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Parametric optimization and prediction of surface roughness of electroless Ni-P coating using differential evolution algorithm Twenty first international conference on processing and fabrication of advanced material , IIT Guwahati 2012 De, J., Biswas, S., Rakshit, P., & Sen, R. S. -541-548
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Multi-objective optimization of electroless ternary Nickel-Cobalt-Phosphorous coating using non-dominant sorting genetic algorithm-II Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal 2016 De, J., Banerjee, T., Sen, R. S., Oraon, B., & Majumdar, G. 19(3)-1526-1533
Computation and optimization of electroless Ni-Cu-P coating using evolutionary algorithms ARPN J. Eng. Appl. Sci. 2015 De, J., Biswas, N., Rakshit, P., Sen, R. S., Oraon, B., & Majumdar, G. 10(5)-2273-2283
Characterization of Ni-Cu-P ternary electroless coating using AFM and SEM International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. 2015 De, J., Biswas, N., Sen, R. S., & Majumdar, G. 10(11)-10400-10404
Prediction of surface roughness and application of response surface methodology to develop a mathematical model. International journal of innovative research in science, engineering and technology. 2013 Biswas, N., De, J., Sen, R.S., Oraon, B. & Majumdar, G. 2(7)-2771-2777
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