Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering, J.U
PH:2414-6177 (O)--2672-4960 (R)
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Ph.D. 2004 Jadavpur
M.E. 1989 BESU
B.Tech 1987 BESU
B.E. 1987 BESU

Teaching Experience (2)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Jadavpur University Reader in Mechanical Engg 2001 to 2010
Jadavpur University Lecturer in Mechanical Engg 1991 to 2001
Industrial Experience (0)
Field of Specialization
* Machine Design
* Mechanisms
* Fracture Mechanics
* Finite Element methods
* Design optimisation
* evolutionary algorithms
Courses Taught/Teaching
Under-graduate subjects taught
Theory : Design of Machine Elements, Theory of Kinematics , Control, fracture mechanics , optimisation ,Sessional : M/c Elements Labratory, Workshop Practice, Engineering Drawing, Drawing & Descriptive Geometry, AutoCAD, Elements of Computer Programming
Post-graduate subjects taught
Theory : CAD, Material Handling Systems, Fracture Mechanics, optimisation techniques, Design for fatigue, fracture and creep
Research Area
Fracture Mechanics, Structural Integrity, Design optimisation
Service in Hind Motors : 1 Year
Teaching in JU : Since 1991
Conference Papers Published (7)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Modification of cyclic yield stress using MARQUIS approach to simulate cyclic softening First International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (INCOM - 2018) 2018 S. Bhattacharjee, S. Dhar, S. K. Acharyya and S. K. Gupta -
Behaviour of typical high strength armour steel under ballistic impact conditions Indian Science Congress 2015 Prof. Sankar Dhar and Prof Sanjib Kumar Acharyya, Sri Arkadev Banerjee -
Modelling the Charpy impact test of armour steel specimen ICTACEM 2014, Sixth International Conference on Theoretical, Applied, Computational and Experimental Mechanics 2014 Prof. Sankar Dhar and Prof Sanjib Kumar Acharyya, Sri Arkadev Banerjee -
Path synthesis of a four-bar linkage with multiple joint clearances Proceedings of KIIT International Symposium on Advances in Automotive Technology 2013 Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar and Sanjib Acharya -
Path synthesis of 4-bar linkages with joint clearances using DE algorithm Proceedings of the National Conference on Trends and Advances in Mechanical Engineering, YMCA University of science and Technology, Faridabad 2012 Ruby Mishra, T.K.Naskar,and Sanjib Acharya -
Journal Papers Published (20)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Cyclic softening based on dislocation annihilation at sub-cell boundary for SA333 Grade-6 C-Mn steel Modelling and Simulation in Material Science and Engineering 2018 S. Bhattacharjee, S. Dhar, S. K. Acharyya and S. K. Gupta 26-015001
Dislocation based controlling of kinematic hardening contribution to simulate primary and secondary stages of uniaxial ratcheting IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2017 S. Bhattacharjee, S. Dhar, and S. K. Acharyya 219-012012
Optimum design of Mounting Components of a Mass Property Measurement Measurement -Journal-Elsevier 2016 Co-author 78-309 - 321
Determination of Johnson Cook material and failure model constants and numerical modelling of Charpy impact test of armour steel Materials Science & Engineering A 2015 Prof. Sankar Dhar and Prof Sanjib Kumar Acharyya, Sri Arkadev Banerjee 640-200 - 209
An experimental determination of Johnson Cook material and failure model constants for armour steel Applied Mechanics and Materials 2014 Prof. Sankar Dhar and Prof Sanjib Kumar Acharyya, Sri Arkadev Banerjee 592 - 594-990 - 995
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from 1977 till 1983 National Scholarship
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (1)
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Nripen Mondal Design Analysis for Mass Property Measurement System with Aerostatic Bearing Prof. Dipankar Sanyal Ongoing 2012
M.Phil. Thesis Guidance (0)
MASTER Thesis Guidance (0)
Project Works (6)
Project Title Worked As Funding Agency Amount Duration Period Status

Evaluation of critical fracture energy Gfr & assessment of its transferability Coordinator BRNS 1000000 2 years 2003 to 2005 Ongoing
Crack Growth prediction in PHT pipes using critical fracture energy criterion Coordinator BRNS 700000 2 years 2000 to 2002 Complete
Design & Analysis Softwares of a DDV with actuator, Phase-II Coordinator ADA Bangalore 1500000 3 years 1999 to 2002 Ongoing
Design, Fabrication and performance test of Servovalves Coordinator AR & DB 847400 3 years 1999 to 2002 Ongoing
Modelling of ductile tearing of PHT pipes based on micro-mechanical approach Coordinator BARC 500000 2 years 1999 to 2001 Complete
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