Professor, Department of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering
43/6/29 Jheel Road
Kolkata 700031
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Ph.D. 2001 Jadavpur University
M.Tech 1987 Jadavpur University
B.E. 1984 Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (3)
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Jadavpur University Professor 2001 to 
Jadavpur University Reader 1992 to 2001
Jadavpur University Lecturer 1990 to 1992
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Field of Specialization
Electronic Nose and Tongue
Courses Taught/Teaching
Research Area
Electronic Olfaction, Analytical Instrumentation, Electronic Tongue
Conference Papers Published (0)
Journal Papers Published (48)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Detection of theaflavins in black tea using a molecular imprinted polyacrylamide-graphite nanocomposite electrode Sensors and Actuators B 2017 Trisita Nandy Chatterjee, Runu Banerjee Roy, Bipan Tudu, Panchanan Pramanik, Himangshu Deka, Pradip Tamuly, Rajib Bandyopadhyay vol 246-840-847
Identification of optimum blossoming stage of Jasminum SambacAit. flowers for concrete extraction using electronic nose IEEE Sensors Journal 2017 Hena Ray, Nabarun Bhattacharyya, Alokesh Ghosh, Bipan Tudu, Rajib Bandyopadhyay, Arunangshu Ghosh, Suparna Parua, Sabyasachi Majumdar vol. 17, no. 1-160-168
Tea quality prediction by autoregressive modeling of electronic tongue signals IEEE Sensors Journal 2016 Pradip Saha, Santanu Ghorai, BipanTudu, Rajib Bandyopadhyay, Nabarun Bhattacharyya vol. 16, no. 11-4470-4477
A review on combined odor and taste sensor systems Journal of Food Engineering 2016 Runu Banerjee (Roy), Bipan Tudu, Rajib Bandyopadhyay, Nabarun Bhattacharyya vol. 190-10-21
Synthesis of Carbon Nanoparticle Embedded Graphene for Sensitive and Selective Determination of Dopamine and Ascorbic acid in Biological Fluids RSC Adv. 2016 Sudip Biswas, Rashmita Das, Malini Basu, Rajib Bandyopadhyay and Panchanan Pramanik 6-100723-100731
Books Published (6)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

Interfacing and pre-processing techniques with olfactory and taste sensors - Book Chapter in Advanced Interfacing Techniques for Sensors: Edited by B. George, J. K. Roy, V. J. Kumar and S. C. Mukhopadhyay Springer 2017
2. Tea and the use of the electronic nose - Book Chapter in Electronic Noses and Tongues in Food Science: Edited by Maria Luz Rodriguez Mendez Academic Press 2016
3. Electronic tongue for the estimation of important quality compounds in finished tea - Book Chapter in Electronic Noses and Tongues in Food Science: Edited by Maria Luz Rodriguez Mendez Academic Press 2016
Improvement of quality perception for black CTC tea by means of an electronic tongue - Book Chapter in Perception and machine intelligence Edited by Malay K. Kundu et al. Springer 2012 Third Author
Making an electronic nose versatile: the role of incremental learning algorithms - Book Chapter in Intelligent Systems for machine olfaction: Tools and Methodologies Edited by E.L.Hines & M. Leeson IGI Global 2011
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (12)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Status Year

Rashmita Das Detection of organic vapors by polymer based quartz crystal microbalance sensors Prof. P. Pramanik, IIT, Kharagpur Complete 2017
Saptarshi Ghosh Engineered nanomaterials for selective detection of toxic gases and volatile organic compounds Dr. Amarnath Sen, CGCRI, Dr. Somnath Ghosh, CGCRI Complete 2017
Samir Chandra Das Development of nano-structured sensors for electronic nose applications Prof. P. Pramanik, IIT, Kharagpur Complete 2017
Debashis Dutta Development of improved sensors for quality estimation and identification of different black tea samples using E-Nose. Dr. N. Bhattacharyya, CDAC, Kolkata Complete 2016
Arunangshu Ghosh Electronic tongue based detection of important biochemical quality descriptors of black tea. Dr. N. Bhattacharyya, CDAC, Kolkata, Dp. P. Tamuly, Head, Bichemistry, Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Assam Complete 2014
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Collaborative Programs (1)
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Sensor Hub CGCRI, CDAC, CU, BESUS 2009
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Membership Of Learned Societies (2)

International Society of Automation (ISA)
Institution of Electrinics & Tele-communication Engineers (IETE)
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President of International Society of Automation (ISA) Kolkata Chapter 2014 to 2016
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Consultancy work / Testing (0)
Other Notable Activities (1)

1. Research professor, ITMO University, Russia since 2015.
2. Co-ordinator of the Digital Library and Documentation Centre of Jadavpur University.
3. Chairman, Advisory Committee, Placement and Training, Jadavpur University.
4. Reviewers of Sensors and Actuators B, IEEE Sensors Jounal, Sensor Letters, Analytical Chimica Acta.
5. Member of the Selection committee for SRF and RA of CSIR, India.
6. Member of Review committee for SAP of UGC.
7. Examiners of Ph.D. thesis of IIT Bombay, Tezpur University, IIEST, Shibpur, Delhi University, University of Calcutta.
8. Examiner of M.Tech. Thesis Viva of IIT Kharagpur, Tezpur University, Heritage Institute of Technology, India.
9. Finance Chair of the Fuzz IEEE 2013 held in Hyderabad, in 2013.
10. Finance Chair of the International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, AFSS2002 held in Kolkata, India in Feb. 2002
11. Finance Chair of the International Conference on Neural Information Systems, ICONIP 2004 held in Kolkata, India in November 2004.
12. Secretary of the National Conference on Digital Library and Electronic Theses, NCDLET 2005 held in Kolkata, India in January 2005.
13. Member of Assessment and Selection Committee of National Council of Science Museums, Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Bengal Engineering & Science University and a few Private Engineering Colleges.
14. Co-ordinator of Digital Library and Web based materials of the UPE-II program of UGC. .
15. Invited at Linkoping University, Sweden for chairing a session and presentation of paper in the Workshop on Nanomaterials in the year 2010.
16. Presented papers in the International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN), 2011 at New York and in 2015, ar Dijon, France with travel grant from DST and UGC.