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Meson condensate and Fermi Momentum Eur. Phys. J.Plus. 2013 - 4-128
Heavy Pentaquark and Doubly Heavy Baryons in Quasiparticle Approach Mod. Phys. Letts A 2012 - 27-1250006
On Some properties of Theta+ excited states Int J Theor Phy 2012 - 51-206
Nucleon in Nuclear matter Journal of Modern Physics 2011 - 2-87
Heavy light baryon masses in the quasi particle approach Euro.Phys. J.Plus 2011 - 126-57
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Theoretical Investigations on the properties of Hadrons. Complete
Power Laws and reflections on’High Energy Collisions Prof. Subrata Bhattacharya, ISI Complete
Studies on some Crucial Aspects of Fermilab Collisions and the RHIC- BNL Interactions at High Energies.’ Prof. Subrata Bhattacharya,ISI Complete
A Theoretical Study on the properties of Hadrons, Multi quark states and on the Structure of the Early Universe’ Dr. Baiiari Chakrabarti Complete
Theoretical Investigations on the properties of the Nucleon and Quark Gluon Plasma’ Complete
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Properties of Baryons and Exotics Principal Investigator UGC  to  Complete
A Theoretical study on Penta Quark Baryons Principal Investigator DST  to  Complete
'Theoretical Investigation on the structure of Hadrons and on the structure of the Early Universe' Principal Investigator UGC  to  Complete
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Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Indian Physical Society
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The 20th Particle and Nuclei International Conference (PANIC 14) DESY ,Germany and University of Hamburg University of Hamburg, Germany 2014 paper presented
New Light in Cosmology from CMB ICTP, Trieste, Italy. ICTP 2013 participant
The 19th Particle and Nuclei International Conference (PANIC 11); Rutherford Centennial MIT, USA 2011 presented paper
International Conference on Theoretical and Applied physics: (ICTAP) IIt Kharagpur 2011 presented paper
Gribov-80 Memorial Workshop on Quantum Chorodynamics and Beyond International Center for Theoretical Physics(ICTP) 2010 presented paper
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