Professor, Department of Metallurgical & Material Engineering
Department of Metallurgical and Material Engineering
Jadavpur University
Kolkata, 700032
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Ph.D. 1992 Jadavpur University
M.Tech 1984 IIT Kgp
B.Tech 1980 IIT Kgp

Teaching Experience (1)
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Jadavpur University Professor 1986 to 2014
Industrial Experience (4)
Name Of Organization Postition Held Period
Gontermann Peipers India Ltd Senior Metallurgist 1985 to 1986
ABC Metallurgicals Pvt. Ltd Product Dev. Engineer 1981 to 1982
Steel Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd Graduate Engineer Trainee 1980 to 1981
Usha Martin Industries Ltd, India Sr. Development Engineer 1984 to 1885
Field of Specialization
High Energetic Materials for Fuel Cell
Renewable Energy from Bio fuelFuel Cell
Electrochemistry & Corrosion
Modeling,Simulation,Life Prediction
High Corrosion Resistant Bio materials
Hydrogen Energy from Green Algae
Fuel Cell & Materials for Green Energy
Renewable Energy from Biomass
Cathodic Protection Design Software
Green Inhibitors against Corrosion
Materials Recovery Electronic waste
Extractive Metallurgy
Courses Taught/Teaching
Electrochemistry,Corrosion & protection
Environmental Degradation of Materials
Fuel cell & Renewable Energy
Hydrometallurgy & Electrometallurgical
Thermodynamics of Materials
Chemical Kinetics & Mass Transfer
Modeling and computer Simulation software for Material Engineering
Iron and steel making
Research Area
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Life Prediction of Structures in any Global Marine environment by Computer Modeling;
Corrosion protection by coating, anodization, Inhibitors Design & Modeling of Cathodic protection
Coating & Development of Biomaterials Implants
Modeling , Simulation and development of Scientific & Engineering software
Application of Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network for Modeling
Materials Characterization , Testing & failure analysis,
Environment and pollution free renewable energy from biomass & agriculture residue;
Bioelectrochemical Fuel Cell, Fabrication & Characterization from Biomass
Iron & steel making by Pyrometallurgy
Non ferrous metals production by Hydro & Electrometallurgy
Recovery Of Metals From Waste By Hydro & Electrometallurgy
Bioelectrochemical Fuel Cell, Fabrication & Characterization;
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Years of Faculty Experience: 1986-till date
Conference Papers Published (14)
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Development of an Inexpensive Electrocatalytic Energy Material: Cu-Ni-CeO2 for High Performance Alcoholic Fuel Cell 18th International Conference on Metallurgy and Functional Materials 2016 Sujit Kumar Guchhait, Subir Paul -
Development of Ni-Cu and Ni-Cu-CeO2 as high energetic material to electro-oxidation of glucose to produce clean renewable energy IEEE International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability (ICEETS 16) 2016 Sujit Kumar Guchhait, Subir Paul -
DEVELOPMENT OF MnO2- NANO CARBON ENERGY MATERIAL FOR GLUCOSE FUEL CELL ELECTRODE International Conference on Advanced Materials and Energy Technology (ICAMET)2014,December 17-19, IIEST, India 2014 1st Author -
Characterization of Bioelectrochemical Fuel Cell Fabricated with Agriculture Wastes and Surface Modified Electrode Materials Proceedings of the Eight International Fuel cell Science, Engineering & Technology Conference June 14- 16 , 2010 , Brooklyn New York 2010 1st Author June 14-16-33353
Corrosion study of reinforced cement concrete under different environmental parameters International Conference on Advances in Materials and Materials Processing 2006 3-5 February-
Journal Papers Published (62)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Eletrochemical Characterization of Few Electro Synthesized Fuel Cell Electrodes to Producing Clean Electrical Energy from Alternative Fuel Resources International Journal Of Renewable Energy Research 2016 Sujit Kumar Guchhait, Subir Paul 6 (2)-723-734
Development of Ni-Cu and Ni-Cu-CeO2 as high energetic material to electro-oxidation of glucose to produce clean renewable energy IEEE Xplore 2016 Sujit Kumar Guchhait, Subir Paul DOI: 10.1109/ICEETS.2016.7582896-38-45
Development of Inexpensive High Energetic Electrodes Ni-Cu and Ni-CeO2-Cu for Renewable Energy through Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell J. Electrochem. Sci. Technol. 2016 Sujit Kumar Guchhait, Subir Paul 7(3)-190-198
Electrochemical Characterization of Synthesized Ni–Co and Ni–Co–Fe Electrodes for Methanol Fuel Cell Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology,ASME, 2015,vol 12, 8 pages 2015 1st Author 12-8
Nanomaterials Synthesis by Electrodeposition Techniques for High Energetic Electrodes in Fuel cell Namomaterials and Energy 2015 1st Author -
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Institute of Engineers India Gold Medal 2008
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Bioelectrochemical Fuel Cell Fabricated with Agriculture Wastes and Surface Modified Electrode Materials ASME New York, USA 2010
Computer Application to Cathodic Protection Technique Corrosion Science & Engg IIT Bombay 2005
Computer Simulation of Cathodic Protection for Offshore Structures Nace Internation Corrosion San Diego, CA, USA 2003
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Cathodic Protection Nat. Workshop. on Corrosion A Colossal National Waste , NACE International India section, B E College Howrah, WB 2001
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Corrosion Study of performance of newly developed Coated RCC steel in Chloride Solution and comparison of corrosion properties of it with uncoated and epoxy coated RCC SRMB Steel Ltd 160000 2006
Development of Pb alloys for battery plates Studies of Polarisation , passivity & corrosion Rate determination Exide Battery India Ltd 96000 2005
Pipe Line Corrrosion Study Hidusthan Petroleum Corporation 10000 2002
Corrosion Test on TMT & HSD bars K R Steelunion Limited,Kalyani 10000 2000
Corrosion study of metallic parts in Oil Refinery Haldia Petrochemical Industries Ltd 10000 1998
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