Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Department
Jadavpur University
West Bengal,India
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Ph.D. Jadavpur University
M.E. IIT Kharagpur
B.E. Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (8)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Jadavpur University Professor 2016, October to Till Date
Jadavpur University Associate Professor 2013 to 2016
Jadavpur University Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering 2007, June to 2013, October
Heritage Institute of Technology, Pin:700107,India Sr. Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 2006, July to 2007, 07th June
Heritage Institute of Technology, Pin:700107,India Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 2005, December to 2006, June
Industrial Experience (0)
Field of Specialization
#Reaction Engineering
#Heterogeneous Catalysis
#Biodiesel & bio-waste Valorization
#Energy-efficient Drying Technology
#Process Intensification, Modelling and Optimization
Courses Taught/Teaching
1.M.E.Chemical Engineering
2.B.E./B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
3.PG Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
Research Area
2.Biodiesel/fuel additives Heterogeneous catalysis
3.Reaction Engineering/Process Intensification
More than 15 years of UG/PG teaching and associated academic/professional experience
Conference Papers Published (22)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Sustainable synthesis of glyceryl monostearate in electromagnetically radiated reactor: statistical optimization and reaction kinetics Innovative Process Technology for Sustainable Development (IPTSD-2018) 2018 Punam Mukhopadhyay, Sayantan Choudhury, Rajat Chakraborty -
Energy-efficient far infrared radiated ammonia fiber expansion pretreatment process for sustainable extraction of cellulose from lignocellulosic biomass IPTSD-2018 National Seminar, Kolkata 2018 Sourav Barman, Megha Srivastava, Rajat Chakraborty -
Synthesis of Glyceryl Monooleate using Semi-batch reactor Equipped with far-infrared Radiator 2017 Punam Mukhopadhyay , Megha Srivastava , Rajat Chakraborty -
Utilization of waste biomass derived bioglycerol for synthesis of industrially important products 6th IconSWM 2016 2016 P. Karan, R. Chakraborty -
Biogas production from Waste De-oiled Cakes: A Review 6th IconSWM 2016; Kolkata 2016 N.Das, R. Chakraborty -
Journal Papers Published (46)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Heterogeneous esterification kinetics of isopropyl oleate synthesis under non-ionizing excitation using nano-anatase imbued mesoporous catalyst Chemical Engineering Communications[Wiley] 2018 Punam Mukhopadhyay & Rajat Chakraborty DOI:10.1080/00986445.2018.1534230-
Optimal efficient biodiesel synthesis from used oil employing low-cost ram bone supported Cr catalyst: Engine performance and exhaust assessment Energy (ELSEVIER) 2018 Piasy Pradhan, Rajat Chakraborty Volume 164, 1-35-45
Combined Effects of Ionic Liquid and Tungsten-Halogen Radiation on Heterogeneous Hydrolysis Kinetics of Waste Papaya Epidermis for Production of Total Reducing Sugar Waste and Biomass Valorization (Springer Netherlands) 2018 Swapnendu Chatterjee, Sourav Barman and Rajat Chakraborty DOI 10.1007/s12649-018-0220-2-
Printed Circuit Board Derived Glass Fibre-Epoxy Resin Supported Mo-Cu Bimetallic Catalyst for Glucose Synthesis ACS Omega 2018 Sourav Barman; Rajat Chakraborty 3 (12)-18499-18509
Mutton bone derived hydroxyapatite supported TiO2 nanoparticles for sustainable photocatalytic applications Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering(Elsevier) 2018 Narendra Singh, Rajat Chakraborty and Raju Kumar Gupta Volume 6, Issue 1-459-467
Books Published (5)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

Recycling of Solid Waste to Heterogeneous Catalyst for Production of Valuable Fuel Additives by Mukhopadhyay P., Chakraborty R Ghosh S. (eds) Waste Management and Resource Efficiency. Springer 2019
Renewable Jet Fuel(RJF):Mitigation of Aviation-Related GHG Emissions Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering,(ELSEVIER) 2019
Use of Green Fuel Blends: A Pollution Reduction Approach ELSEVIER Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering by Rajat Chakraborty and Punam Mukhopadhyay 2019
Recent Trends in Catalytic Hydrolysis of Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass for Production of Fermentable Sugars - by Chatterjee S., Chakraborty R. Ghosh S. (eds) Utilization and Management of Bioresources. Springer, Singapore 2018
Optimization of freeze-drying conditions for the Assessment of Mercury Removal Activity of Bacillus Subtilis(MTCC 2396) used for waste water treatment - I. Bhattacharya, R. Chakraborty, R. Chowdhury Narosa Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 2015
Awarded By Award Name Year

5th International Conference on Solid Waste Management (5th IconSWM 2015) IconSWM 2015 Excellent Paper Award 2015
CHEMCON 2003 (IICHE) Best Paper Presentation Award 2003
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (8)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Status Year

Ms. Poulami Karan Intensification and Optimization of bioglycerol conversion into valuable chemicals using electromagnetic radiation promoted reactor Ongoing 2016
Swapnendu Chatterjee Intensification and Optimization of Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass Ongoing 2014
Punam Mukhopadhay Studies on Development, Characterization and Application of Cost Effective Solid Catalyst Employing Natural Resources Ongoing 2014
Malashri Bera Studies on freeze-drying of foodstuffs and specialty items Prof. P. Bhattacharya Complete 2013
Niladri Chakraborty Studies on freeze drying of selective food items using novel freeze-drying methodology Prof. A.K. Saha Ongoing 2012
M.Phil. Thesis Guidance (0)
MASTER Thesis Guidance (23)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Year

