Professor, Department of Advanced Studies in Industrial Pollution Control Engineering
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Metal-oxide coated Graphene oxide nano-composite for the treatment of pharmaceutical compound in, photocatalytic reactor: Batch, Kinetics and Mathematical Modeling using Response Surface Methodology, and Artificial Neural Network Environmental Science & Pollution Research 2021 Sandipan Bhattachraya, Papita Das, Avijit Bhowal, Subrata K Majumder DOI : 10.1007/s11356-021-18227-2-
Comparative experimental and mathematical analysis on removal of dye using raw rice husk, rice husk charcoal and activated rice husk charcoal: batch, fixed-bed column, and mathematical modeling Biomass Conversion & Biorefinery 2021 Niladri Saha. Lopamudra Das, Papita Das, Avijit Bhowal, Chiranjib Bhattacharya DOI:10.1007/s13399-021-01996-8-
Calcium alginate-bentonite/activated biochar composite beads for removal of dye and Biodegradation of dye-loaded composite after use: Synthesis, removal, mathematical modeling and biodegradation kinetics Environment Technology & Innovation 2021 Lopamudra Das, Niladri S Saha, Antara Ganguli, Papita Das, Avijit Bhowal, Chiranjib Bhattachariee 24-101955
Enhanced biosorption of fluoride by extracted nanocellulose/polyvinyl alcohol composite in batch and fixed-bed system: ANN analysis and numerical modeling Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2021 Lopamudra Das, Papita Das, Avijit Bhowal, Chiranjib Bhattacharjee 28-47
Thermal, Chemical and ultrasonic assisted synthesis of carbonized Biochar and its application for reducing Naproxen: Batch and Fixed bed study and subsequent optimization with response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) Surfaces and Interfaces 2021 Sandipan Bhattacharya, Papita Das, Avijit Bhowal, Abhijit Saha -101378
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Integral approach of separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon from aqueous solution using waste biomass based magnetic nanocomposites and advanced oxidation RUSA 2, School of Advanced Studies in Industrial Pollution Control Engineering 2019 to 
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