Jadavpur University (JU) is a centre of learning that is enriched by the range, variety, experience and myriad perspectives of its students, faculty and staff. This prestigious university is committed to building a culturally diverse and vibrant community to ensure that students, faculty and staff members can explore their interests, discover new academic and extracurricular pursuits, and just as importantly, learn from each other.

JU attracts students from all over India and abroad, and from diverse strata of society. At present, JU has around 40 foreign students from 15 countries. There is close interaction between foreign and Indian students so that the atmosphere of the campus is that of one large family.

Foreign Students’ Advisor:     Dr. Sanjay Gopal Sarkar, Joint Registrar, JU
                                              Email : isa@jadavpuruniversity.in

Who is a foreign student?
Students holding passports of countries other than India, including people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of a foreign country, are considered foreign or international students.

How do I get into JU?
International students aspiring to take admission in Jadavpur University need not worry too much. JU not only gives them the chance to choose their subjects, but also helps take care of their needs, including admission. Aspiring students just need to follow certain simple instructions, which are outlined below.

Admission Procedure
Admission can be in one of three ways.
1. Through the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations)
2. Through an exchange programme
3. Self-financed

1)    The Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), a central government organisation, is entrusted with the duty of looking after foreign students in our county. See their website, http://www.iccrindia.net/, especially the section on "Scholarship" for more details. ICCR’s Eastern Regional Office is at 9A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata700 071.

2)    Exchange Programme: Visit http://ec.europa.eu/education/external-relation-programmes/doc72_en.htm to get details about the Erasmus Mundus programme, through which foreign students can get grants to study in JU.

3)    Self-financed: International students who pay for their study at JU from their own private resources are defined as self-financing students.

Last date of submission of filled in Application Form: 30th April, 2017

Course Detail

Degrees Offered
Intake Capacity
ArtsBengaliB.A. (Hons.)44
ArtsBengaliM.A. (Day & Eve)240
ArtsComparative LiteratureBA (Honours) – 3 years50
ArtsComparative Literature10 Extra Departmental courses (UG Level)99
ArtsComparative LiteratureMA – 2 years90
ArtsComparative LiteratureMPhil – 2 years25
ArtsEconomicsM.A (Day)222
ArtsEducationB.Ed (1 Year)100
ArtsEducationM.A. In Education along with Research work30
ArtsEnglishB.A (3-year)50
ArtsEnglishMA (2-year)65
ArtsEnglishM.Phil. (2-year)15
ArtsFilm StudiesBA (Extra-Departmental) (2 years)35
ArtsFilm StudiesMA (2 years)35
ArtsHistoryB.A. (Hons)45
ArtsHistoryM.A. (day)70
ArtsHistoryM.A. (evening)60
ArtsInternational RelationsB.A. (Three Years Degree)165
ArtsInternational RelationsM.A. (Two Years)140
ArtsInternational RelationsM. Phil.15
ArtsInternational Relations1 year (Eve) PG Diploma in Human Rights and Duties Education25
ArtsLibrary & Information ScienceBLISc (Evening)40
ArtsLibrary & Information ScienceBLISc60
ArtsLibrary & Information ScienceMLISc16
ArtsLibrary & Information ScienceMLISc in Digital Library (Evening)15
ArtsLibrary & Information ScienceM. Phil10
ArtsPhilosophyB.A. (Hons)45
ArtsPhilosophyM.A. (Day)75
ArtsPhilosophyM.A. (Evening)50
ArtsPhilosophyM.Phil in Philosophy15
ArtsPhilosophyM.Phil in Cognitive Science 
ArtsPhysical EducationB.P.Ed (1-year)6
ArtsPhysical EducationM.P.Ed (2-year) (Students not admitted as per NCTE directive)30
ArtsSanskritB.A. Honours (3-year)50
ArtsSanskritB.A. (Extra-Departmental)50
ArtsSanskritM.A. (Day) (2-year)70
ArtsSanskritM.A. (Evening) (2-year)50
ArtsSanskritM.Phil. (2 years)15
ArtsSociologyExtra Departmental courses at the under-graduate level 
ArtsSociologyM.A in Sociology40
ArtsSociologyM.Phil in Sociology15

