:: Circular (Ref. No.:REC/N/397/2017 Date: 16 November, 2017) - Hewlett-Packard Most Valued Customer Program for purchasing original HP consumables (i.e. cartridge, toner etc.)
310:: Provisional Selection List for 67th Orientation Programme
312:: Notice [D.O.No.F. 14-18/2017(CPP-II) Dated: 23.10.2017] - Vidya Lakshmi Portal (NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited)-MHRD
313:: Public Notice [No.F. 1-8/2016(JS/F/CPP-II Date: 18.10.2017] - Continuance of UGC Schemes beyond 30.09.2017 (University Grants Commission)
314:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/371/2017 Date: 23/10/2017]- House For Sale
315:: Circular [Ref. No. REC/N/362/2017 Date: 16.10.2017] for with-holding the reverse charges till 31 March 2018
316:: Notice [Ref.No - REC/N/356/17 Date: 12.10.2017]- Submission of attendance reports for the month of August to October 2017
317:: Circular [Ref.No - REC/N/360/17 Date: 13.10.2017]- Ishan Uday Scholarship Scheme 2017-18
318:: Circular [Ref.No - REC/N/359/17 Date: 12.10.2017]- Application for Non-Net Fellowship
319:: Circular : Right to Public Service
320:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/124/2017 Dated: 20.03.2017] - All concerns are requested to go through the Draft Regulation as placed in EC on 03.03.2017
Ref. No.: REC/N/124/2017
Dated: 20.03.2017

A draft for amendment of JU Regulation for Chapter I & II and inclusion of Chapters VII-IX is placed on the website to include the Function of the Schools of the University which are included in the Newly created Faculty "Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Management" because of the amendment of JU ACT,1981 by the West Bengal University Law (amendment) Act 2011 & 2012 as per EC resolution dated 3.3.2017. All concerned may go through it and send their opinion, if any, within fifteen days from the notification of this circular. Please send your opinion in mail address:


Click Here For Detail

321:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/342/2017 Date: 14.09.2017] - Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research
322:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/334/17 Dated: 12.09.2017]- Mobile Application for Ragging on Google play store
323:: Notice with List of Candidates for Ph.D. Research Committee-Physics, Inst.Sc., Chemistry, Mathematics, Geological Sc. and Life Sc.& Bio-tech. September 2017
324:: Notice [Date:19.08.2017] - FOR SELF NOMINATION WITH DETAIL CURRICULUM VITAE FOR OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD from Professor /Associate Professor of the University
Date: 19.08.2017
With reference to Government Memo No 924 (z0)-Edn(Q /fU-64/16 Date: 18th August 2017 I am directed to notify FOR SELF NOMINATION WITH DETAIL CURRICULUM VITAE FOR "OUTSTANDING TEACHER" AWARD from Professor /Associate Professor of the University.
The self nomination must reach the office of Registrar WITHIN 12NOON OF 23RD. AUGUST, 2017
Persons who have already received the award need not apply.

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325:: Circular [Ref.No.- REC/N/297/2017 Date-10.08.2017] for relaxation of rules for air travel
326:: Circular [Ref.No.- REC/N/296/2017 Date-10.08.2017] for billing for spending by JU under GST regime
327:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/286/2017 Date: 04.08.2017] - Notice for Budget Proposals
328:: Notice for participating in 14th National Youth Parliament Competition, under the auspices of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India New Delhi
329:: Sensitisation Programme against racism on campus at 3.00 pm on 8th August, 2017 (Tuesday) at K.P. Basu Memorial Hall by The Centre for African Literature and Culture, Jadavpur University
330:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/277/17 Dated: 31/07/2017] - List for Remedial Coaching class
331:: Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/276/17 Dated: 27/07/2017] - All class will be suspended on August 01,02, and 05, 2017 for admission test for M.Sc. course -2017-18 [Faculty Council of Science]
332:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/265/17 Date:26.07.2017] - Selection trial of team for Inter University Competition (Session 2017-18)
333:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/261/2017 Dated: 12.07.2017] - UGC Coaching Schemes under Merged Scheme, XII Plan Period
334:: NOTICE [10.07.2017]- Commencement of classes of Ph.D. Course work for the year 2017 under the Department of Chemistry from 14.07.2017
335:: Circular [Ref.No.REC/N/253/2017 Date:July 05,2017] - M/S Quick Heal Rate Contract
336:: Notice on implications of GST on the University Receipts & University Purchases/Supply
337:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/235/17 Date: 22.06.2017] - Continuance of Funding under 12th Plan Scheme of UGC
338:: Circular [Ref No.: REC/N/227/17 Dated:19.06.2017] - Grant of incentives for PhD/MPhil degree for Associate Professor / Librarian
339:: Notice : Course Work in all departments under Faculty of Science 2017
340:: Letter (Date: 03.06.2017) from Chief Minister of West Bengal regarding Non-NET Fellowship to Research Scholar of M.Phil/Ph.D courses
341:: [D.O.No.F.1-2/2009(EC/PS)(Vol.II) Date: 22.5.2017]: Recent decision of the Government to regulate the prices of coronary stents
342:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/216/17 Date: 06.06.2017] - Hostel Boardership Application Form
343:: Declaration of Supervisor (Ph.D.) for Faculty of Science
344:: NOTICE [Date: 28.02.2017]- Enquiry Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor to enquire into the allegation of a Hostel Boarder
345:: Notice: Regarding protection from WannaCry / WannaCrypt Ransomware attack


