Professor, Department of Production Engineering
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Ph.D. 2005 Jadavpur University

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Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Engineer 1996 to 1999
Field of Specialization
Laser Beam Machining, Engineering Graphics, Computer Graphics,Production Management
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Laser Beam Machining
Conference Papers Published (13)
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Study of cut width deviation during laser beam cutting of Inconel 625 superalloy at submerged condition E- Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies (AMPT) 2017 Co-Author -
Investigation on Kerf Width, Heat Affected Zone and Angular Deviation in Laser Micro-machining of Al 7075 Alloy AMPT 2017 2017 Co-Author -
Taguchi-based Grey Relational Analysis of Hole Taper and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) Width for Laser Micro-drilling of Copper Sheet 6th Int. & 27th (AIMTDR-2016) 2016 Co-Author -425 - 429
Sensitivity analysis of submerged Laser beam cutting on Inconel 625 superalloy 6th International and 27th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research (AIMTDR) Conference 2016 Co-Author -402-404
Experimental Investigation of Submerged Laser Beam Cutting on Inconel 625 Super Alloy 3rd International Conference on Laser and Plasma Application in Materials Science (LAPAMS) 2015 Co-Author -159-163
Journal Papers Published (7)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Mathematical Modelling of the Nd:YAG Laser Microdrilling of Aluminium 5052 for Process Optimization and Analysis of Sensitivity International Journal of Laser Science: Fundamental Theory and Analytical Methods 2018 Co-Author Vol.1 (2)-91-108
Experimental investigation on laser micro-machining of Al 7075 Alloy Optics and Laser Technology 2018 Co-Author 107-260-267
Submerged Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Beam Cutting of Inconel 625 Superalloy: Experimental Investigation Lasers in Engineering 2016 Co-Author Vol.35 (1-4)-151-171
Parametric Study of Hole Taper in Laser Micro-drilling of Copper Sheet Int. J. of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology 2016 Co-Author Vol. 03, Issue 05-393 - 397
Grey-based Taguchi method for optimization of multiple characteristics in electrochemical deburring process International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 2012 Co-author 26, No.1/2/3/4-137 - 148
Books Published (4)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

Sensitivity analysis of submerged Laser beam cutting on Inconel 625 superalloy Application of Lasers in Manufacturing; Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering, Eds: Dixit U., Joshi S., Davim J., Springer 2018
Underwater pulsed laser beam cutting with a case study Microfabrication and Precision Engineering; Research and Development, Ed: J. Paulo Davim, Mechanical Engineering Series; Woodhead Publishing 2017
Laser Beam Micro-cutting Non-traditional Micromachining Processes; Fundamentals and Applications, Series of Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology; Springer international Publishing AG 2017, G.Kibria (eds.) 2017
Nd:YAG Laser Microdrilling of SiC-30BN Nanocomposite: Experimental Study and Process Optimization Lasers Based Manufacturing. Topics in Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, 2015, Springer, Joshi S., Dixit U. (eds.) 2015
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