Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
719 Lake Town
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High Voltage Engineering
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Material Technology
Principles of EE
High Voltage Engineering
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Data Acquisition in high voltage systems
Conference Papers Published (25)
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Investigations on the Effect of Voltage Harmonics on Leakage Current for Condition Monitoring in Insulators Proc. of the 6th International Conference on Power Systems 2016 (ICPS 2016) 2016 R Ghosh, B Chatterjee and S Chakravorti -
Modeling of a piezoelectric transducer for application in space charge detection using pressure wave propagation method Proc. of IEEE, 2015 International Conference on Energy Economics and Environment (ICEEE) 2015 N. Haque, B. Chatterjee and S. Chakravorti -
An Advanced Technique for Frequency Domain Spectroscopy of Oil-paper Insulation at Reduced Time using Triangular Excitation Proc. of IEEE, 2015 International Conference on Energy Economics and Environment (ICEEE) 2015 S. Chatterjee, A.K Pradhan, B.Chatterjee and S.Chakravorti -
A Low-Complexity Parametric Modeling Technique for Insulator Leakage Current based on Synchronous Detection Proc. of the International Conference on Energy, Economics and Environment 2015 (ICEEE 2015) 2015 R Ghosh, B Chatterjee, D Dey and S Chakravorti -1-4
Studies on the effect of Equivalent Salt Deposit Density on leakage current and flashover voltage of artificially contaminated disc insulators Proc. of IEEE, 2015 1st Conference on Power, Dielectric and Energy Management at NERIST (ICPDEN) 2015 A. Banik, S. Dalai and B. Chatterjee -
Journal Papers Published (23)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

A Low-Complexity Method Based on Compressed Sensing for Long Term Field Measurement of Insulator Leakage Current IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 2016 R. Ghosh, B. Chatterjee and S. Chakravorti Vol. 23, no. 1-596-604
A Method for Unambiguous Identification of On-Field Recorded Insulator Leakage Current Waveforms Portraying Electrical Activity on the Surface IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 2016 R Ghosh, B Chatterjee and S Chakravorti Vol. 23, No. 4-2156-2164
Estimation of Paper Moisture Content based on Dielectric Dissipation Factor of Oil-paper Insulation under Non-sinusoidal Excitations IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 2015 A. K. Pradhan, B. Chatterjee and S. Chakravorti Vol. 22, No. 2-pp. 822-830
Low-Complexity Leakage Current Acquisition System for Transmission Line Insulators Employing GSM Voice Channel Electronics Letters (IET UK) 2015 R. Ghosh, B. Chatterjee, D. Dey and S. Chakravorti Vol. 51, Issue 19-1538-1540
Cross-spectrum Analysis based Scheme for Multiple Power Quality Disturbance Sensing Device IEEE Sensors Journal 2015 S. Dalai, B. Chatterjee, D. Dey, S. Chakravorti and K. Bhattacharya Vol. 15, Iss. 7-3989-3887
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Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (4)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Status Year

Mr. A.K.Pradhan Condition Monitoring of Transformer Insulation by Frequency Domain Spectroscopy using Non-sinusoidal Excitation - (Submitted) Prof. S. Chakravorti Ongoing
Mr. S. Biswas Discrimination of Multiple Partial Discharge Sources using Multi-Sensor System - (Submitted) Prof. S. Chakravorti Ongoing
Mr. S. Chatterjee Studies on Measurement Time Reduction Techniques for Insulation Diagnostics in High Voltage Equipment Prof. S. Chakravorti Ongoing
Mr. R. Ghosh Advanced Techniques for Remote Monitoring of High Voltage Systems S. Chakravorti Ongoing
M.Phil. Thesis Guidance (0)
MASTER Thesis Guidance (6)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Year

Tusar Subhra Biswas Studies and Detection of Electric Field in Low Tension Line for Safety of Operating Personnel 2015
A. Gupta Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Cable Using Inductive Coil Pick-Up Method Prof. K. Bhattacharya 2013
S. Chakraborty Studies on Condition Monitoring of Power Cables using Partial Discharge Diagnostic Technique Prof K. Bhattacharya and Mr. S. Dalai 2012
A. Hatial Partial Discharge Pulse Train Characteristics of Air Filled Cavity within Perspex and High Density Polyethelene Dielectric Prof. S. Chakravorti 2011
S. Sarkar Design and Development of a Galvanometer Based Electronic Null Detector for a High Voltage Schering Bridge Prof. S. Chakravorti 2011
Project Works (4)
Project Title Worked As Funding Agency Amount Duration Period Status

Development of an Embedded System for Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis of Partial Discharge Signals Co-Investigator AICTE 6.5L 2 Yrs 2008 to  Complete
Development of an Expert System integrated in novel PDC-RV Measurement Apparatus for Insulation Condition Monitoring of Transformer Co-Investigator NTPC 15L 3 Yrs 2009 to  Complete
Development of an Insulation Diagnostic System based on Arbitrary Waveform Dielectric Response Analysis Co-Investigator DST, GOI 23.5L 3 Yrs, 4 Months 2010 to  Complete
An advanced method for insulation condition monitoring using Accelerated Dielectric Response Measurement Principal Investigator DST, GOI 54L 3 Yrs 2014 to  Ongoing
Patents (6)
Patent Name Year

An Insulation Condition Assessment Instrument for performing Frequency Domain Spectroscopy Employing Time Growing Frequency Excitation and a method for the same : Indian Patent Application No. 865/KOL/2015 dated 07.08.2015 2015
TRINA-XS (Copyrights) : Reg No. SW-7983/2014 2014
An instrument for Insulation Condition Assessment : Indian Patent Application No. 998/KOL/2012 dated 30.08.2012 2012
Remote Monitoring System : US Patent No.8339279 dated 25.12.2012 2012
A process and a system for detecting the partial discharge in electrical insulation of power appliances operating at high voltages : Indian Patent Application No. 2070/KOL/2008 dated 28.11.2008 2008
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Virtual Instrumentation IEEE Power & Energy Chapter, Kolkata in association with Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions, Mankundu, Chandannagar, West Bengal One day Seminar on - Modern Trends in Measuring Techniques 2015
Implementation of Circuit Design Ideas in Reality; A Modern Technique IEEE Power & Energy Chapter, Kolkata in association with Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata 2014
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One-day Workshop on Advanced Technique in Making Printed Circuit Boards using Photoresists Seminar Hall, High Tension Laboratory, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2014
Lecture Classes and related Laboratory Session in AICTE sponsored SDP : Soft Computing & Nano - Technology in High Voltage Engineering NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh 2012
LabVIEW TM and PIC Microcontroller Applications Power and Energy Chapter, IEEE Calcutta Section in collaboration with Electrical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University 2010
LabVIEW TM IEEE HIT student branch, Electrical Engineering Department, HIT and NETWORKING scheme of TEQIP, HIT 2009
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