Date: 23.05.2017
All internet users of University are requested to upgrade their OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 or later version (preferably Windows 10) and run windows update regularly to protect "WannaCry / WannaCrypt Ransomware" attack.

346:: Notice [Ref No: REC/N/196/2017 Date: 18/05/2017] - Research Fellows under CSIR RA/JRF/SRF/SPMF & Research Fellows under CSIR Research Project requested to submit attendance sheet
347:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/194/17 Dated: 17.05.2017] - Registered Ph.D. Scholar to enter the information as sought for by the UGC
348:: Notice [Date:08.05.2017] : For Final year Boarders of Under-graduate courses, desirous of taking admission in Post Graduate course with hostel facility
349:: Circular [Date:08.05.2017]- Regarding submission of Aadhar Card Number with Application Form for Admission to various courses of the University
350:: Circular [Ref. No:REC/N/175/17 Dated: 25.04.2017] - Cancelation of circular No. REC/N/16999/17 Dated 24.04.2017
351:: Notice and Format of Life Certificate for Pensioners
352:: Circular [Ref. No:REC/N/163/17 Date:20.04.2017] - Relevant information Academic and Administrative for Annual Report
353:: Notice [Ref. No.: VC/119/INTERNAL/2017 Date: April 19, 2017] - Academic Committee for preparing feedback on UGC Journal List
354:: Circular for the Scholar / Student obtained their MPhil / PhD degree from the University may opt/ apply for subject relevance Certificate
355:: Notice & Application Form For Enlistment of Service Provider
356:: Notice [Ref.NO:REC/N/117/17 Dated: 14.03.2017] - Requirement of self attested copy of Aadhaar Card of teaching staff of Jadavpur University for All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) conducted by MHRD, Govt. of India
357:: Notice [Ref.No.: REC/N/104/17 Dated: March 7, 2017] - Submission date of proposal for Second Phase of GIAN extended till 15.03.2017
358:: Notice & Application Form for enlistment of Vendors
359:: The Research Scholars under QIP ENGG/POLY/PHARM PROGRAMME for Ph.D. and M.E. are hereby requested to submit their Aadhar details within 31.01.2017 to the Research Section to get uninterrupted fellowship through DBT
360:: Notice [Ref No: REC/N/011/2017 Date: 09.01.2017] for Research Scholars under UGC NET JRF Scheme/BSR Fellowship Scheme
361:: Circular [Ref. No.: REC/N/418/16 Date:20/12/2016] - Lady Tata Memorial Trust invites application for scientific research awards for the academic year 2017-2018
362:: Notice for License Microsoft Softwares / Products
363:: NOTICE: Enlisted vendors for books are requested to meet members of the Library and Books Purchase Committee of the Department of English on Friday 9 December 2016

Enlisted vendors for books in Jadavpur University are requested to meet members of the Library and Books Purchase Committee of the Department of English on Friday 9 December 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in the Departmental Library for a discussion on selection of books. The vendors may submit catalogues of books on that day but they are requested not to bring the books themselves.

