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Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

PH: 913323358321
Fax: 913323358321
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Degree Year University

Ph.D. 2008 Indian Statistical Institute
M.Tech 2002 Indian Statistical Institute
B.Sc 1997 Calcutta University
B.Tech 2000 Calcutta University
Courses Taught/Teaching
Data Structure and Algorithms
Digital Logic & Circuit Design
Computer Architecture
Graph Theory & Combinatorics
Design and Analysis of Algorithm
Pattern Recognition & Image Processing
Computer Graphics
Theory of Computation
System Programming
Advanced Data Bases
Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques
Introduction to Computer Programming
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Research Area
Image processing, Video compression, Pattern Recognition, Audio classification
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Conference Papers Published (24)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Number

A Robust Digital Watermarking Scheme using BTCPF in Wavelet Domain Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Information Technology – CIIT 2013 2013 C. Maiti and B. C. Dhara -accepted
Genre Based Classification of Song Using Perceptual Features International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics 2013 A. Ghosal, R. Chakraborty, B. C. Dhara, and S. K. Saha. -accepted
Providing two way Security in Visual Cryptography through Variable length Symmetric Key and Digital Watermarking National Synposium on Emerging Trends in Computer Science 2012 S. Kandar, and B. C. Dhara. -41 -- 45
Random Sequence based Secret Sharing of an encrypted Color Image International Conference on Recent Advances on Information Technology 2012 S. Kandar, and B. C. Dhara. -30 --37
A Robust Binary Watermarking Scheme using BTC-PF Technique International Conference on Eco-friendly Computing and Communication Systems (ICECCS) 2012 C. Maiti and B. C. Dhara -178 -- 185
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Journal Papers Published (13)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Number

Selection of genes mediating certain cancers, using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach Neurocomputing Neurocomputing 2014 A Ghosh, B. C. Dhara, and R. K. De 133-122–140
Perceptual Feature Based Song Genre Classification using RANSAC International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies 2014 A Ghosal, R Chakraborty, B. C. Dhara, and S. K. Saha -accepted
Comparative analysis of cluster validity indices in identifying some possible genes mediating certain cancers Molecular Informatics 2013 A Ghosh, B. C. Dhara, and R. K. De. 32-347 -- 354
A hierarchical approach for speech-instrumental-song classification SpringerPlus 2013 A Ghosal, R Chakraborty, B. C. Dhara, and S. K. Saha. -526
Segmentation of Similar Color Objects using Modified GrowCut Method International Journal of Advanced Computer Research 2013 S Bhowal and B. C. Dhara -36 -- 41
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Session chaired (1)
Program Name Session Title Organised By Venue Year

Second International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology (EAIT 2011) Image Processing- I Computer Society of India Kolkata Chapter Science City, Kolkata February 19-20, 2011
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