Engineering & Technology
Degrees Offered
Intake Capacity
Engineering & TechnologyAdult and Continuing Education & ExtensionB.Ed. in Special Education28
Engineering & TechnologyAdult and Continuing Education & ExtensionB.Ed. in Special Education(Mental Retardation)28
Engineering & TechnologyAdult and Continuing Education & ExtensionPost Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication140
Engineering & TechnologyArchitectureBachelor of Architecture (5 Years)31
Engineering & TechnologyArchitectureMaster of Architecture (2 Years)6
Engineering & TechnologyChemical EngineeringBE (Chem Engg)268
Engineering & TechnologyChemical EngineeringME (Chem Engg)38
Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringUndergraduate (BCE)100
Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringPost Graduate {MCE & ME (Civil)} (2 years)25
Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringPart-Time Degree (Evening) (5 years)40
Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science & EngineeringBachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (4 Years)60
Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science & EngineeringMaster of Computer Science & Engineering(2 Year)31
Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science & EngineeringMaster of Computer Applications(3 Year)44
Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science & EngineeringM. Tech in Computer Technology(3 Year)33
Engineering & TechnologyConstruction EngineeringBachelor of Construction Engineering (4 years)35
Engineering & TechnologyElectrical Engineering B.E.E. (P.T)(4 years)44
Engineering & TechnologyElectrical Engineering M.E.E. (Two years)25
Engineering & TechnologyElectrical Engineering M.C.S.E. (Two years)15
Engineering & TechnologyElectrical Engineering M.E. Illumination Engineering (Two years)18
Engineering & TechnologyElectronics & Telecommunication EngineeringB.E. Tel.E. (4 years)60
Engineering & TechnologyElectronics & Telecommunication EngineeringM.E. Tel.E. (2 years)25
Engineering & TechnologyElectronics & Telecommunication EngineeringM.Tech.(VLSI and Microelectronics - 3 years)(Evening)18
Engineering & TechnologyElectronics & Telecommunication EngineeringPart Time M.Tech.(Intelligent Automation and Robotics - 3 years)18
Engineering & TechnologyFood Technology & Bio-Chemical EngineeringB. Tech - F.T.B.E (3 years)20
Engineering & TechnologyFood Technology & Bio-Chemical EngineeringM. Tech – F.T.B.E (2 years)8
Engineering & TechnologyInformation Technology  
Engineering & TechnologyInstrumentation and Electronics EngineeringBachelor of Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering (4 Years)41
Engineering & TechnologyInstrumentation and Electronics EngineeringBachelor of Technology in Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering (3 Years)22
Engineering & TechnologyInstrumentation and Electronics EngineeringMaster of Technology in Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering (2 Years)8
Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringBachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (4 Years)105
Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringBachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Evening) (4 Years)40
Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringMaster’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2 Years)25
Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringMaster’s Degree in Automobile Engineering (2 years)5
Engineering & TechnologyMetallurgical & Material EngineeringBachelor in Metallurgical Engg. (4 Year)24
Engineering & TechnologyMetallurgical & Material Engineering(2 year) Master of Metallurgical Engg in Industrial Metallurgy10
Engineering & TechnologyMetallurgical & Material Engineering(2 Year) Master of Material Engineering10
Engineering & TechnologyPharmaceutical TechnologyB.Pharm.70
Engineering & TechnologyPharmaceutical TechnologyM.Pharm.25
Engineering & TechnologyPharmaceutical TechnologyM.Pharm. in Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice8
Engineering & TechnologyPower EngineeringBachelor of Power Engineering40
Engineering & TechnologyPower EngineeringMaster of Power Engineering18
Engineering & TechnologyPrinting EngineeringBE (Printing)25
Engineering & TechnologyPrinting EngineeringM E in Printing Engineering & Graphic Communication (to be started shortly) 
Engineering & TechnologyProduction EngineeringBachelor of Production Engineering (B.Prod.E)36
Engineering & TechnologyProduction EngineeringMaster of Production Engineering (M.Prod.E)15

Degrees Offered
Intake Capacity
ScienceChemistryB.Sc. (3 years)50
ScienceChemistryM.Sc. (Day)(2 years)35
ScienceGeological Science3-year B. Sc. (Honours)  
ScienceGeological Science2-year M.Sc. course in Applied Geology 
ScienceInstrumentation ScienceM.Sc. (Instrumentation)10
ScienceLife science & Bio-technologyM.Sc.(Biotechnology)40
ScienceMathematicsB.Sc (Hons)75
ScienceMathematicsM. Sc. (Day)60
ScienceMathematicsM. Sc. (Evening)60
SciencePhysicsB. Sc. Honours in Physics55
SciencePhysicsM.Sc. in Physics36
SciencePhysicsM.Sc. in Physics(evening)36
SciencePhysicsM. Sc. In electronics science12
SciencePhysicsPost M.Sc. diploma in medical physics12

Application Form and Admission Criteria of Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering & Technology & Faculty of Science (Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Mphil, PhD.) For Foreign Nationals

Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma Language Courses - School of Languages and Linguistics

Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma Language Courses - School of Languages and Linguistics

Application Form for Foreign Nationals Revised to include School of Languages Courses

Schedule for the language certificate courses - [Schedule for Language Certificate Courses]