Professor, Department of Sanskrit
P27A, P. M. Sarani, Kolkata - 700078
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D.Lit 2012 Burdwan University
Ph.D. 1990 Jadavpur University
M.A. 1985 Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (2)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Sri Sitaram Vedic Adarsha Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Senior Lecturer 2001 to 2004
Sri Sitaram Vedic Adarsha Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Lecturer 1997 to 2001
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Field of Specialization
Nyaya, Vaishesika, Vedanta, Mimamsa, Paninian Grammar
Courses Taught/Teaching
Nyaya, Vaishisika, Vedanta, Mimansa, Paninian Grammar
Research Area
Grammar and Indian Philosophy
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Books Published (15)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

Kārakacakram (Grammar) by Purusottamadeva [ISBN: 978-93-83368-97-7] Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, Kolkata 2011
Patanjalanam Sabdārthacintā (Philosophy of grammar) by Tapan Sankar Bhattacharyya [ISBN: 98-9-81795-03-3] Sanskrit Book Depot, Kolkata 2010
Samāsa Prakaraṇa (Grammar) by Panini [ISBN: 978-93-81795-10-1] Sanskrit Book Depot, Kolkata 2010
Apaśūdrādhikaraṇam (Mimamsa) by Jaimini [ISBN: 978-93-83368- 83-9] Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, Kolkata 2010
Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntakoumudī [Strīpratyayaprakaraṇa] (Grammar) by Bhattoji Diksita [ISBN: 978-93-81795-02-6]. Sanskrit Book Depot, Kolkata 2010
Awarded By Award Name Year

P.G. Jubilee Scholarship,Gold Medal(M.A) 1979
Eshan Scholarship(B.A) 1977
National Scholarship(H.S) 1974
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