Sagarika Roy Formulation of marketable functional food stuffs through fortification employing amalgamated dehydration method 2016
Bipin Kumar Development Of Supported Metal Catalyst Using Waste Resources And Application To Synthesis Of Glycerol Esters 2016
Sourav Barman Intensification And Optimization Of Heterogeneous Catalyzed Hydrolysis Of Lignocellulosic Biomass 2016
Pijus Mondal Preservation Of Commercially Important Bio Product Through Improved Drying Protocol 2016
Ritika Samanta Biomass Dehydration through hybrid drying operations: Process Intensification and Optimization 2015
Project Works (3)
Project Title Worked As Funding Agency Amount Duration Period Status

Development of efficient biomass conversion routes for biofuel production and utilisation Co-Investigator INNO INDIGO (DST) 2017 to 2020 Ongoing
Intensification and Optimization of Conversion of Bio-Glycerol into Value-added Products using Electromagnetically Irradiated Reactor through Novel Protocols UGC Major Research Project 2015 to 2018 Ongoing
Process Intensification, Optimization and Techno-economical Studies on Freeze-drying UGC 967800 Three Years 01.05.2009 to 30.04.2012 Complete
Patents (2)
Patent Name Year

Biological hydroxyapatite supported solid catalyst(s), reactor configurations and methods of hydrolysis, transesterification/esterification 2012(Applied)
A heterogeneous base catalyst and a process for the synthesis of fuel grade biodiesel involving the same (GRANTED) 2011
Collaborative Programs (1)
Program Name Name Of The Collaborator Year

Member of Visiting Indian Team under UGC-UKIERI Thematic collaborative research project and British Council funded research projects under UK India Educational research initiatives Prof. Prasanta Kr. De, Prof. Sadhon Kr. Ghosh 2015
InviteLectures (3)
Title Organised By Venue Year

BIO-FUEL World Biofuel Day Meghnad Saha Auditorium of CSIR-CGCRI, Jadavpur, Kolkata 2018
Save Fuel - Save Future Shilpa Bichitra, an esteemed industry & commerce oriented English journal Rotary Sadan, Kolkata 2017
Energy System Integration: Role of Chemical Engineering C.V. Raman College of Engineering Bhubaneswar 2017
Membership Of Learned Societies (3)

Life Member, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
Member, Jadavpur University Alumni Association
Member, The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized (5)
Program Name Organised By Venue Year

Recent Advances in Environmental Science and Engineering UGC Refresher, JU Civil engg. Dept. 2012
Recent Advances in Computational Sciences with Application IIT Kharagpur /AICTE Mathematics Dept. IIT Kharagpu 2010
Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development for Petrochemical Downstream Projects Haldia Institute of Technology HIT, Hatiberia, Haldia 2002
Petroleum Refinery Operation Testing and Characterization UGC Refresher, JU Chemical Engg. Dept. 2002
Accreditation Workshop in Degree Engineering Program Haldia Institute of Technology Golden Retreat ,Haldia, West Bengal
Seminar/Conference/Workshop (8)
Program Name Organised By Venue Year Type Of Participation

TEQIP-III sponsored Short Term Course on Recent Refinery Practices Chemical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2018 Jt. Coordinator
Sustainable synthesis of glyceryl monostearate in electromagnetically radiated reactor: statistical optimization and reaction kinetics Calcutta Regional Centre, IIChE 2018
5th Books and LR Exhibition held at Mysore under TEQIP 2005
Indian Chemical Engineering Congress RRL Bhubaneswar RRL, Bhubaneswar 2003 Paper Presenter
Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development for Petrochemical Downstream Projects Haldia Institute of Technology Haldia 2002
Session chaired (2)
Program Name Session Title Organised By Venue Year

Technical session in CHEMCON 2017 HIT Haldia 2017
6thIconSWM 2016 international conference Solid waste Management 2016
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Professional Society Activity (2)
Type of Professional Activity Period

Member, Plant Visit Committee, IIChE July, 2009  to June, 2010
Coordinator, IIChE Students' Chapter (Jadavpur University) 2009 to 
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Consultancy work / Testing (0)
Other Notable Activities (3)

Reviewer of several leading international peer-reviewed journals :

I. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology(Wiley Interscience)
II. Bioresource Technology(Elsevier)
III. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society
IV. Catalysis Today(Elsevier)
V. Fuel Processing Technology(Elsevier)
VI. Chemical Engineering Journal(Elsevier)
VII. Food and Bioproducts Processing(Elsevier)
VIII. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces(American Chemical Society)
IX. BioEnergy Research (Springer)
X. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering(Wiley Interscience)
XI. The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering(Springer)
XII. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series E
XIII. Science Asia
XIV. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews(Elsevier)
XV. Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier)
XVI. Separation and Purification Technology(Elsevier)
XVII. Journal of Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers(Elsevier)
XVIII. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology(NISCAIR)
XIX. Fuel(Elsevier)
XX. Waste Management(Elsevier)
XXI. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy(Springer)
XXII. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical(Elsevier)

Mentor for hostel boarders of Chemical department

Member of Anti-Ragging Squad of Chemical department

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing-Journal: ENERGY, ELSEVIER-December, 2016

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing-CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, ELSEVIER,October, 2016

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing-Journal: FUEL, ELSEVIER,August, 2016

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing(Journal: Energy Conversion Management), ELSEVIER, March 2015

Received Acknowledgement for valuable services Journal of The Institution of Engineers(India)-2014

Received CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION - ACS (American Chemical Society)-2014

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing-Journal: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, ELSEVIER-2016