Dr. Rajat Ray, Dean of Students & Convener, Anti-Ragging Committee

24x7 Access
Phone Number- 833-500-5576
Email- antiragging@admin.jdvu.ac.in

Anti-Ragging Committee Members 2017-18 with Phone Number

Vice-Chancellor, Chairman033-2414-6000
Prof. A.S. Verma, Pro-Vice-Chancellor033-2414-6001
Prof. P. K. Ghosh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor033-2457-2554
Dean, Faculty of Engg. & Tech.033-2457-2287
Dean, Faculty of Arts033-2457-2359
Dean, Faculty of Science033-2457-2559
Dean, FISLM033-2457-3002
Inspector-in-Charge, South Bidhannagar Police Station 
Inspector-in-Charge, Jadavpur Police Station 
Shri Bidyut Debnath, Secretary, ISHWAR, W.B., (NGO Representative)943-342-5612
Prof. Siddhartha Majumdar (Parent)983-070-5675
Prof. Shibnath Chakraborty, Dept. of Civil Engg.983-112-9563
Prof. Swarnendu Sen, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.983-056-1574
Prof. Kajal Krishna Rajak, Dept. of Chemistry 
Prof. Bivas Dam, Dept. of IEE( S. L Campus)933-104-2314
Prof. Samantak Das, Dept. of Comparative Literature943-421-2841
Dr. Subhasis Das, School of Water Resource Engg 
Dr. Nandita Dhawan, School of Women Studies 
Prof. Sulabha Bhattacharya, Dept. of Physics983-158-7671
Dr. H. N. Toppo, Dept. of International Relations900-719-8963
Smt. Aparna Kar Chowdhury, Non-Teaching Staff & Hostel Supdt.900-311-7183
Assistant General Secretary, FETSU947-444-2533
Chairperson, AFSU833-582-0988
AGS (Evening), SFSU768-795-6586
Dr. Rajat Ray, Dean of Students, Convenor833-500-5576

CIRCULAR [Ref. No.:REC/N/209/18 Dated: 13.07.2018]- List of the Anti-Ragging Volunteer Team Members Departmental, hostel and Common Area

CIRCULAR[Ref.No.:REC/N/199/18 Dated:05.07.2018] - Anti-Ragging Committee Member - 2018-19

The Anti-Ragging Affidavit by the student and parents /guardians are compulsory during the admission as per UGC Regulations

Departmental, Hostel and Common Area Anti-Ragging Squads 2017-2018

Anti Raging Regulation of UGC

Anti-Ragging Theme

Notice [Ref. No. REC/N/323/16 Date 19.09.2016] - UGC Regulation on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009