Professor, Department of Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Engineering
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Value addition to horticultural solid waste by applying it in biosynthesis of industrially important enzyme, cellulase International conference on solid waste management, ICOM SWM 2016 Mandal M and Ghosh U -
Production and optimization of fermentation parameters of cellulases by isolated Aspergillus sp under submerged fermentation National seminar on recent advances in biotech 2015 Mandal M and Ghosh U -
Application of enzymes for removing bitterness and production of potent enzyme Oral presentation in International symposium on role of fungi and microbes in 21st century-a global scenario 2014 Ranu Paul and Uma Ghosh -
Oral presentation on- Production of multi enzyme system by utilizing solid waste as substrate by solis state fermentation National seminar on environmental pollution and protection. NIT-Durgapur 2014 Mandal M and Ghosh U -
Production and optimization of cellulolytic enzymes from isolated fungal species by submerged fermentation (SmF) International seminar, IMS, role of fungi and microbe in the 21st century - a global scenario 2014 Mandal M and Ghosh U -
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Value Addition to Horticultural Solid Waste by Applying It in Biosynthesis of Industrially Important Enzyme: Cellulase Ghosh S. (eds) Utilization and Management of Bioresources 2017 Mandal M, Ghosh U -279-289
Statistical Optimization of Fermentation Parameters for Production of Cellulase Utilizing Banana Peel Journal of Advances in Biology and Biotechnology 2016 Mandal M and Ghosh U 7(3)-1-9
Statistical optimization of cellulase biosynthesis by isolated cellulolytic fungi utilizing horticultural waste Acta Biologica Szegediensis 2016 Mandal M and Ghosh U 60(1)-39-48
Fungal cellulases and their industrial importance: A Review Journal of Mycopathological Research 2015 Mandal M and Ghosh U 53(2) -191-197
Production of Multi-enzyme System by Isolated Aspergillus sp Under Solid State Fermentation and Submerged Fermentation IJLTET 2015 Mandal M. and Ghosh U 5(1)-186-192
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Changing scenario in food and biochemical engineering FTBE dept, JU 2016 Participated
innovation and human resources in development of food and biochemical industries FTBE dept, JU 2016 Participated
international seminar on 3S- safety, security and sustainability: innovations in food and bioprocess industries 2015 Participated
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