Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Jadavpur University,
Kolkata-700 032, India.
PH:(+91) 62943 92325
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Ph.D. 2014 Jadavpur University
M.Sc 2008 Jadavpur University
B.Sc 2006 Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (4)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Jadavpur University Assistant Professor 2022, January 7th to Till Date
Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Haripal, Hooghly Assistant Professor 2017, June 15th to 2022, January 6th
Government General Degree College Singur, Hooghly Assistant Professor 2015, March 7th to 2017, June 14th
Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur Guest Lecturer 2008, November to 2008, December
Industrial Experience (0)
Field of Specialization
Nonlinear Plasma Physics (Theory)
Courses Taught/Teaching
Research Area
Theoretical studies on nonlinear oscillations and waves in plasmas by using Lagrangian fluid technique.
Singular wave phenomena in plasmas, namely, wave-breaking and wave-collapse.
Other nonlinear phenomena in plasmas and neutral fluids, viz., solitons, shocks, double layers formation, etc.
Conference Papers Published (1)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

On the wave-breaking phenomena in a cold magnetized plasma IEEE Xplore URSI GASS Conference Proceedings 2014 Chandan Maity, Nikhil Chakrabarti -
Journal Papers Published (25)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

On Langmuir oscillations breaking driven by ion motion and relativistic effect Physica Scripta 2021 Sourav Pramanik, Chandan Maity 96-035603
Effects of finite ion inertia on phase-mixing of Langmuir oscillations in cold electron-positro-ion plasmas Physics Letters A 2020 Chandan Maity, Sourav Pramanik 384-126856
Phase mixing of lower hybrid modes in cold plasmas Physics of Plasmas 2019 Sourav Pramanik, Chandan Maity, Mithun Karmakar 26-082111
Langmuir wave phase-mixing in warm electron-positron-dusty plasmas Physics Letters A 2018 Sourav Pramanik, Chandan Maity 382-1020
Relativistic electron plasma oscillations in an inhomogeneous ion background Physica Scripta 2018 Mithun Karmakar, Chandan Maity, Nikhil Chakrabarti 93-065601
Books Published (0)
Awarded By Award Name Year

Department of Science & Technology, India DST-Inspire Faculty Award 2015
International Union of Radio Science URSI GASS Young Scientist Award 2014
Advanced Centre for Nonlinear and Complex Phenomena, Kolkata & Centre for Plasma Studies, Jadavpur University, India Parvez Guzdar Memorial Prize 2014
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India Saha Memorial Prize 2013
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InviteLectures (5)
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Wave-breaking phenomena in a cold magnetized plasma National symposium on nonlinear and complex phenomena, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2014
Could Wave Collapse be a Possible Mechanism for Generating Extreme Magnetic Fields in Plasmas? Centre for Plasma Studies and Department of Instrumentation Science at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2013
Exact Time-Dependent Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Solutions in Compressible Magnetized Plasmas Exhibiting Collapse 63rd Foundation Day Award Lecture at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India 2013
Breaking/phase mixing of lower hybrid oscillation 4. Microseminar at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2011
Various Perturbation Methods in Obtaining Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Duffing Equation Department of Instrumentation Science, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2010
Membership Of Learned Societies (1)

Plasma Science Society of India (Membership Number LM-1140)
Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized (2)
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Natural & Man-Made Disaster Causes, Impact & Its Management UGC-HRDC, The University of Burdwan Burdwan 2019
105th Orientation Programme UGC-HRDC, The University of Burdwan Burdwan 2016
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