Associate Professor, Department of Physics
Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, India
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Ph.D. 2012 IACS, Jadavpur University
M.Sc 2004 Jadavpur University
B.Sc 2002 Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (2)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Jadavpur University Assistant Professor 2016 to Till date
Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya Assistant Professor 2006 to 2015
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Field of Specialization
X-ray Crystallography and Crystal engineering
Courses Taught/Teaching
Undergraduate Physics
Research Area
Chemical Crystallography, Crystal Engineering, Non-covalent interactions, Supramolecular Self-assembly, Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs), Hirshfeld Surface Analysis, Polymorphism, Pharmaceutical Co-crystals, Quantum Mechanical Study of small molecules, Density Functional Calculations, Crystal Growth of Non-linear Optical Materials.
10 years of Teaching and 12 years of Research experience
Conference Papers Published (1)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Supramolecular Self-assembly and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of 4,4 - Oxybis(benzoic acid) World Science Congress 2014 Corresponding author 1-123-130
Journal Papers Published (48)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Structural variability of Ag (I) metal-organic networks: C-H...π and metal...π interactions Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2015 Author -1-27
Regioselective ortho Amination of Coordinated 2-(Arylazo) pyridine. Isolation of Monoradical Palladium Complexes of a New Series of Azo-Aromatic Pincer Ligands Inorganic Chemistry 2015 Author 54-11465-11476
Pd(II)-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of annelated ligand: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic activity Inorganica Chimica Acta 2015 Author 438-58-63
Solvent-controlled construction of manganese (II) complexes with 4-acetylpyridine nicotinoylhydrazone ligand Inorganica Chimica Acta 2015 Corresponding author 438-220-231
N, N-Olefin functionalized Bis-Imidazolium Pd(II) chloride N-Heterocyclic carbene complex builds a supramolecular framework and shows catalytic efficacy for C-C coupling reactions Journal of Chemical Sciences 2015 Author 127-1057-1065
Books Published (2)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

The Importance of Intermolecular Interaction in Solid-state X-ray Crystal Structures - Editor of the Book New Academic Publishers, New Delhi 2016 First Author
X-ray Diffraction: A Convenient Pathway Towards Structure (ISBN : 9788186772607) - Sole author of a chapter New Academic Publishers, New Delhi 2014 First Author
Awarded By Award Name Year

Indian Science Congress Young Scientist Award 2015
Indian Science Congress Best Poster Award 2015
World Science Congress Young Scientist Award 2014
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (3)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Status Year

Anowar Hossain Exploration of Supramolecular Self-assemblies of Some Transition Metal Complexes and Organic Ligands in the context of Crystal Engineering Ongoing 2016
Tripti Mandal Synthesis, Spectroscopic properties and Supramolecular Aspects of Some Transition Metal Complexes with Heterocycle-based Ligands Ongoing 2016
Lingaraj Dey Structural Elucidation and Exploration of Supramolecular Self-assemblies of Some Metal-organic Complexes Using Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Ongoing 2014
M.Phil. Thesis Guidance (0)
MASTER Thesis Guidance (0)
Project Works (1)
Project Title Worked As Funding Agency Amount Duration Period Status

Tuning supramolecular self-assembly of metal-organic complexes in the context of crystal engineering: A combined X-ray and Hirshfeld surface analysis Principal Investigator UGC Rs. 13,54,800/- 48 Months 2013 to 2017 Ongoing
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InviteLectures (1)
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Weak Non-covalent interactions and Crystal Enginnering of small molecules UGC and Gour Mahavidyalaya, Malda Department of Physics, Gour Mahavidyalaya 2013
Membership Of Learned Societies (7)

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) : Affiliate Member
Indian Science Congress Association : Life Member
Chemical Research Society of India : Life Member
Society for Materials Chemistry : Life Member
Indian Crystallographic Association : Life Member
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Seminar/Conference/Workshop (10)
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The Importance of Intermolecular Interactions in Solid-state X-ray Crystal Structures Department of Physics, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya, Purba Medinipur 2015 Convener
Physics of Low Dimensional Structures Department of Physics, Vidyasagar University Vidyasagar University 2015 Paper Presentation
Indian Science Congress-Imphal Chapter Indian Science Congress Association & Manipur University Manipur University 2015 Oral Presentation
Indian Science Congress Association Indian Science Congress Association & University of Mumbai University of Mumbai 2015 Oral Presentation
World Science Congress World Science Congress Association & Jadavpur University Jadavpur University 2014 Oral Presentation
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Other Notable Activities (3)

Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Solid State Materials
Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Crystal Structures and Crystallography
Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry