Associate Professor, Department of Physics
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Ph.D. 2007 IIT Kharagpur
M.Sc 1999 Calcutta University
M.Tech 2001 IIT Kharagpur
B.Sc 1997 Calcutta University

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Field of Specialization
Nanoscience and Technology, Material Science
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Research Area
Experimental nanoscience and material science, device fabrication,
Optical and electrical characterization.
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Journal Papers Published (9)
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Single Si nanowire (diameter≤ 100 nm) based polarization sensitive near-infrared photodetector with ultra-high responsivity Royal Society of Chemistry 2014 K Das, S Mukherjee, S Manna, SK Ray, AK Raychaudhuri 6-11232
Fabrication of Single Si Nanowire Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Device for Photodetection IEEE Trans Electron Dev. 2014 K. Das, S. Samanta, Prashant Kumar, K.S. Narayan and A. K. Raychaudhuri 61-1444
Large photoresponse of Cu:7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane nanowire arrays formed as aligned nanobridges Appl. Phys. Lett. 2013 Rabaya Basori, K. Das, Prashant Kumar, K. S. Narayan, and A. K. Raychaudhuri 102-061111-1
Liquid-like instabilities in gold nanowires fabricated by focused ion beam lithography Phys. Lett. (2012) 2012 J. P. Naik, K. Das, P. D. Prewett, A. K. Raychaudhuri, and Yifang Chen vol.: 101-163108-1
Preferential ordering of self-assembled Ge islands on focused ion-beam patterned Si(100) Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2012 K. Das, S. Das, R. K. Singha, S. K. Ray, A. K. Raychaudhuri vol 14-725
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Investigation of the intrinsic conductivity of undoped single Si nanorod/nanowire grown by vapor transport and chemical method DST (SRP/FTP/PS-60/2009) 3 years  to  Complete
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