Professor, Department of Physics
Department of Physics
Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700032, India
PH:033 2457 2761
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Ph.D. 1999 Jadavpur University
M.Sc 1994 Jadavpur University

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Field of Specialization
Condensed Matter Physics
Courses Taught/Teaching
Quantum Mechanics -II in UG
Condensed matter Physics in UG and PG,
Quantum Mechanics - II in PG
Digital Electronics in PG
Research Area
Low temperature Physics, Vortex Dynamics
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, USA;
DFG Fellow, IFW-Dresden, Germany;
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Tokyo, Japan;
Visiting Researcher, Department of Theoretical Physics, Umea Univ., Sweden;
Visiting Scientist, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Conference Papers Published (1)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Correlation of the Superconductivity with the Multi-Stack Structure in MgB2-Type Superconductor CaAlSi AIP Conference Proceedings 2006 Coauthor 850-643
Journal Papers Published (27)
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Transport properties of Ru1Sr2Gd2-xCexCu2O10 compounds Advanced Materials Research 2013 665-347
Study on the transport properties of RuSr2RECu2Oy, RuSr2(RE)2Cu2Oy (RE=Gd, Nd) and RuSr2Gd1.4Ce0.6Cu2O10 : possibility of variable range hopping Physica C 2013 488-9
Effect of heavy-ion irradiation on superconductivity in BKFA Physical Review B Rapid Comn. 2013 87-180
Suppression of critical temperature and charge localization in NdBa2Cu3-xZnxO7-y Physica C 2013 492-59
Upper critical field and coefficient of magnetoresistance in NdBa2Cu3O7-y and NdBa2Cu2.9Mn0.1O7-y by A. K. Ghosh et al. Physica C 2012 483-144
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IUSSTF Indo-US Research Fellow
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (10)
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B.Biswas Complete 2020
S. Mollah Complete 2019
I Mukherjee Complete 2014
A Roy Complete 2009
T. A. Jamadar Complete 2007
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Principal Investigator CSIR  to  Complete
Principal Investigator UGC, India  to  Complete
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Collaborative Programs (6)
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European Science Foundation (ESF) award 2007; Forschungzentrum Julich, Germany Dr. R. Wordenweber 2008
The Swedish foundation for international cooperation award in research and higher education (STINT) 2008, The Royal Institute of Technology (KIT), Stockholm, Sweden Prof. M. Andersson 2008
Department of Physics, Umea University, 901 87 Umea, Sweden Prof. P. Olsson 2004
Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan Prof. T. Tamegai 2002
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Fellowship, IFW-Dresden Dr. G. Fuchs 2000
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Applied Superconductivity Conference DOE, LBNL & NRL Washington DC, USA 2010 Presentation, Reviewer
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