HOD, English

364:: Notification [No 984-Edn(U)/1U(Law)-38/16 Date:30.11.2016]: Clarification on the implementation of G.O. no. 2883(7)- Edn(U) dated 15/16 November 1979 governing the re-employment of university teachers upon superannuation on the attainment of the age of sixty years
365:: Notice [Ref. No.:REC/N/362/2016 Date:08.11.2016]- Submission of contingency bill for Research Scholar under UGC NET JRF Scheme
366:: Notice [Ref.No: REC/N/346/2016 Dated: 19.10.2016] - Submission of Attendance Report for the month of July to October 2016
367:: Collaboration of Jadavpur University with Spoken Tutorial (ST), IIT Bombay as Knowledge Partner
368:: Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/323/16 Date 19.09.2016] - UGC Regulation on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009
369:: Order [Ref. No.:REC/N/318/2016 Date: 15.09.2016] - Purchase Rules & Procedures 2016
370:: NOTICE [Ref No : REC/N/305/2016 Date :08.09.2016]- Regarding of submission of Continuation Certificate and HRA Certificate to Research Section by UGC Scholars
371:: Notice [Ref No.:REC/N/295/2016 Date:01.09.2016] - Submission of details for PG. Engg. GATE Scholarship 2016-18
372:: Notice [REC/N/296/16 Dated:01.09.2016]- On line web based satisfaction survey
373:: Circular (Ref. No.:REC/N/258/2016 Date:July 28, 2016) - "Hewlett-Packard Most Valued Customer Program" for purchasing original HP consumables (i.e. cartridge, toner etc.)
374:: An apple from ARTLAND (A Monthly Journal of Art Features, Articles & News) for contribution of articles on social-cultural and educational conditions in the country
375:: Call for Expression of Interest for nomination on the Scientific Committee & Scientific Panels in the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India-Reg
376:: Notice & Corrigendum Notice regarding Court and Executive Council
377:: Circular [REC/N/038/2016 Dated: 29.01.2016] - Rate of Fellowship for Research Fellows (Junior & Senior)
381:: Circular (REC/N/360/15 date:23.11.2015) - Gender Champions [UGC Guidelines]
382:: Circular-[REC/N/356/15 Dt. 19.11.2015] SERB Indo-US Postdoctoral Fellowship
383:: Notice-[REC/N/357/15 Dt. 19.11.2015] - Online application for scholarship under Erarmus Mundus Programme
384:: Circular (Ref. No. : REC/N/331/15 Dated: 13.10.2015) - Service support matrix for HP Laptops
385:: Implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer Programme for Post - Matric Schorlarship and Talent Support Stipend provided by WBMDFC
386:: Circular (Ref. No.: REC/N/255/15 Date - 26.08.2015)for withdrawn of Notice - Ref. No.: REC/N/080/2014 Date - 03.03.2014 & Ref. No.: REC/N/045/2014 Date - 05.02.2014
387:: Notice (REC/N/240/15 Date:14.08.2015) & Corrigendum (REC/N/241/15 Date:14.08.2015)- Recruitment of Research Fellows under COE-TEQIP Phase-II
388:: Notice (Ref. No:REC/N/232/15 Date: 11.08.2015)- UGC introduced NON-NET Fellowship Scheme for M.Phil student & Ph.D Fellows
389:: Anti Ragging Regulation of UGC
390:: Project Internship Opportunity for JU Undergraduate Students - EU - India Project E - QUAL
391:: Names of the Teacher-Mentor for Anti-Ragging Programme - 2015-16
392:: Notice - UGC NON-NET Fellowship Scheme (Ref.No REC/N/120/15 Dated: 30/04/2015)
393:: Circular (Ref. No:REC/N/107/15 Dated:April,10 2015) - Gender Sensitization and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell
394:: Notification - Gender Sensitization and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell
395:: Regulation of CAS for promotion of Teachers of Jadavpur University as per EC resolution no 6 dt 3.3.2015
396:: Circulars: Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
397:: A Three Member Fact Finding Committee Constituted by Jadavpur University - Terms of Reference - (Date 15.12.2014)
398:: Applications are invited for admission to the Ph.D programme of JU in the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law & Management
399:: Notice for Selection of New Programme Officer of NSS-JU for the year 2014-2015
400:: The amendment of JU Regulation for Chapter I & II and inclusion of Chapters VII-IX
The amendment of JU Regulation for Chapter I & II and inclusion of Chapters VII-IX is placed on the website to include the Function of the Schools of the University which are included in the Newly created Faculty Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Management because of the amendment of JU ACT,1981 by the West Bengal University Law (amendment) Act 2011 & 2012.

Amendment of JU Regulation (Chapter- I - II) (EC Approved on October 2013)
Amendment of JU Regulation (Chapter- VII - IX) (EC Approved on 16.09.2014)
First Regulations under JU Act 1981
401:: Notification regarding the solemn order of the Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta in the W.P. 27428(W) of 2014, vide the circular No REC/N/310/2014 dated 25/09/2014 for its implementation - (Ref. No. : REC/N/315/14 Dated 13.10.2014 )
402:: Notice issued in terms of the Honourable Calcutta High Court Order WP No. 27428(W) of 2014 (placed in official website of Honourable Calcutta High Court)
403:: Circular on Cell for Gender Sensitization and Action against Sexual Harassment
404:: Application Kit For Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) - Teachers

It may be mentioned that the pdf is the authenticated file.

407:: Service Book Notice
Service Book Notice

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  • 408:: UGC - Public Notice (NO.F.20-4/2009(IUC) Date- 27.12.2013)
    University Grants Commission (UGC)
    PUBLIC NOTICE (NO.F.20-4/2009(IUC) Date- 27.12.2013)

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  • 409:: Rules and Regulation for Ambulance Service
    Rules and Regulation for Ambulance service (Ref. No REC/N/096/2014 Date:18.03.2014)

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  • 410:: Gazette Notification Govt. of West Bengal (Backward Classes Welfare Department)