Dr. Rajat Ray, Dean of Students & Convener, Anti-Ragging Committee

24x7 Access
Phone Number- 833-500-5576
Email- antiragging@jadavpuruniversity.in

Anti-Ragging Committee Members 2020-21 with Phone Number

Vice-Chancellor, Chairman033-2414-6000
Prof. P. K. Ghosh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor033-2457-2554
Prof. C. Bhattacharjee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor033-2457-2700
Dean, Faculty of Engg. & Tech.033-2457-2287
Dean, Faculty of Arts033-2457-2359
Dean, Faculty of Science033-2457-2559
Dean, FISLM033-2457-3002
Inspector-in-Charge, South Bidhannagar Police Station 
Inspector-in-Charge, Jadavpur Police Station 
Shri Bidyut Debnath, Secretary, ISHWAR, W.B., (NGO Representative)943-342-5612
Shri. Pradip Basu (Parent)943-393-2811
Prof. Shibnath Chakraborty, Dept. of Civil Engg.983-112-9563
Prof. Goutam Sarkar, Dept. of Electrical Engg.943-308-8773
Prof. Kajal Krishna Rajak, Dept. of Chemistry983-090-5167
Prof. Bivas Dam, Dept. of IEE( S. L Campus)933-104-2314
Prof. Samantak Das, Dept. of Comparative Literature943-421-2841
Dr. Subhasis Das, School of Water Resource Engg943-342-4739
Prof. Amrita Basu, School of Cognitive Sciences
Dr. Saikat Seth, Dept. of Physics943-374-0301
Prof. Soumitra Basu, Dept. of Philosophy905-130-3010
Smt. Aparna Kar Chowdhury, Non-Teaching Staff & Hostel Supdt.900-311-7183
Chairperson, FETSU890-218-6322
Chairperson, AFSU974-898-5128
Chairperson, SFSU629-039-3860
Dr. Rajat Ray, Dean of Students, Convenor833-500-5576

Anti-Ragging Squad Members with Phone Number 2020-21

Prof. Anupam Debsarkar, Civil Engg 98300-09708
Prof. Kartick Chandra Mondal, Information Tech. 86172-56964
Prof. Buddhadeb Sau, Mathematics 90078-06316
Prof. Tapan Kumar Mondal, Chemistry 98316-37108
Prof. Rajyeswar Sinha, Bengali 98368-52581
Prof. Debajit Dutta, History 98325-57047
Dr. Bappa Mallick, Sr. D.Y.W. 98741-27199
Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Mondal, Asst. Registrar (Selection Grade) (S.L. Campus) 98831-09549
Concerned Hostel Supdt. (For incident in the hostel)  
General Secretary - AFSU 98304-07396
General Secretary - FETSU 86370-27140
General Secretary - SFSU 94743-73087
One Representative from among all UG Boys Hostels
(For incident in the UG Boys Hostel)
One Representative from among all PG Boys Hostels
(For incident in the PG Boys Hostel)
One Representative from among all WOMEN Hostels
(For incident in the Women Hostel)
Dr. Rajat Ray, Dean of Students, Convenor 83350-05576

Circular [Ref. No.:REC/N/024/2021 Date: 25.01.2021] - Anti-Ragging Committee Members with Phone Numbers 2020-21

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CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/209/18 Dated: 13.07.2018]- List of the Anti-Ragging Volunteer Team Members Departmental, hostel and Common Area

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The Anti-Ragging Affidavit by the student and parents /guardians are compulsory during the admission as per UGC Regulations

Anti Raging Regulation of UGC

Anti-Ragging Theme

Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/323/16 Date 19.09.2016] - UGC Regulation on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009